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Obama’s Clean, Green Fukushima Plumegate Machine

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“I have to challenge everybody because you must, at some point in your life, learn to think or you are doomed.”

-William ‘Bill’ Cooper

Originally published 02/13/2013 by Tracy Turner on Activist Post updated with additions 07/11/2018 by Justin Case

What do Ann Coulter and Barack Obama have in common? Pay attention to the following video link where Ann Coulter uses the phrase, “the minimum amount of radiation, * you should be exposed to *.” Ann Coulter’s assertion that nuclear radiation is like a health suntan is insane. Here is what Japan now looks like, atomically speaking. The Obama administration Fukushima cover-up is known as Plumegate cover-up (primarily leaked on The Intel Hub).

Ann Coulter’s not-so-subtle slip of the tongue, as if implied one has a minimum daily dose needed for radiation, as one does for Vitamin C. The West Coast of the US received Radioactive Iodine Fukushima, but the government forgot to mention radioactive Strontium 90 and Cesium 137, Uranium 238, Plutonium & the +1000 other radioactive isotopes hemorrhaging from the site. Any dosage of radiation is a cumulative cancer antagonist. Who do you trust more, Ann Coulter or Helen Caldicott? Do you trust Barack Obama with the nuke industry or Dr. Doug Rokke; Monsanto Lawyer Hillary Clinton or Nuclear Expert/Physician Dr. Helen Caldicott? Someone who has actually treated radiation victims.

Mining is just the first step, and then there is Uranium milling, more carbon from conventional power plants, and one more filthy, toxic nuclear HAZMAT site in need of decontamination. Nuke industry apologists use words like clean, safe and cheap, ignoring dirty, killer or Wake Up and When the Dust Settles by David Bradbury.

The USA is storing 57,634 Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride Casks containing 28,000 pounds of Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride each — 1,613,752,000 pounds of highly lethal atomic waste. Where’s the clean? This photo link is only a portion of America’s nuclear waste; is it what Billo and Ann Coulter imply that the government is depriving us of our “healthy share quota,” as if it is a vitamin, rather than a carcinogen? Obama, Billo and Coulter are all pro-nuke industry — who was paid and/or promised what?

“President Obama’s fiscal year 2012 budget outlines a plan for reviving the country’s nuclear power industry, calling for $36 billion in government-backed loan guarantees for new nuclear reactors and setting aside more than $800 million for nuclear energy research”. Plumegate had and has motive.

The New York Times, which is only a stone’s throw physically from Wall Street, regularly publishes pieces such as this: Pro-Big-Nuke letter. The New York Times will headline articles with pro-nuke jargon such as, “Despite Protests, Waste Arrives in Germany – The New York Times”. Not a whisper about February 19, 2013 rain and snow in California, 506% more radioactive than background. Expect Google, Yahoo! and Bing to blacklist web pages about nuclear rain in California. Expect many so-called alt-news sites to censor 506% more radioactive than background rain. California nuclear-contaminated milk, corn or beef, anyone?

6 videos: “clean, safe, abundant” nuclear waste / 4.6 billion-year half-life atomic poison:

Dozens of demonstrators gather in Paris to protest against France’s nuclear energy policies:

Anti-nuclear protesters took to the streets in Germany, France and Belgium to mark the one-year anniversary of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster. Protester Veoh:

USA nuclear spent fuel dry cask (probably containing spent fuel):
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y93riMwoa6M .

Concrete dry casks (empty in this case) for nuclear spent fuel:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBaEXiQajw8 .

This train video contains two DODX (Dept of Defense) nuclear casks being moved: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TPod_0l7bY .

Imagine this US train derailing near your home:

Go to time frame 2:30, four Uranium dry casks filled with reactor ‘spent’ rods, spent meaning hotter and more dangerously radioactive than ‘fresh’ fuel rods. The oxymoron of clean nuclear is waste: mining and milling Superfund sites, trainloads of waste, reactor pools and dry concrete casks of 4.6 billion year waste – essentially forever poison.

Do you live within a kill zone of derailed nuclear waste or a reactor meltdown? A nuclear train derailment will give new meaning to the misnomer “clean nuclear”. The nuclear power plants are aging past their intended life spans; “new” nuke plants are not a new car that can be replaced every two years; obsolescence is part of the design. Nuke plants, by their very nature, outlive their newness and operate in a long period of obsolescence, cracked pipes, leaks, etc.

The government guarantees loans that banks would not touch with a 20-ft-pole, contractors build a facility that is generally flawed with both design and contraction flaws. Massive amounts of fuel and electricity are consumed to build fuel assemblies that will not cool off and become non-toxic for billions upon billions of years. What are Obama’s grandchildren and great, great grandchildren going to do with nuke waste that is worse than useless — a silent killer than lasts for eternity. Free market capitalism, replete with taxpayer sponsorship and deadly eternal waste.

The apologists always use the same buzzwords: safe, clean, abundant, affordable nuke. They always ignore the same issues: ultra-deadly, outlasts the scale of hundreds of generations, small amount of energy produced, super abundant amounts of scorched earth and undisposable waste, accident prone and unforeseeable exigent circumstances nuke.

Perhaps Ann Coulter and Barack Obama need to have lunch and read the Greenpeace report on Chernobyl Cancers/Deaths. American news often refuses to use terms like the UK Guardian’s term, “triple meltdown”. American media has been largely apologist, with emphasis on radioactive Iodine (which dissipates rapidly) and little emphasis on any or all of the following: US, Japanese and worldwide nuclear plants venting radioactive Tritium, lung cancers in American and Australian Uranium miners, cancers of all who handle Depleted Uranium “penetrator” weapons (including the victims overseas and NATO troops), Uranium, Plutonium, Cesium and Strontium isotopes. The entire list is dismissed with an intended lie, the oxymoron misnomer “natural background”.


Long-term health issues from Cesium 137 and Strontium 90 levels in Japan, in the Pacific Ocean and in the US West Coast are going to kill for essentially infinite generations. Such issues are relegated to apologist terms such as “natural background” radiation.

(Audio, links) George Bush / Barack Obama safe, clean nuclear:


Media journalist Karl Grossman’s audio clip of how the government and nuke industry have managed both nuclear history and Fukushima (largely with silence) and have manipulated public opinion since the first Trinity tests of the first atomic bomb. Grossman is a veteran journalist who probably knows more about the nuclear bomb and 4.6 billion year HAZMAT waste industry than anyone.

The government and media do not talk or write about Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 fallout from Fukushima. We were and still are lied to about every aspect of nuclear energy, weapons, hazardous wastes and mismanagement of all things nuclear. Clean, cheap and green nuclear are lies meant to fool all but those most well read on the poisoning of posterity.

The Karl Grossman (award winning anti-nuke journalist) radio interview in the links above tells us from before the first atom bomb (Trinity) to Fukushima, we have been lied to my the news media. This Intel Hub article tell us the Japanese government is allowing radioactive HAZMAT to be dumped in rivers. Domestically, American reactors 40+ years old are having the heat turned up to make more steam in weakened, aging tanks and pipes – a risk taken purely for greed.

There are cancer clusters around all of America’s reactors. Any US cancer cluster map and any nuclear power plant map overlay each other nearly perfectly – with the nuke plant close to center of cancer clusters.

Japan built 50 nuke reactors on seismically active volcanic islands; much of the USA did the same. In Grossman’s words, this is the most dangerous method conceivable for boiling water. GE, Westinghouse, Toshiba and Hitachi wish to expand their news media empire and their nuke power plant empire. Anyone who knows all the facts would oppose nuclear expansion; but the nuke expanders own the news, so few know the facts.

Michel Chossudovsky wrote, “Fukushima, A Nuclear War without a War”. Enenews.com reports, “Over 200,000 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium in dust from outside Fukushima Prefecture”. For the visually oriented, the NaturalNews map of Pacific Ocean Radiation is more newsworthy than 24-hour news cycles that relegate 30-plus-years half-lives of Cesium and Strontium to “old news”. It is only “old news” to those not eating radioactive tuna or breathing in 5-micron-sized pieces of Cesium dust in Hawaii, Japan, Alaska or Washington State. The public perception of Fukushima old news is in reality one-million new cancer deaths, probably more like 4-5 million new cancer deaths from 2012 through 2052 – over and above “normal” mortality. Governments have become skilled at hiding such truths. If one includes Pacific Ocean dietary foods and irradiated crops into the equation, the said numbers are probably extremely conservative.

The nuke-owned-news will call it “lifestyle cancer”; but the deaths are GE, Westinghouse, Toshiba and Hitachi “nuclear” style deaths.

Here is what the US news is not telling you about Fukushima Number 4 and Plumegate (the cover up of the triple nuclear meltdowns and possibly pending release/meltdown of Reactor 3 MOX and possibly pending release/meltdown of Reactor 4 spent fuel. Arnie Gundersen was quoted in articles, inferring possibly 2.89 billion (estimated) people could be at risk. The nuke/news-owner public relations crowd went to work libeling Gundersen. The John F. Kennedy/Barrack Obama Plumegate speech sums up the government’s abuse of America’s people extremely well. The nuke-owned 24-hour news cycle makes death safe and worry free. Was Gundersen’s 2.89 billion (estimated) humans at nuclear risk via Fukushima a typo, misquote, hoax or possibly Gunderson thinking out loud and quoted online?

We actually have both enough nuke bombs and nuke water-boiling electricity generation plants to wipe all human life off of the planet. Fukushima and Chernobyl are referred to as disasters, accidents and unusual events. Plumegate, the cover-up of the 2.89 billion (estimated) humans threatened was ridiculed, with blog editors either paid or threatened into silent compliance.

If the quote is truly attributable to Gundersen, it is closer to the truth than Obama’s notorious Plumegate speech: psychopaths put radioactivity atop fault lines, behind tidal flood walls in Tsunami areas, adjacent to volcanoes and in the path of hurricanes in the USA and all over volcanic, overpopulated Japan.

Book-burning Propagandist Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of the amelioration of common sense and knowledge, of the danger of highly destructive, rapidly-breaking down isotopes; aka so-called “clean, green, safe” Cesium-137 and Strontium-90. The nuclear isotopes most likely to kill 2.89 billion (estimated) humans are now mislabeled “cheap electricity” and “clean nuclear”.

Reich propaganda minister Goebbels would have laughed out loud at Plutonium MOX fuelverbally/textually referred to as next generation clean nuclear. Clean, green, safe MOX Plutonium. The American public 2011-2013 are the human guinea pigs of Japan and America’s latest Tsar Bomba.

Some do not see the similarity between the entities above (and the US Pentagon) burning down web pages and alt-news blogs and Goebbels burning books.

Obama promised the most transparent administration in US history, aka Plumegate. Just remember Obama and Plumegate the next time  Democrats or Ann Coulter Republicans call and ask for money. The scariest thing about Plumegate is how censored it is in all forms of media; one could easily think Plumegate does not exist.

Source: Obama’s Clean, Green Fukushima Plumegate Machine

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