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Will Elon’s New Baby Eat Fukushima Applesauce?

by Christina Consolo

Several days ago, the often celebrated (but sometimes incredibly dimwitted) wonder-boy Elon Musk caused quite a commotion on Twitter, when he stated that he would travel to the place with the ‘worst radiation’ and eat local produce, to ‘prove that it was safe’.  He also claimed he did this following the Fukushima Accident 11 years ago, and lo and behold, he is still alive and kickin’ it with wild-woman Grimes.  In fact, they just knocked out a new kid, named Y.  So then Why not, in a real show of support for the ‘safety’ of the produce of food grown around nuke plants or nuke accidents, feed that new baby of his some Fukushima applesauce?  Because frankly the image of Elon, stuffing his face in a one-off with cabbage, eggplant and turnip stir-fry over rice, and washing it down with a big-ole’ persimmon smoothie before he jets back to Texas, doesn’t impress us in the least.  As many pointed out to the rather ignorant Mr. Musk on Twitter, and as you can probably guess I’ll be pointing out here as well, one meal for a grown man, even if that ‘meal’ contained low levels of radioactive substances, would be negligible in terms of Mr. Musk’s overall health, of course (but still cumulative, nonetheless).

In reality, I really don’t expect, or want, anybody to feed their baby Fukushima applesauce.  It’s just that the stupidity of his comment and offer actual really, really astounded me.  And on top of being shocked that someone who is supposedly so smart could say something so stupid, made me rather angry.  Angry, agitated, and really, really annoyed.  Because it was clear to me that Mr. Musk has a very precise Agenda in mind to downplay the effects of radiation, which have nothing to do with this planet – but rather with his ridiculous and fantastical Mars Mission, which every expert on Planetary Physics and Radiation Protection has blown to bits, over and over again.  Not gonna happen – not now, anyway.  Yet he continues to LARP his Mars Mission and shove its importance down our throats  although we are hundreds of years away from having the technologies to be able to ever even consider going to Mars.  He seems to be really salty about that.  So he puts out this ridiculous tweet about eating locally grown ‘radioactive’ produce.  It’s a rather passive-aggressive long game he’s playing, and he’s not going to win it.  But he has never been one to play by the rules, of his own admission.  Radiation may make a rule-player of this guy yet, though.  Play with fire, much?

This is the tweet:

Elon Musk’s comments were of course well-timed to coincided with the Fukushima Anniversary, as he is no dummy when it comes to PR.  I doubt he expected to receive the backlash he did from his scientifically astute followers, who I must say somewhat impressively, immediately called him out on his epic bullsh*t.

With the passage of time since the accident, radioactive produce and radioactive fish only light up occasionally on the phone screens of the general public.  Like last summer, when a rockfish blew away fishermen at 14 times the ‘radioactive limit’ caught off Taiwan.  Taiwan had only just begun to lift its ban on Japanese produce  (something almost all of Asia did, but the US continued to import the entire 11 years).  We have been more likely to hear of the various lumps discovered by a robot in reactor #1 (might be fuel, need a sample) or leaks caused by earthquakes (weeks later, but eventually we find out).  And of course the never-ending saga of The Dumping of The Tanks.  Scheduled for 2023, but probably leaking into the sea slowly now, anyway.  Food testing, if being done at all, is usually done incorrectly, with a quick scan over wet fish in buckets on boats.  And radiation limits under the Obama Administration were raised so high, that unless something pegs likes that super-hot rockfish in Taiwan, it will unlikely set off any alarms here in the US.

What Mr. Musk does not understand, and needs to if he does decide to feed his new baby Y Fukushima applesauce, is that all radiation is cumulative.  Meaning you add it to your body like a bean counter, a concept he should easily grasp.  It keeps collecting and building, throughout your life.  The ‘limits’ set, at least in the US, are set for a 25-year-old male soldier.  Not an infant.  Not a 2 year old.  Not a teenager.  A grown man.  And, a grown man, receiving a one time dose.  In Japan, those limits are about 10 times lower.  In Russia, they are almost a third of Japans.  And still, in places where children live in areas where there were nuclear accidents, the kids have birth defects, heart problems, eye problems, brain and cognitive defects, diabetes and endocrine issues, thyroid cancers, cancers of  many other types, and many other issues.  The only difference is that the accidents happened much longer ago.  But the fallout still prevails.  How could Musk possibly be so ill-informed?  Or not informed at all?

For the 4th Anniversary of Fukushima, I wrote about the movie Jaws and its analogous meaning to the early days, weeks, and months after Fukushima happened.  How in the movie Jaws, Sheriff Brody warned about the shark, and no one listened.  But if course, later they found out he was right, and we know how the movie goes.  Many of us found ourselves facing a similar brutal truth as we watched our friends and families give in to the untested vaccinations that were being pushed by the medical establishment for the past 2 years.  We lost our Facebook accounts, Instagrams, and Twitter, all because we mentioned the word ‘vax’ and told people to hold off for more data.  We were ridiculed, called ‘crazy’ and essentially ‘cancelled’ or erased from the internet altogether.  Many of us sadly fear how this movie will play out for those who took experimental, untested vaccines, especially since the release of the Pfizer documents now show those warnings were indeed on point.  Nuclear accidents are a bit more predictable.  Fukushima, however, has been a horror show from Day 1.

We are now ticking past the 11 year mark since the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Began.  I was listening to a 2012 interview with Michio Kaku, where Kaku revealed for the first time in the history of nuclear energy, that reactor #1 had ‘liquified uranium’ – a big, big deal, and he talked about how he had moved his entire family out of Japan.  During the show, a caller asked “Since you are such a high profile person, why aren’t you warning the whole world about what is going on at Fukushima?”  Kaku was clearly caught off guard.  There was a brief pause.  He did not answer directly at first; he skirted around how we have radioactive problems all over, before circling back to Fukushima.  He finally said, somewhat exasperated: “We are the experts, all the experts in the world are looking at this, we just don’t know how to fix it!”

11 years on, 900 tonnes of nuclear fuel is still mostly unaccounted for.  And they still don’t know how to fix it…

Houston: We have a problem…and it’s not the radiation on Mars!

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Cover art photo by Elina Fairytale from Pexels
Article source: Will Elon’s New Baby Eat Fukushima Applesauce?

A Gallery Of Radiation Damage From Fukushima

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