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The Birth Certificate, Cesta Que (Cestui Que Vie) Trust, “Justice System” and What Role We SHOULD Play – Stillness in the Storm

The following is a compilation of articles, videos and research related to the Cestui Que Vie trust, Birth Certificate. In my view, this is essential to understand how the legal system is fraudulent in its application of justice. But oddly enough, it is also a way to understand how a truly honorable system can work, if we only seek to understand and live the principles of truth and trust.

What may not be clear is that all these systems of control and enslavement are actually based on core principles of Natural Law, as expressed in Equity or Contract Law and Trust Law. Where the system fails is in execution, actually following the principles of trust on which legal codes are founded. In most cases dishonorable legislation such as the Patriot Act, would have never been  enacted if the people were fully aware of all the facts; full disclosure and transparency.

The system requires compliance and ignorance in order to suppress the rights of the people and maintain the illusion of justice. This is the only reason why most of humanity thinks the system works, despite being hopelessly inefficient, because they are decidedly ignorant of the whole truth. And by all accounts justice, as it is practiced today, has never been interested in following law or honoring trust. There are remedies on paper that individuals should be able to use, but even after one correctly asserts their rights, no remedy is rendered by the system; the law is ignored and courts breach trust as a matter of policy. This point cannot be overlooked.

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Some in the freedom movement think that if we only say the right thing or file the correct paperwork, the system will be forced to comply with the law. But in truth, the system has never been designed for this, its designed to appear lawful; acting with color of law. It is an illusion of justice. It is a for profit private enterprise that has usurped a once valid method of settling disputes, chiefly interested in deceiving and defrauding their patrons; the unwitting masses. At best it is a summary justice system, a type of ‘fast-food’ justice that offers the same deleterious effects on society as processed food has on health.

There are countless scores of knowledgeable people that follow the rules and procedures within the system, hoping to gain remedy and reclaim their status as sovereign individuals, but in most cases the system ignores valid claims and honorable arguments. Therefore, the only logical conclusion to draw is that there is in fact NO JUSTICE, NO RULE OF LAW and NO REMEDY for the people. No amount of paper work, protests, certified letters or official documentation will cause the system to begin acting honorably, because it has to do so for everyone if it is to be a truly just system.

A court, judge, or trustee that ignores the truth, by their very actions demonstrates the status of incompetency, negligence and lack of standing to hold the position they claim to represent. They are now in breach of trust and public contract, they have committed fraud and the only recourse a sovereign people have in the face of this is to embody honor and truth so as to replace the fallacious system. In the absence of legitimate government and true justice, the people’s justice reigns supreme; so we better do our best to ensure its honest and fair.

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Despite these sobering points, there is hope. The people have always had the power to settle their own affairs honorably and in truth. But, when two sovereign individuals are unable to settle a dispute, a third party can be appointed by them to assist in the matter; this is ostensibly the role of a Justice System. A beings ability to seek the truth and act compassionately and acknowledge others is what defines a sovereign being.

“Do no harm and cause no damage to property”

This common sense policy has been called the golden rule of law, and it is the foundation of every system of justice on Earth; including the defunct ones that now run rampant. But what if we encounter someone who is unwilling to act honorably? This is when a defensive action can be taken to ensure we are not harmed, but we must also ensure that this action does not cause harm in return. Eye for an eye justice is a fallacy of moral relativism and creates more controversy in the process, more harm that must be remedied.

One of the most important qualities of a sovereign is the capacity to gain, use and clarify knowledge; the choice to seek the truth. In doing so they recognize the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, and that ultimately love, compassion and empathy are essential to settling disputes with other sovereign beings.

The following is essential material for the aspiring sovereign, one who knows where they are going, how they will get there and who will be affected in the process. For with great freedom comes great responsibility, requiring a wise and truth knowing mind so as to live harmoniously with others.

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