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by Harold Thomas

Late in 1988 I began to learn the details of a friend’s difficulty with the Internal Revenue Service. Some months later this friend and I were married. From that time until the present, her “difficulty with the IRS” has evolved into a dumbfounding series of revelations which have turned my notions of reality utterly upside down. It is said that the truth is stranger than fiction; this is a deception. Most people’s truth is, in fact, nothing but fiction — at least in varying degrees.

The purpose of this document is to share with you my discovery, my shame, my outrage, and my commitment — in a word, the LIE. With the help of an amazing variety of intense, sincere, and fiercely independent individuals, I have discovered that the major portion of my life’s blood, my life’s energy, has been systematically and diabolically transfused into the veins of a beast. I have been deliberately mis-educated, defrauded, and manipulated from my infancy by human beings who held authority and should have been trustworthy. Those same individuals have made me a party to evil acts of a scope and magnitude which, at times cause my spirit to shrink almost to the point of being extinguished by shame. The shame is most painful with the realization that my susceptibility and serviceability to the LIE came, and continues to come, as a result of the LIE within me and my inability or unwillingness to face it. I would like to believe that I did not face it in the past because I simply had no idea how much evil was being conducted with my misinformed, apathetic support. From this time forward, I pray that I may be unalterably committed to opposing the LIE in every aspect of my personal life and in the public forum as my human strength and ability may allow.

It is now late in 1992. After thousands of pages of reading, hundreds of hours of audio and video tapes, astronomical phone bills, and countless hours of personal conversation, it occurs to me that this information carries with it an obligation to share with every person willing to consider it. Therefore, I am trying to create a document which I can give to people I have known over the years, people who know that, inspite of my faults, I simply would not make up something like this.

In the hope that you will actually finish this reading, it is more like a telegram (a distress signal, if you will) than a documented textbook. Detail and references will be, of necessity, largely lacking. However, there will be a reading list on the last page which will provide a small sample of the sources with which you may readily search out and verify the statements herein. I sincerely hope that this reading will either shock, dismay, disgust, or anger you enough to cause you to make an honest attempt to prove it wrong.

Probably less than two percent of the population of the United States of America have any meaningful awareness of this information, and without it they have literally no hope of understanding or dealing with the various things which are planned and may happen to them. A few years ago, I myself would have rolled my eyes at the previous sentence and probably not taken too seriously whatever followed. No more. I used to think that I was one of the more “well informed”, having fairly diligently searched for truth (as I supposed) in areas of religion, philosophy, psychology, and enough politics to become cynical (and useless). I was one of the brave wisemen prone to ridiculing those who fawned over the emperor’s obviously nonexistent new clothes. The “emperor’s new clothes” turns out to be the largest red herring in the history of analogies. For while preoccupied with whether or not to acknowledge his clothes, we have not bothered to make sure that the emperor is really even the emperor. And guess what … . He’s not!!!

Next will follow a series of outrageous statements, some of which you may have heard before. Previously you may have dismissed these ideas as extreme or not worth considering because “there’s not much a person can do” or “the United States is still the best place in the world to live” (translation: I’m comfortable. Don’t bother me.). Now, I beg you, if my acquaintanceship has ever brought anything positive into your life, please do me the favor of completing the reading of this document. I am so convinced as to the validity and importance of this information that I am quite willing to risk being considered stark raving mad by everyone whom I have ever known, including my family. If you do not know me, please complete the reading out of respect for whoever cared enough to share the document with you.

You are probably not aware and may find it hard to believe that:

1. There is no law which makes a citizen of the United States of America, working in the fifty states of the Union, liable for a tax on income or for the filing of a return. The entire code of laws purporting to impose income taxes on individuals and corporations should be and could easily be declared void for vagueness, but the vagueness is essential because the entire system is based on confusion and intimidation. Whether you believe this taxation should exist or not is not even relevant. Even if you think the government is great and taxation is necessary, you have a major problem if you are an honest individual. Your government is engaged in a major fraud and violation of many of the God-given rights of your fellow citizens, which rights are supposedly protected by the Constitution of the United States of America.

I have communicated in great detail with “tax experts”, attorneys, members of Congress, the Secretary of the United States Treasury, and the President of the United States, and the responses range from empty copouts to confused rationalization to the refusal to answer at all. Unless you are otherwise pleased to have made a gift of all that money to the IRS over the years, you have been financially raped!

Perhaps you are, as I was for many years, grateful for the blessings of living in this great nation and fairly comfortable with paying to support the government which was protecting and helping to provide our way of life. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Our “way of life” is, in a very real sense, merely the by-product and resource base of a hidden, powerful, international agenda belonging to people whose names and faces are largely anonymous and whose wealth, power, and position have been carefully guarded down through the centuries. This is just for openers. Read on.

2. There is virtually no money in circulation in the United States of America. There is only debt paper, Federal Reserve notes, backed by nothing and created out of thin air to be loaned AT INTEREST to the complicity criminal United States government and the pathetically beguiled citizens of the fifty states. The Federal Reserve is not Federal at all. It is a private corporation (look it up in any encyclopedia) which is owned totally by member banks, the majority of which are FOREIGN owned! The Constitution provides and authorizes a reasonable and effective method for Congress to coin money and put it into circulation by paying for public works for the general welfare of the citizens. While the need to adapt the original Constitutional money system to a modern electronic era is certainly open to discussion, the results of the conspiracy of the Federal Reserve are apparent and about to come crashing down upon our heads. The idea of allowing a group of predominantly foreign bankers to create our money for us out of nothing and then charge us interest for the use of it should get your attention. If it doesn’t, you have my permission to stop reading and go back to watching television or filling out the application for your next credit card.

Volumes have been written on this subject and you should look into them, but let me summarize them as follows:
a) The international bankers who own the Federal Reserve have become wealthy and powerful to a degree beyond anything the Emperor of Rome ever dreamed of and to a degree which, if you care about the future of your children and grandchildren, should scare you to death.
b) The average American home is mortgaged to the hilt and declining in real market value.
c) The average American family has multiple credit cards charged to the maximum, and as long as the minimum payment is made each month, new cards are gleefully provided by the banks. Americans are now charging groceries.
d) The United States government is blatantly lying about its true levels of debt, the significance of that debt, most importantly, and who owns the debt. The federal government is, for all intents and purposes, insolvent, in that the true amount of federal debt, including so-called off-budget items and entitlements, is arguably close to $50,000.00 for each man, woman, and child in the U.S.A. I think we can safely agree that the average net worth of an American man, woman or child is well below $50,000.00. Hence, we are technically a bankrupt nation whose creditors are of the opinion that they own every piece of real property in the nation as well as the labor of its citizens far into the future.

At the current rate of growth of the national debt, it will not be too many years before the combined gross income of all American taxpayers will not be enough to pay the interest on the national debt were every penny of it sent to the IRS. Probably long before this happens, our creditors (the international bankers) will have to put into action plans to take possession of that which they now believe they rightfully own (everything, including us). Now as you can imagine, they are not stupid enough to believe that process is going to go smoothly. Some of us have already been awakened, and many more will be as things begin to collapse.

3. Power in the world resides not in governments (much less citizens), but in the previously alluded to group of families and secret organizations who have seized and ruthlessly guarded their power down through many centuries. These people view the rest of humanity as so much cattle — or “useless eaters”. These families have wielded power over centuries by orchestrating wars, famines, civil unrest and the propping up and throwing down of governments to suit their interests. Sadly, these “elite” are quite right in some of their operative assumptions. The masses have, for various reasons including the deliberate manipulations of the “elite”, come to be largely dependent, ignorant, soft and lazy. It can be argued that they deserve what is happening to them. Volumes are written on all sides of this subject, but the bottom line of it all for me is that the “elite” are uncaring, dishonest, utterly selfish and wicked. They represent all that is dark and evil in the creation, and they must be opposed and defeated. If even a portion of the material I have studied is correct, there is no other conclusion to be reached for those who would preserve an atmosphere of caring and liberty for the human family.

4. As was stated in the Grace Commission Report to then President Reagen, virtually NONE of the “dollars” collected by the personal income tax go to the support and functioning of the government. (The government has many sources of revenue, of course, some of which are actually legitimate.) Your personal income tax dollars go straight into the treasury of the Federal Reserve (check the back of your canceled check which you sent the IRS) — which is, again, a PRIVATE CORPORATION owned and controlled by a relative handful of the richest and most powerful families in the world. Your tax dollars go to pay the INTEREST ONLY on a federal debt which was unnecessary from the start and which should best be described as a flimflam and a fraud. It was set up as such, and has continued to be recognized as such all along by those “in the know”. That “highly respected economists” continue to put forth elaborate (and incoherent) explanations for the necessity and workability of such concepts as “elastic money supply”, central banking, and fractional reserve banking is simply a tribute to the work of institutions of social engineering and brainwashing such as Tavistock, Brookings Institute, and Stanford Research.

Given that a) there is no law requiring you to pay income tax and b) the income taxes that are being paid are being fraudulenty expropriated into the pockets of international gangsters (read “bankers”), it follows that c) YOUR WHOLE NOTION OF SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, AND POLITICAL REALITY IS A LIE! And a search for truth will prove to be a dangerous thing, because an honest attempt to disprove what you have been reading will lead you to the realization that you only pay income taxes for one reason — and one reason only: FEAR.

Herein lie the discovery, the shame, the outrage, and the need for commitment. You have been had because you were too fat, dumb, and happy to pay attention to the abundant clues. You made sure you and your family got as big a piece of the pie as you could, and then closed your eyes to what the baker might be doing to the rest of the human family. Well, I have news for you. What the baker has been doing to the rest of the human family may very well be done to YOU in the relatively near future, and, I guarantee you, will be done to your children and their children in the next decade or two.

5. In his book Behold a Pale Horse, William Cooper powerfully explains that whether information is true or false or whether you believe it or not makes absolutely no difference. If the people with the power believe it, then you WILL BE AFFECTED by what they decide to do. To deny this reality is a foolhardy abdication of responsibility — which YOU may appear to get away with, but from which your children will not be spared.

Again, as related by William Cooper, sometime after World War II the “elite” became convinced (and they may be correct) that, the overpopulation/pollution problems had upgraded from a mere nuisance to a imminent calamity. As a result, there has been over the last three or four decades a direct conspiracy to depopulate the so-called Third World and to de-industrialize the Western World. There are, of course, many conflicting interests to be dealt with, and the advent of high technology has both helped and hindered the conspirators. Nonetheless, the clues and evidence of both the existence and successes of this effort are abundantly plain in their ugliness and horror.

The tools in the arsenal of the “elite” have evolved right along with technology, but their methods have not basically changed over the centuries. Everything they do is based upon ruthless self-interest, unabashed deception, and utter disdain for the lives and well-being of the rest of the human family. To accurately comprehend the thought processes of the “elite”, it is necessary to grasp their view of “the rest of humanity” as literally so much cattle. The masses are seen as incapable of utilizing the truth even if they were given it, and fit only to be manipulated to suit the fancy and pleasure of the “elite”.

The sophisticated seem to like the term “social engineering”. The social engineering of the “elite” includes such devices as wars, famines, the intentional spread of disease, virtually total control and manipulation of ALL governments of the earth, the control of information (education, publishing, entertainment, and news i.e., a monopoly on brainwashing), and the complete infiltration and compromising of the most socially and economically powerful institutions, such as law, commerce and banking, medicine, and religion. A careful study of public records reveals the not too surprising fact that ownerships and board of directorships of the vast majority of Corporate America are shared by a frightening and very incestuous network of families, cronies, “brothers” of secret societies, and people who are known to virtually own and control other members of “the group”. Remember, if you can control something, what does it matter if someone else’s name is on the ownership papers?

The systematic destruction of the industry and economy of the United States of America is currently a high priority for the “elite”. Thanks to the greed, apathy, and stupidity of American citizens, the deed is nearly done. Without caring to debate the moral dilemma as to whether the American mindset is a product of the social engineering of the “elite”, I would simply observe that our self-proclaimed enlightened, educated and “successful” upper middle class should share greatly in the responsibility for the pending suffering and deaths of countless poor souls who might have been spared and helped toward a more decent life. Though made into a tired cliché, it remains a fact that only a sobering up from our blinding materialistic orgy can make available the human resources needed to save and reclaim the liberty and dignity of a way of life which has always held the seeds of greatness and goodness.

If you doubt what you are reading because you never heard about it in school or on television, or because there isn’t a book about it on the “best-seller list”, you need to carefully re-read the previous two paragraphs. Then you need to search and study, as I have, to try to prove this wrong — only to find that it is, in fact, a reality. I am fully aware how paranoid this sounds. Nonetheless, I firmly believe that almost all public “reality” (that which comes from beyond your immediate world of family, friends, and neighbors) is permeated with dishonesty and driven by an agenda belonging to the “elite” and the “would-be elite”.

It cannot be overemphasized that virtually all sources of public information (from school textbooks to the evening news) are owned or controlled by the “elite”. If you think you know what is going on because you read “Newsweek”, watch “60 Minutes”, or “Larry King”, think again. So you have an advanced degree in economics, law, or political science? Sorry. You’re all the worse off. Who do you think largely controlled the writing and, more importantly, the selection of your textbooks? Your brainwashing has simply been more lengthy and more sophisticated. In addition, you now have a massive ego problem which combines the arrogance of the “educated” with the insufferably of appearing to be just as duped as the “common man”.

The “informing” and “educating” of the masses has purposely created within us an attention span which exceeds the thirty second “soundbite” only with the greatest of difficulty. While it may be merely a reality of the Age of Specialization, think about the significance of the following: SOMEONE ELSE prepares, packages, and delivers to us the house we live in, the car we drive, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the music we listen to, the entertainment we watch, and the information to which we react or not. With the exception of our “job”, virtually our entire reality is prepared, packaged and delivered to us FOR OUR CONSUMPTION. We do not truly create or even participate in the bulk of what we consider our reality. Further, we have virtually no way to even verify reality except through the avenues provided us by the very people who created, packaged and delivered it to us in the first place.

As for our jobs, the remaining facet of our reality over which we may have some control, it has been widely observed that jobs in the industrialized world continue to become more and more specialized, isolated, unfulfilling, and, in wide sectors of the economy, more unskilled and lower paying. Even in the professions, there is an increasing feeling of impotence, the result of faceless, bureaucratic controls, pressures, and social “issues” so loudly trumpeted by the media. Our abilities and opportunities to think clearly and profoundly and to act decisively and courageously continue to be emasculated.

“News” is all an elaborately orchestrated play, ESPECIALLY the controversy — the juicy stuff which really makes you feel that they’re on to something. If you regularly partake of the media, you are automatically entered in the “Red Herring Derby”. When they get you all worked up over one of their “controversial issues”, you are hooked up (preoccupied) with one of their pet red herrings. Those issues are created or managed so that they, generally, do not interfere with the primary agenda of the “elite”, no matter which way the issue goes. Could the world ACTUALLY BE so overrun by evil? Would not the requisite cornerstone for such a condition be the people’s disposition to deny the possibility? Is it not POSSIBLE that the current situation exists, in fact, largely because we “good” people have overestimated our goodness, our principles, our courage?

6. I can understand that this document might be inadequate to grab the attention of individuals who simply do not possess corroborating experience or information. I have some empathy for those who cannot deal with the fear, pain, and insecurity brought on by certain probabilities. However, the principal reason that the contents of this document may fall on deaf ears is the gut-churning, heart-wrenching, head-splitting FACT that pleasure and material comfort have addicted and blinded the reader.

May I remind you that many of your ancestors left their women and children to fend for themselves while they went to fight and die for the cause of liberty. Most of us have been so mis-educated and brainwashed over the last century, that the previous sentence really just doesn’t mean much. The Patriots who launched the American Dream over two hundred years ago would today be viewed as crackpots and radicals.

I believe the Republic of the United States of America could only be established in the first place because of the presence of sufficient individuals of character who were prepared to stand and die at any moment for principles and moral ideals which resonated in their souls. These individuals were far more concerned with losing their souls than losing their lives. Furthermore, many of them understood full well that “losing one’s soul” involves no more than failing to heed that which resonates in the soul, and having “lost one’s soul” is when it finally just stops resonating.

How much resonating could possibly be going on in the souls of American citizens who ignore, condone, or even enthusiastically support the monstrous evil conducted and abetted throughout the world by the U.S. government. How much resonating could exist in the souls of people who will rationalize in high gear to come up with reasons why certainly THEY could not be expected to take a stand against the likes of the I.R.S., the F.B.I., or the United States Federal Courts, especially over such issues as are raised in this document.

Imagine, if you will, that some superior power disagreed with the United States invasion of Grenada, and, in order to convince the U.S. to pull out, decided to bomb YOUR city. Let us say that MEMBERS OF YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY WERE KILLED in the bombing (I beg you to take a moment right now and let that chilling possibility really soak in.). Suppose you were to discover that the bombs that killed your loved ones were built in the U.S.A. (perhaps in your own city — perhaps where you work), and that the bombs were purchased by the superior power using “foreign aid” moneys from the U.S.A. You then further learn that the foreign aid “moneys” were borrowed from the Federal Reserve who created said “moneys” out of thin air, and that you, the U.S. taxpayer, owe not only the principal but interest on the “loan”. As if this isn’t enough, you subsequently learn to your horror that the governments of both the superior power and the U.S.A. have merely been carrying out the foreign policy dictates of the men who own and control the Federal Reserve — the very men, in fact, who hand picked the officials of both governments in the first place.

At this point, would you worry about taking a stand because you might lose your Social Security benefits? Your job? Your house? Your respectability? Would you adopt the religious stance that “these are the last days and this is all just the inevitable fulfilling of prophecy”? I suspect not. And I rather suspect that nothing would stand in the way of your rage and your resolute purpose to avenge the death of your beloved family members on the evil men who had perpetrated the heinous deed.

How different the reaction when the dead family members belong to people of different color skins in far off places -and the whole heinous act is sanitized for your viewing pleasure on CNN! But then, of course, those people should have made THEIR government behave itself. What a nerve they had to make us worry about gasoline prices, and how audacious of them to try to repossess land stolen from them by our brothers the British who wanted to set up a puppet monarchy to front for their oil interests (Yes. The same gang that owns the Federal Reserve.).

The American economic engine of the past two hundred years, combined with the Rip Van Winkle act of the American soul and the brilliantly evil conspiracy of the “elite”, has turned us into a nation of mercenary whores whose labors have supported unspeakable evil and whose price has been and continues to be pleasure and material prosperity. God help us! We are ripe for destruction!

7. Finally, the following tidbits are offered for you to embrace or disprove:

a) The success of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 was ensured by financing direct from New York capitalists. The communist/capitalist, East/West confrontation was always and continues to be an elaborate charade carried on for multiple reasons not the least of which has been the unimaginable enrichment of weapons industries of the “elite”. This is not to say there was never any risk of a nuclear holocaust, simply that the “elite” managed the risks to within what they considered acceptable levels, given the available rewards.

b) Churchill ordered Roosevelt to enter World War II, and together they orchestrated the causes of and facilitated the carrying out of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt was warned of the attack three days before it occurred. This is well documented, and gives one a small insight into the incredibly cynical and heinous mindset of the “elite”.

c) Hitler was, in fact, originally bankrolled into power by British financial interests. It has been well documented that the munitions factories on BOTH sides of World War II were either owned outright or financed by the same families. Weapons factories in Germany were routinely avoided in bombing raids. Whoever was “calling the shots” seemed to prefer to bomb the worker housing and other civilian targets. (In case it hasn’t occurred to you, these families who owned the munitions factories also happen to own the private corporation called the Federal Reserve which is winding up with all your tax money. Is it starting to chafe a little?)

d) So much has been made of Viet Nam, that people are bored with the subject, yet one of the primary reasons for the war had to do with drugs. It is a fact that the United States government (the “War on Drugs” notwithstanding) has been heavily involved in every aspect of drug trade for many years, and the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia was not going to be disrupted without a sizable fuss on the part of good ole’ Uncle Sam. The prolonged “conflict” (read “war, loss of life, destruction of a Third World country”) provided a ripe opportunity for massive profits in the arms and transportation industries, as well as a perfect laboratory environment for all sorts of human engineering projects. The icing on the cake of Viet Nam was that it became the perfect tool for the demoralization and fractionalizing of the citizenry of the United States of America in preparation for the sabotaging of the American engine.

Drug money is still a major factor in “U.S. foreign policy”. Where do you think much of the money for covert C.I.A. and OTHER secret government operations comes from? Iran/Contra is a classic example of this along with other operations which either Congress refuses to fund or which must be kept secret from the rest of the government.

A large portion of the fortunes of the British “elite” was obtained in the opium markets of the Orient. All sorts of wars, and unspeakable suffering has been brought upon the human race directly out of the desire of the “elite” to maintain, control, and protect this fabulously lucrative trade in drugs. It bears repeating that these are the same people who created the Federal Reserve, who create our money for us out of thin air and charge us interest on it (which interest can only be paid through the creation of yet more nonexistent, interest-bearing money), and into whose account all of your personal income tax dollars are directly deposited.

e) The Kennedy assassination has been made into an American obsession, a money-making media circus. That the simplistic, transparent, and utterly moronic Warren Commission Report is still defended as the truth, is merely an ongoing litmus test on the American frame of mind — which can only be viewed as pathetic. Who killed JFK is as relevant as who killed Cock Robin. Even the most politically naive are beginning to understand that elected political officials above the level of dog catcher are “put up” to run for office. And, generally, both sides of the race are covered so that who wins only dictates small changes in the nature of the political charade. The people who put Nixon and Kennedy up for election and tolerated Kennedy’s victory decided that Kennedy had to be taken out. WHY? That is the question! Answer that question and you will be well on your way to an intimate knowledge of the LIE, who is behind it, and what you must do to at least give your children a fighting chance against this force.

f) The web of fraud, deception, and unlawful control, in which the American people have allowed themselves to be ensnared, is as magnificent and awe-inspiring as the work of any large spider you may have viewed on a dew-covered, Fall morning. How could such an ugly little creature build such a beautiful, delicate structure and, with it, entrap the FREE and beautiful butterfly?

How, indeed, could we lose our knowledge of the meaning of Liberty and surrender our God-given, unalienable rights in exchange for “social” security? We have become a nation of wimps, preoccupied with our “emotional problems”, coveting our pleasures, and terrified of losing even the least of our precious material possessions — our “stuff”.

So eager are we to be protected from each other (and from ourselves) that we allow the government to create laws and “statutes” the very nature of which would have been utterly repugnant to our forefathers. We complain about the bureaucracy, yet, when pressed on the specific issues, confess that we feel safer if the government requires licenses of all our fellow citizens to supposedly ensure that they will run their businesses “properly”, build things “right”, drive “safely”, etc., etc.

Yet the Constitutional protections, miraculously, are still in tact and available to us, if we would but claim them. Were you aware that, in many states, there is no lawful basis for the requirement to obtain a driver’s license or to license your automobile? In fact, if you investigate the definitions in relevant federal statutes, you will find that the definition of “driver” refers only to “persons” operating a motor vehicle for business purposes. A passenger is a “person” whose transportation has been paid for, and a vehicle is a conveyance being used for a commercial purpose. You can have even more fun looking up “person”. The legal verbiage in most state code books is, in my opinion, wholly inadequate to require any citizen, traveling in his or her privately owned automobile, to possess a license to do so. Yet honest, courageous people who point out these facts in court and claim their freedom to travel are routinely fined and/or jailed. Whether or not you like the idea of the “driver’s license” is not the point. The point is that we have long since descended into unabashedly dishonest government — what might be best described as legislative and bureaucratic totalitarianism. This has not come about through human error or mistakes. The spider does not weave a web by mistake, and the butterfly flies into it primarily because it is not paying enough attention to where it is flying.

g) If the point about the “driver’s license” in the previous section seemed trivial or even “socially dangerous” to you, that is because you (like myself) are a product of an American education establishment which has systematically mis-educated the nation’s youth, purposely twisting, destroying, and deleting the truth about the nature of Liberty, the American Republic, and the protection of the Constitution.

If you will look up the Communist Manifesto in any good encyclopedia, and study it thoroughly (it is quite short), you should be impressed with how many of its ten planks are either law or de facto public policy in the U.S.A. Even more sad for the tattered cause of Liberty, is the possibility that you may actually feel the Communist Manifesto sounds pretty good, and feel that the “right wing” elements only deplore Communism because it hampers their greedy, capitalistic opportunities. This leads to the need for you to gain an understanding of the principles of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. I must not expand this document to the extent that would be needed to deal with those principles, but, suffice to say, the “elite” deal at the level of synthesis. Both the thesis and the antithesis are in the realm of the Emperor’s Clothes and the “Red Herring Derby”.

h) Has it ever occurred to you to question why the three major news networks all report virtually the same stories AND point of view night after night after night? Is your intellect flattered by the “expanded” reports of those VERY SAME STORIES on public television? Did you wonder why ONLY CNN was allowed to “report” on the Persian Gulf war? Have you never wondered why you are treated to such a steady diet of news about murder, rape, plane crashes, and other negativity which YOU can do nothing about? The news, friends, is worse than a lie. It is a calculated mixture of facts, lies, and distortions, creating a hypnotic fantasy which controls the masses as surely as if they had electrodes planted in their brains. The media lulls us to sleep or jolts us into carefully aimed paths of action, ACCORDING TO THE AGENDA OF THE “ELITE”. I’m sorry. You may scoff at the idea. You may dismiss the idea. Nonetheless, unless you are soul-dead, I would bet that, deep in your heart, you are terrified that it may be true. You will never know for sure, however, unless you sincerely investigate the path illuminated for you by this document.

i) You may be wondering why, if there is really such a diabolical reality facing the human family, your church leaders are not concerned or speaking out. Issues of the type addressed in this document are often placed in an elaborate context of religious tenets or spiritual values. As a result, urgent realities are often rationalized into oblivion. I am only interested in what is true, supportive of Liberty, and conducive to human caring.

As impacting these issues, the following occurs to me. Some leaders of small, independent churches have spoken out boldly and extensively. Leaders of large, powerful churches have little or nothing to say on these subjects, and, if you NEED to believe that they are unaware, then you have been snared in the spider’s web. Churches which desire to be “legitimate and law-abiding” obtain a special tax status with the IRS. Shazam!!! Any statement which could remotely be construed as not “politically correct” is an open invitation to reprisals from virtually anyone in government as well as anyone having any influence with the IRS (i.e. the “elite”). Persons in high positions with the large and powerful churches know a great deal about the “elite”. Some of them ARE the “elite”. You will have to work out your own hang-ups on that subject. It can be very painful.

Even though obvious, it is very difficult to accept the reality that evil CAN shroud itself in mountains of good. Correlating my own experiences with evidence I have seen, it seems to me that virtually all large, powerful organizations (including churches and secret organizations such as brotherhoods) are covering up something — ranging from misrepresentations to alliances with evil, to the LIE itself. Human consciousness being what it currently is, large, powerful organizations tend to be about control, power, and money. And if organizing people around otherwise true principles, to keep them (pre)occupied doing all sorts of good deeds, serves to keep them out of the way of the primary goals of the “elite”, so much the better. That is hard to accept, isn’t it? But it is true, nonetheless, and it stems from our human unwillingness to trust that which resonates in the soul and take responsibility for choosing what to stand for. As long as we continue to look for some outside authority to spoon-feed us life’s basic issues, the ego-driven among us will gladly answer the call and manufacture the most magnificent, inspiring organizational structures (wombs) to heal our every insecurity. Thus we will continue to be so much cattle in the herd driven and guided by the “elite”. Remember, the “elite” now believe there are too many cattle in the herd. Have you not noticed the direction in which the herd is being driven — over the cliff?

j) One final point begs introduction which may strike closer to home for some of you. From a variety of reasons and impetuses, I have been interested in health, diet, and medical issues for many years. Although not an authority by any means whatever, I have been exposed to vast amounts of information on different sides of many of these issues. You should be aware that the “elite”, the government, the American Medical Association, the Food and Drug Administration, virtually all pharmaceutical houses, the American Cancer Society, most major corporations in the food production sector, as well as many other entities (“institutes”, societies, and associations) are involved in a Draconian conspiracy to suppress, distort and discredit information regarding diet, health, and so-called alternative medicine. There is simply no doubt of the conspiracy, although it is so complex that it can be more easily viewed as a collection of thousands of individual conspiracies of various sizes which just happen to support each other with an amazing degree of coincidence. What is this all about? The usual, of course — money, power, and ego. What it is about at the higher levels of the “elite” is an entirely different matter — having to do with the driving of the herd off the cliff.

In 1984 my mother died of cancer. Could her cancer have been prevented? Yes. Could her cancer have been cured? Most likely. But the information which would have given her the choice to prevent or cure her disease was and is ruthlessly suppressed and discredited. There is only one reason for this, again the money, power, and egos jeopardized by an informed public empowered to deal with their health issues largely ON THEIR OWN.

The love of money is, indeed, at the root of evil, and if honesty is going to cost someone a LOT of money (much less power and position), what do you think the odds are of the truth being willingly let out? I am personally acquainted with a nutritional consultant (Ph.D in biochemistry and nutritional pharmacology) who had, at last count, 33 A.I.D.S. patients, 30 of whom no longer show any symptoms of the disease. The American Medical Association will not communicate with him. No one in the government seems to want to talk to him. The Veterans Administration has refused to provide him with medical records so that he can authenticate these situations. In fact, there is reason to believe they have deliberately “lost” or destroyed records in some instances. There are probably hundreds of incidents of this nature and many books in print on related issues. Is there some bogus misinformation floating around that would discredit those promoting alternative viewpoints on diet and medicine? Of course. Enough to absolve the Establishment of the conspiracy charges? Not by a long shot!

Health issues are immensely complex. “Physical” “mental”, “emotional”, and “spiritual” may indeed be little more than our own crude definitions of aspects of human reality, which overlap in ways we have yet to discover. We will, however, never have the blessing of truth available to us as long as we cannot muster the courage to do battle with those of the LIE who would keep it from us. To accept the tyranny of an “elite” which dole out medical knowledge only when it is profitable for them to do so is to tolerate a state of humiliating vassalage which should be repugnant to the heirs of the American Republic. That is the only real issue here -truth, Liberty, and caring.

Well, I guess enough is enough. You may have already dismissed this document as the ravings of a deluded, paranoid alarmist. That is what I would have likely done five years ago. Hopefully, something contained herein is consistent with your own observations or suspicions, and you will go on from here. The reading list on the last page is only a very tiny portion of the information now available. Much of it is hard to find and difficult to study, much less absorb.

Let me be very clear on one point. Any search for truth will involve sifting through mountains of misinformation (mistakes), disinformation (lies), and non-information (distractions), in order to eventually come upon small pieces of information which then must be understood, analyzed, compared and eventually pieced together to arrive at a bit of truth. And then, hopefully, that bit of truth can be successfully used as a direction finder in the search for the next bit.

There is no doubt in my mind that I am mistaken about some of my “facts”. My perceptions cannot all be flawless. As a matter of fact, I would love to be proved wrong on every count. But, alas, I have given some pretty important and powerful people — people in positions of public trust, who should care– every opportunity to set me straight, and, almost without exception, there is silence. That is the same silence which has answered the many many thousands of similar inquiries which I know have been made.

No. This scenario herein presented to you is, on the whole, very accurate, and I have now discharged my responsibility to make you aware of it to the best of my ability. The search for truth is a dangerous thing, indeed. The possession of truth, on the other hand, can ruin your whole day. If this has ruined your day, I want you to know that, although I myself fall just a tad short of Dale Carnegie in my positive outlook, some of the most optimistic, caring, courageous people I know are totally committed to this battle to expose the LIE. Living at a dark time in human history provides the maximum opportunity for even the smallest of flames to cast a lot of light. I am willing to discuss any of these issues with anyone as time will allow, and to refer anyone to sources of help and information. If, however, anyone has emotional baggage that cannot be shed, or axes to grind, or tender spots which may result in offense being taken, please remember that the search for truth is a dangerous thing. You embark on it of your own free will. If you really don’t want answers, then don’t ask questions, especially not of people whose answers you know could be extremely painful.

To those of you who have known me in any degree I express thanks for the sharing of that which was good between us and sorrow for any hurt or negativity that I may have brought you. Thank you for thinking enough of me to read this far.

Someone said once, “If you are bored with your life, find a good fight and get in it!” This is a good fight. I am in it. It is unlikely I will ever be bored again!

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