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People in the UK Have Started to Burn Down 5G Death Towers in Protest

by Nicole Morgan

The people of the UK are now taking matters into their own hands in regards to the 5 towers that have been springing up all over the world.  

What’s caused the Coronavirus has become a big talking point some Chinese nationals in Australia are blaming the US for starting the virus in Wuhan China claiming the virus came from “space” some believe it’s 5G towers that have caused the spread with some crazy people taking to burning down 5G towers.

The concept of 5G “radiation” being responsible for the deadly coronavirus spread with one person in Sydney telling me they “believe the claims” and are set to start a social media hashtag for believers.

The theory with the 5G believers is that Africa is not affected by the disease because it is “not a 5G region”. In the UK towers in local suburbs have been burnt down. They have also targeted engineers installing the 5G networks that are being targeted with social media users encouraging each other to destroy the masts.

— Official #1 Birmingham Page (@imjustbrum) April 3, 2020

There is even a Stop 5G Facebook group. Police and fire crews in the UK were scrambled to one inferno in Birmingham last night when a 22-meter 5G tower erupted in flames. The cause of the fire is still being investigated but both emergency services were able to confirm the fire was deliberate at this stage.

The Africa myth was quickly debunked when the World Health Organisation confirmed there were thousands of COVID-19 cases in Africa. The government has also confirmed there is “no evidence to suggest that 5G has anything to do with COVID-19”. Among the nutcase celebrities who believe the 5G theory is Jason Gardiner and Callum Best whose father was an alcoholic soccer player, they both posted similar claims that 5G can impact the immune system.

Posted on the Facebook group are some wild claims. One person wrote: “Good needs to be done everywhere evil domination is coming”. 

Another said: “It is time to act now. Any 5g tower in your area burns it down! Collect people and stand and fight this. Act now before it’s too late!” Others have posted pictures of masts near their homes, with users urging them to “destroy” it.

Instagram @imjustbrum

— Official #1 Birmingham Page (@imjustbrum) April 2, 2020

While one person in a separate group is keeping a “league” table for cities setting the masts on fire. A post at the top of the site reads: “We have been notified by certain members of the public that some individuals in this group have decided to target telecoms workers, as they believe and claim them to be ‘criminals and genocides’.

“You know who you are. If you continue to conduct yourselves like this, you will be banned from this group.”

Those working in the sector say there is “quite a big collective” trying to stop 5G from being rolled out. Neither Telstra or Optus have commented on the issues associated with 5G towers though we do understand that the carriers are concerned about the safety of the tower installers who work for third party Companies.


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