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    "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of "liberalism", they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened"
    ― Norman Thomas

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Pro-Freedom Anthem “This Is A War” Hits #1 on Hip-Hop Charts in Hours

The music industry wants to feverishly pump out garbage lyrics and propaganda.

It’s a war to control the minds of Americans.

But not all artists capitulate to the global elite.

Instead, they take a stand for freedom.

by HiRezTV

This is a war that we living through
They won’t reveal to you that they all slowly been killing you,
They don’t tell you what the hell you agreeing to
Sheep in a herd and you don’t know who leading you
Keep on proceeding to follow
Your mind is hallow
While you being coddled
By government swallowing up everything that media tells you
without a question or a problem all of these sheep being slaughtered
They poison the water, removing the father
Ain’t trusting these doctors, Ignoring blue collar,
Keep printing the dollar
Brainwashing your sons and your daughters
ain’t got any honor
If I’m being honest…I just ain’t picking a side
But I’m down to ride for my freedoms
And die for your freedoms and question
The government lies.
A lot on my Mind, and so little time.
GOD I think all of us needing a sign.
The devil he Hides in EGO and PRIDE.
They selling they soul but they paying the price
GOD won’t give you more than you can handle
Government should be dismantled
Every politician got a scandal
Prepare for this war, we going to battle

I’d rather be red pilled and get killed
Then ignorant living, and meet death still.
Don’t stand up for something, U falling for nothing
Don’t wait till the world that we know Fall ill
This is the revelation of our generation
Losing civilization,
I’m determined, just liberate us
With our dedication, fuck the terminator
Fuck your medication, the administration
cannot alienate us, or exterminate us
I’ll just keep on praying
For your salvation
U are outdated
Society becoming Outrageous
Keep your house painted for the first born
The angel of death in the worst form we being scorned,
Look out for theirs Horns,
remember This isn’t their first war
They coming prepared, so just be aware
They do not wanna hear none of our prayers
This is a war they ain’t playing fair they feed off ya fear
They want you scared
Death and despair
its all in the air
So just beware,
U think I care?
The more that you know the more that its clear
This is a war that’s already here.

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