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    "The researchers claim they decided which is the real genome of SARS-CoV-2 by “consensus,” sort of like a vote. Again, different computer programs will come up with different versions of the imaginary “unicorn,” so they come together as a group and decide which is the real imaginary unicorn."
    ― Dr. Tom Cowan

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MASS EXTINCTION event now under way that will decimate the global human population, scientists claim

A hotly-debated study led by Professor Gerardo Ceballos at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico warns that the human population explosion is leading to the widespread contamination and destruction of the planet, ultimately collapsing life support systems upon which human civilization depends. As reported by The Times of Israel:

Human overpopulation and over-consumption are leading Earth to its sixth mass extinction faster than was previously thought, with the human race likely to be eradicated along the way, a new study warns…

These findings indicate nothing short of “biological annihilation,” the scientists conclude, “a massive anthropogenic [human-driven] erosion of biodiversity and of the ecosystem services essential to civilization.”

The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and was co-authored by Paul R. Ehrlich, a population control advocate.

Adding to the controversy of the study, Paul Ehrlich’s views have also been cited by population control advocates like Bill Gates, who calls for an engineered depopulation of the planet in order to achieve long-term sustainability. Bill Gates has donated millions of dollars to infertility technologies and vaccine “innovations” that include vaccines in Africa being covertly laced with infertility chemicals to achieve a race-based “medical cleansing” / genocide by making sure black people don’t reproduce.

To some, the warnings of Paul Ehrlich echo the hysteria of globalists like Al Gore, who claims that climate change, not chemical poisoning of the planet, will destroy human civilization unless everybody agrees to pay him $15 trillion dollars. In truth, “climate change” only predicts oceans rising less than a meter in a hundred years, yet the mass chemical poisoning of our world will collapse human civilization long before rising oceans becomes a relevant issue (and that’s assuming the temperature data are accurate, but we know much of those data are routinely faked by the pro-climate change science hustlers).

The entire “environmental” movement ignores all the real, immediate threats to our planet

What’s my take on all this? The real threat to sustainable life on our planet isn’t so-called “climate change,” it’s the mass contamination of our world with pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical runoff, hormone-disruptor chemicals, genetically engineered crops, heavy metals in medicine (such as mercury in vaccines), industrial chemicals and biosludge. Yet, astonishingly, no mainstream environmentalists seem to care about any of these threats. The entire environmental movement has become nothing more than a mindless climate change echo chamber, totally clueless about the real threats to our world that are destroying sustainability right now.

For example, left-leaning environmentalists are now openly denying the chemical gender-bender effects of atrazine because they all want to believe that gender is a “choice” rather than something that can be altered by chemical exposure. So they deny all the science surrounding atrazine because it conflicts with their LGBT narratives. In a similar way, the same Leftists who warned about cigarette smoke causing cancer now believe that marijuana smoke is somehow harmless, even though it contains many of the exact same carcinogens as tobacco smoke. Meanwhile, California’s hemp farms are producing massive tonnage of toxic runoff, poisoning thousands of acres of land across the state. And nobody seems to care, since it’s all being done in the name of “pot legalization.”

In my view, if we don’t stop the mass chemical poisoning of our world — and of ourselves — we will of course destroy ourselves in the process. That’s why I’ve dubbed humanity a “suicide cult.” In the name of corporate profits, humans are poisoning their food (pesticides), poisoning their minds (psychiatric drugs), poisoning their agricultural soils (glyphosate) and even poisoning their children (toxic vaccines).

Today, the global controllers not only have the means to destroy humanity; they now have the motive, too.

Those efforts include:

  • The widespread use of infertility chemicals in mandatory vaccines, causing birth rates to plummet.
  • The aggressive promotion of abortions, including post-birth abortions (infanticide).
  • The continued chemical poisoning of the public water supply with toxic fluoride, which is linked to brain damage and neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • The engineered saturation of the food supply with toxic, cancer causing pesticides and herbicides, all designed to cause the premature termination of human life through cancer, liver damage and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s.
  • The rapid rollout of 5G networks, an elaborate electromagnetic weapon system that disguises itself as a telecommunications infrastructure. 5G radiation has already been scientifically demonstrated to cause actual personality changes, altering brain chemistry and generating toxic, cell-poisoning substances under the skin that compromise human health.
  • Planned financial apocalypse events that will destroy trillions in the savings and wealth of working class citizens, effectively concentrating the remaining wealth in the hands of the elite.
  • Engineered bioweapons in vaccines, designed to spread infections and cause pandemics, along with the convenient media narrative that “everybody should go get vaccinated,” further accelerating the spread of disease.
  • An engineered food collapse leading to starvation and destitution. How is this accomplished? See the next point:
  • Terraforming of the planet by releasing particulate matter into the stratosphere, blocking the sunlight that powers photosynthesis in plants and food crops. Pursued under the false banner of “climate change,” this terraforming effort is actually an engineered mass extinction event designed to eliminate humans from planet Earth. See OblivionAgenda.com for video lectures explaining all this.

Mass killings are right around the corner, and this time it will be billions

Globalists have only needed humans to try to overrun free nations and place them under socialist control. That’s the only value globalists assign to illegal immigrants from Central and South America, by the way, or Middle Eastern migrants who have invaded and occupied much of Western Europe. In the long run, however, globalists don’t need these people at all… and they sure don’t need informed, aware human beings who might question the system and expose their nefarious plans.

That’s why mass killings are already in the works, and according to the Seattle Times, Washington State has just become the first state to legalize “human compositing” in order to get ready for all the dead bodies.

The term “human composting” is a misnomer. It actually involves degrading human flesh, organs and proteins using lye and other alkaline chemicals, then flushing the liquid goo into the municipal sewage system. From there, it joins all the human feces to become “biosludge,” which is trucked out of the sewage plants and dumped on orchards and food crop farms as a form of “free fertilizer” for farmers. (See the feature film Biosludged.com for the full documentary on this. You will be shocked.)

Source: MASS EXTINCTION event now under way that will decimate the global human population, scientists claim

Warning for humanity: Globalists accelerating depopulation eugenics programs in response to populist uprisings in the UK, USA and around the worldSave

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    "I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology....Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated."
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