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Peace in Space | Carol Rosin

Carol Rosin intriduces the formerly titled Outer Space Security and Development Treaty, now updated and renamed: The Treaty on Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space.

This Plan of Action calls on all World Citizens to:

  1. Immediately, email the sample letter, or your own “Dear President” letter. The talking points on the Plan of Action page may give you some ideas to present in your personal letter. Send all letters to spacetreaty@gmail.com with your name and contact information. We will include your letter in a package of information that will be given to country presidents. (Your name and contact information will not be distributed to any lists.)
  2. PLEASE, HELP make this possible.  This is the time…the only moment in history when we can feasibly get this done. Contribute whatever you can to help get us on this journey. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.  It’s now or never!   And we are ready to go!

The Treaty on Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space establishes a framework and procedures to assure that the space above all our heads will be a neutral realm from which all classes of weapons are banned and from which no hostile action shall be taken toward Earth or the surrounding Cosmos.

This Treaty invites Nation State leaders to become Signatories to this Treaty that invites Parties, including Indigenous Nations and Cosmic Cultures, to commit to plan and assist in the orderly development and implementation of a framework and procedures that will assure and verify that space is and will remain a neutral realm from which all classes of space-based weapons are legally banned in perpetuity.

This step, the Treaty signing and ratification, will cause the war industry and old paradigm mindset to easily transform as we evolve further into the Space Age…wars can and will, finally, end!  This Treaty will result in better lives preservation of our environment.  It recognizes that information and data gained and shared from cooperative space exploration and development will provide unlimited benefits and opportunities on earth.  It will raise and unify consciousness.   Free brains and budgets to research and develop new solutions to challenges in every area of concern including health, education, economy, mutual security, alternative energy, and a safe and clean environments.   It acknowledges that we are not alone in the universes and that there are Cosmic Cultures, proven to not be hostile or enemies, that will be important allies for our real security and conscious development on earth and in space, and that our national and international policies must now officially disclose and reflect this reality.

Together, we can and will get this Treaty signed and ratified into world law!  Peace will prevail and this is the time when we can get this pivotal Treaty Project, this ban on all space-based weapons done!  It’s up to each of us now.  We must do this now!


While the Treaty on Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space tells the whole fascinating story of what this Treaty will do, below are some additional ideas that may help you understand more, and to write a personal letter and/or speak about the Treaty:

*WE, the people, are inviting all U.N. Member country presidents, kings/queens, Prime Ministers to be among the first NINE  Signatories who will be acknowledged in recorded history and thanked by future generations because they were the first to sign and ratify the Treaty on Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space that will ban ALL space-based weapons…who  courageously took this pivotal step to cause real peace to prevail.  This Treaty shows how the war industry and mindset can easily be transformed into an exciting Space Age industry with a new stimulated economy and marketplace with new jobs and training programs and profits producing creative products and needed services that can now be applied directly to solving urgent and potential problems on our planet (including man-made or natural catastrophes), with unlimited benefits and opportunities for everyone at this critical time in human history when irreversible decisions are being made (!) regarding “how” humans evolve on earth and into space…decisions that will impact every issue and all sacred life…is when it is time for this change that the Treaty makes possible.

*This Treaty is verifiable and enforceable.  Technology and joint international on-going ventures in space have made it possible to know what each other is doing now, and about everything that is in space now. Enforcement will not be with weapons in space…enforcement will be based on cooperation and collaboration in space.

*Every element and project described in this Treaty is technologically, economically, politically, psychologically, and socially feasible.

*This Treaty puts a literal cap, a lid on the space-based weapons industry before it deploys space-based weapons, while showing how the weapons industry can easily transform itself in ways that will free brains and budgets to create the reality we want and need on our planet.

*There are many exciting ventures happening in space exploration and development.  It is in the best interests of investors and entrepreneurs that there be no risk to their projects from weapons in space.  It is in the best interests to  maintain and encourage only cooperation and  friendship in space.

B) Because this Treaty will become world law when the first nine world leaders sign and ratify the Treaty, we will be able to invite the Cosmic Cultures to safely visit our planet to share all they know. Credentialed  high level people have testified that  there ARE visitors  from the Cosmos and that they have proven they are coming in peace.   (Note:  We are still here!)

*There is massive proof that Cosmic Cultures exist: They have evolved and have displayed what they can do, visited with various humans already, and they have evolved, as we must…none of them are hostile. There is nothing to fear as these beings are not an enemy. (We are still here!)

*When they are invited to visit us safely, the Cosmic Cultures can and will provide valuable information including about REAL solutions to many urgent and potential problems of human needs, energy, and our environment, and will show us the truth about who we really are in the universes.

*NOW is the time for each world leader to create a vision for solutions to urgent and potential problems, and to create a new kind of Space Age stimulated peacetime economy that will provide more jobs and profits than during any hot or cold wartime, mandated no longer to advance weaponry and wars but now to  achieve security by directly helping each other heal and solve urgent issues and situations of concern as humans evolve into a higher unified consciousness that learns to live in harmony with nature  and all life.

* By banning all space-BASED weapons, world leaders can and will create a strong security system based on cooperative ventures and collaborative information sharing that will build better understandings, instead of continuing unhealthy competition and confrontation, corruption, fear and lies, with intentions to dominate and control. This ban of space-based weapons will cause second order change, real change.

*This is the first Treaty in history that officially acknowledges Indigenous Cultures and Cosmos Cultures, both of whom are stated to be “Parties” to this Treaty.  The U.N. Nation State leaders(ie. presidents, kings/queens, prime ministers, designated signatories) are the Signatories, who will be recorded in history as the most sane, intelligent, heartfelt and courageous leaders of our time,who pivoted the course of history.

*As this Treaty is written, we only need NINE world leaders to sign and ratify this Treaty and it will then be enforced into  law!  It is the intelligent, sane responsibility of every country leader who knows he/she is a World Citizen on this earth to sign and ratify this Treaty.

*This Treaty incorporates the best language and intention of relevant previous treaties, and proposed treaties, and presents new and vitally important truths with steps.

*This is the only moment in history when space-based weapons can be banned, before an irreversible momentum of funding and vested interests gets put into place, and before space-based weapons and systems are irreversibly deployed and based in space on celestial bodies, craft, stations, or on any technology that is or will be based in space.

*This is the time for real change to occur, This is the time to raise the frequency and connect our unified consciousness on this planet, to heal the suffering, killings, and destruction.  This  change can take place as consciousness awakens and humanity grows up, evolves, and opens to  all that the  vastness of universes has to offer.

*This Treaty holds the KEY to peace within each of us and all over our planet, and to harmony with all the plants and animals and life in the universes.  Space holds the key to peace on earth.

*IMAGINE the relief and celebration that is going to take place, when a new history begins with the signing and ratification of this vitally important ban on all space-BASED weapons. IMAGINE that now real healing and happy healthy lives are committed to all over this planet. I MAGINE when the truth is revealed and officially acknowledged that we are not alone in the universes, and that we shall now change the game from an earthbound war consciousness to a higher frequency of Space Age awareness that will allow us to live in real peace with each other and in harmony with nature.

*IMAGINE how much the signing into law of this one Treaty will do for our human species and all sacred life. This signing the time sensitive step that will lead to the global headline:  WARS ARE OVER.  This is feasible NOW.   Not later…NOW.   But it’s up to us…together we can make this happen.

*Imagine how entrepreneurs and business people who are building exciting space ventures (craft, space elevators, living and working stations, hotels in space,  etc.) will celebrate when they realize that by banning space-based weapons, that otherwise could cause accidental or intention damage to their investments will  no longer be at risk due to potential weapons threats that otherwise would be in space.

*Our human evolution into the space frontier is relevant not just for the natural desire of humans to explore and learn and have fun experiences, but also because  we want to know the truth about who we really are in these bodies and in the universes, and because space R&D provides  space provides fabulous spin-offs and direct possible applications that will solve urgent and potential problems and provide for a clean and safe future for the children.

*This Treaty signing is the key that will open the doors to the release of funds and brains formerly applied to weapons R&D.  This opens more doors for research and development of new kinds of jobs and training programs for people in the civil, commercial, militaries and entrepreneurial sectors -and for all. Exploration, living, working and traveling into space, research and development for and in space will provide new kinds of jobs and training programs that will replace those now being applied to weapons and wars. There are new roles for our militaries, corporations, and workers worldwide as we see what jobs can be created to improve infrastructures,  to heal and take care of the poor and injured,  to clean up and preserve local and all environments.

*We can now build better relationships, including with our space neighbors, from whom we will learn so much.   We can grow and distribute organic food, provide shelter with clean water and air using many sources of alternative and free energy, enhanced communication and healing techniques.  We will also learn about from our extraterrestrial neighbors about how to live, travel, and be today and in our future.   Or, we can choose to allow those who will weaponization space to do that.  We can choose to believe the many belief systems, myths, theories, guesses, misinterpretations and perceptions   or spun truths as though they are facts.  We can choose to allow more suffering, destruction and further deterioration of our selves and our environment.   OR, no  matter what we “believe,”   we can choose to ban all space-based weapons…and to support this intention and plan of action to get this  signed  into law.

*The Treaty presents a new opportunity for everyone, no matter what our beliefs or experiences, ages or cultures. The choice is simply ours…more weapons, now in space, or  the funding  and brains and hearts move to ban all space-based weapons and open our minds, hearts and spirits to connect as we know we can.

*This Treaty is non-confrontational and non-partisan. It is relevant to all cultures, no matter what the belief or politics or economics or situations are.  We are one small planet midst universes.

*This Outer Space Security and Development Treaty is ready to be signed and ratified into world law.   Would anyone sane want to stall or stop this Treaty from getting signed into law?

*This Treaty incorporates the best of previous and proposed relevant Treaties.  This Treaty adds the mechanisms and information needed to make it verifiable and enforceable via the non-weapons use of communication, intelligence and observation technology and via cooperative and collaborative ventures that are based on the Truth, on-going in space R&D at this time, and based on our goals towards the achievement of real peace and justice, jobs and prosperity, security and healing, care for each other, with more understanding, more music and art, and more playtime and enjoyment of every precious day.

*No debates or re-writes of this Treaty are needed.   No more competitive egos and no more compromises. This Treaty is ready to signed and ratified into law.  Period.  It has been  written, reviewed, and approved and agreed to by top experts.  It presents all that needs to be said.

*A space agency organization will be formed by the first nine countries to sign and ratify this Treaty  to monitor outer space to verify and enforce this law…all based on cooperation and collaboration,  data sharing and observation, and on the cooperative space ventures.

*The intention of the Plan of Action is to hand-deliver this Treaty to NINE world leaders who sign and ratify it into world law. The time is NOW, or never, to take the steps to get to the world leaders and to get this Treaty signed.

* IMAGINE John Lennon’s message in the music of IMAGINE becoming reality. IMAGINE THIS CELEBRATION!

*Note: This Treaty signing will not eliminate all weapons, polluting or dangerous technologies based on the earth immediately…nor will this solve all the problems we face, immediately. But, this Treaty will ban ALL space-BASED weapons, which can only be done now…the rest will follow. This Treaty is a vital step that is necessary to awakening consciousness to the many feasible alternatives that are and will be supported and made available that will provide unlimited benefits and opportunities for everyone.

*World Citizens will Honor the first NINE planetary leaders who will be recorded forever as the FIRST Signatories to sign and ratify this vitally important documents in our time, The Treaty on Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space.  This will lead to peace on earth and in space.




Source: Peace in Space | Carol Rosin

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