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Sacred Geometry International – The Great Bonneville Flood – Part 1

Extinct cataracts from the Bonneville Flood during the last ice age – Columbia River Washington State USA (aprox. 12,000 years ago)

The image (below) illustrates what a sudden rush of water does to the landscape caused by the melting glacial ice-field which engulfed most of Canada & a large portion of central United States estimated to be 2 miles high. The volume of water to create this delta has been estimated tobe 400 feet.

Similar cataracts (much smaller) can be found on the Niagara River. Niagara Falls at the US Canada boarder, on the River Nile in Egypt and elsewhere throughout the world.

From the Columbia River surface to the plateau ridge is about 1000 feet high marking the high water line which can also be found on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

The exact location of this geologic formation can be seen on Google Earth looking East just South of Wenatchee, WA @47.146, -119.968

Given the scale of the destructive forces of water evidenced by the scars left behind, is it any wonder there is no evidence of a pre-iceage civilization.

Since these events have been proven to repeat throughout Earths existence, the examples here clearly show the slate has been wiped clean. It also explains again what has always been in plane sight but not fully appreciated until recent technological advancements in photography.

To learn more about this fascinating subject & more about our past see the JRE episode #872 with Randall Carlson & Graham Hancock. Specifically it starts @ 2:30:00

We are in the midst of a solar minimum & lest we forget the planet passes through the Taurid Meteor Stream twice a year at the end of June & at the end of October. The hypothesis of the Younger Dryas impact during the last iceage could have potentially caused this sudden rush of water & with all that is going on within our Milky Way, the potential for catastrophe is at an all time high. (relatively speaking)

Floods of lava (Columbia River Basalts) and Ice Age Floods of water (Lake Missoula floods and the Bonneville Flood) are world-famous topics among geologists. To have both sets of floods in the same area means the geology of the Inland Northwest is truly Disneyland for Geologists!

Tom Foster (http://HUGEfloods.com) and Nick Zentner (Central Washington University) have been hiking together in eastern Washington for years. The result? A series of short videos that showcase geological wonders in the Pacific Northwest. This 16-minute video – Huge Floods in the Pacific Northwest – offers an introductory overview of spectacular geologic events that impacted much of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

The program begins in Lewiston, Idaho where the floods of lava and water are beautifully on display near the mouth of Hells Canyon. Early on, the Columbia River Basalts – eruptions of fluid lava from deep fissures – are featured. The Missoula Floods from Montana and the Bonneville Flood from Utah – the Ice Age Floods – are surveyed at an introductory level. And finally, the interaction between bedrock and fluid dynamics of the floodwater are highlighted through discussion of Ice Age erosional and depositional landforms. Key locations in the Pacific Northwest are featured, including the Snake River Canyon, Grand Coulee, Dry Falls, the Drumheller Channels, Wallula Gap, and the Columbia River Gorge.

View of the Wasatch Mountains, looking east. The water erosion from Lake Bonneville is clearly visible on the lower section of the mountain flanks. View looking east from roughly 6000 feet altitude. Photo by Randall.

Source: Sacred Geometry International – The Great Bonneville Flood – Part 1

Sacred Geometry International – The Great Bonneville Flood – Part 2

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