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    “Let’s just be clear, this is not a vaccine in response to a virus. This was a virus, or a purported virus, [made] as an excuse to get a universal vaccine into every human on this planet; They’re trying to kill billions of us. This is really at the level of human crisis. I mean, we’re in an extinction-level event. And we can’t let these guys pull it off."
    ― Dr. Lee Merritt

    Past Quotes of the Week

The Science of Natural Law

This is a subject not many comprehend [by design through mind control] wrapped up in a very comprehensive mini-documentary. Within this 1 hour video there are a series of questions asked. These questions are very helpful for self-evaluation. Keep in mind those who offered their answers within this video all failed to answer these questions 100% correctly. This video is a very good test for one to gauge how much they may have been effected by the Matrix.


Sometimes the best way to learn about something is to examine what it is not. Henna Maria begins this new series The Nature Of Freedom questioning Democracy – is it a synonym for freedom or slavery?

What happens when the mob is misguided and is demanding the very things that enslave them?


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