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    "The researchers claim they decided which is the real genome of SARS-CoV-2 by “consensus,” sort of like a vote. Again, different computer programs will come up with different versions of the imaginary “unicorn,” so they come together as a group and decide which is the real imaginary unicorn."
    ― Dr. Tom Cowan

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Schisms of the Mind

By I Am

➝ Schism of the Mind Chronic left brain imbalanced living will draw one towards the dominator tendencies and develop into the “Master” consciousness of wanting to control other people’s actions, behavior and the decisions they make with physical aggression as a result of disobedience. The right form of chronic imbalance creates obedient tendencies and develops a “Slave” modality of consciousness where someone can follows orders, have addictive tendencies, and have feelings of unworthiness or self-loathing. One imbalance develops a slave-driver dominator; the other develops a dominated slave. This is how most of the world is currently functioning, or dis-functioning, and experiencing. The manner in which the brain functions greatly influences how we behave and what we experience. There are people that understand how we work and they are using that knowledge as a weapon against us because most of us are completely uneducated and ignorant about how methodologies of mind control really work. We have to take care of the ‘Temple in Man’ and understand how we work, operate and function in order to take care of this great gift and not fall into the negative consequences that our ignorance creates.


1. Self-Preservation: This includes the preservation of one’s agenda and one’s group above all. This is in direct opposition to conscience, compassion, and love.

2. Moral Relativism: This denial of the objective difference between right and wrong allows psychopaths to falsely justify their violence and aggression against others.

3. Social Darwinism: This concept of a social version of “survival of the fittest” leads psychopaths to believe that they are the most socially evolved people in society. They actually believe that their lack of compassion and their ruthlessness are evolutionarily superior traits.

4. Eugenics: Since they consider themselves superior, they believe they have the right to decide who lives and who dies.

➝ The Effects of Left and Right Brain Imbalance or Predominance The left and right cerebral hemispheres are not completely separate because they are connected through the corpus callosum, a bridge in the midbrain allowing information to flow in either direction. An imbalance or predominance of one brain hemisphere over another disharmonizes and disrupts the neocortex in its intended role of being the executive command center of the whole brain complex — the forebrain, midbrain and brainstem.

Someone that mostly spends their time and pays attention to the physical world of events, physical life, and daily occurrences through what they do and the information they receive — what they look at, what they read, what they hear, both in the media and with interactions in the world with others —will spend less time or not care about deeper thought to anything holistic, creative or spiritual and the chronically engaged left brain will come to dominate the neocortical functions of the brain with the right brain diminishing as a result. The reverse occurs with right brain imbalance. More people are imbalanced towards the left side but most people are imbalanced to one side, the other or both.

Chronically living in the right brain modality of thought — nurturing, creativity, imagination, feelings, etc. and always in a spiritual state of mind, not being grounded and considering the physical domain important by always thinking of the world to come, living for basic pleasure and to feel good, not wanting to look at anything that is so-called dark or negative, not wanting to engage in problems, engaging in escapism — will destabilize the whole-brain complex as well with the right brain becoming dominant to disrupt the balanced neocortical executive command functionality.

A left brain imbalance leads to the R-complex dominating over the proper functionality of the limbic emotional brain by not sending certain chemicals that allow us to experience emotions as feelings in the body the same way that a person with a healthy, holistically functioning brain would. The R-complex essentially becomes the executive controller of the whole-brain with the consciousness fundamentally governed and living in the reptile part of the brain (survival, stress, fight or flight). Conversely, chronic right brain predominance has the limbic emotional brain run haywire; instead of dormant it is hyperactive and out-of-control. A person becomes a slave to their feelings and emotions unable to discern truth and believing whatever suits them according to how they want to feel. In extreme cases the emotional dominance leads to someone becoming far too passive and not standing up for themselves, as opposed to the left brain imbalance of someone becoming far too aggressive.

A left-brain imbalance can get someone obsessing over material worldly matters and survival, but a right-brain imbalance can get someone living in a fantasy delusion believing whatever they want.

The Solution. What is Consciousness? Why there is a War on your Consciousness.

Most people, when asked what Consciousness is, will reply that it is the state of being awake. That is most certainly true, for that it is. But when people reply with this answer, they are almost always talking about the state of being physically awake. This is not the kind of Consciousness we’re talking about here. For one could be physically awake and still be largely or totally unconscious in their overall awareness.

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