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In This Era of Viruses, Discover an Effective Protection to Stay Healthy

by Nicole Morgan

The majority of people have never heard of this simple treatment that could put mainstream medicine out of business. 

We have discovered a far superior product called APeX (anti-pathogen extreme.) While not related to silver colloids, APeX utilizes less than one ppm of silver, which is given a negative charge and bonded with oxygen molecules. The binding of oxygen to the nano-sized particles of silver holds the silver in a permanent suspension.

These silver/oxygen clusters are pulled towards positively charged pathogenic cells like north and south poles of a magnet. Lack of oxygen has been identified as a key driver in the start and spread of many diseases. APeX’s direct cellular infusion of active oxygen molecules is a safe and effective therapy, with only positive side effects.

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Since its discovery nearly 60 years ago, the APeX Oxygen Delivery System has proven to be unlike any other known product! Be sure to watch all the videos on our website and read the 50-Page Report by Dr. Jane Goldberg! If you like silver colloids, you’re going to LOVE APeX!

This therapy is not overly expensive and everyone involved with it is not making huge profits as with the doctors and big pharmaceutical companies out there.

The story on how we found this product is truly miraculous. One of the owners of Project NSearch was on vacation and happened to overhear someone talking about how they cured themselves of a very serious form of brain cancer.

When he heard this, he introduced himself and asked what he did. To make a long story short, the information contained below is what he used. We have no reason to doubt what this person was saying as this person had nothing to gain by sharing this information with him.

APeX Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol

APeX Inventor Interview (Superior to Colloidal Silver) (AlternativeHealthNow.com) from Lee Canady


From the Owner/Producer of APeX – 

Hello, I produce the APeX water in Colorado, using Rocky Mountain snowmelt as our source water.  This formula was handed down to me from my father, as he helped develop it back in the 1950s.  I have been providing hope to the terminally ill for nearly 20 years, and at the age of 50, decided to begin consuming APeX every day.  

That was 16 years ago, and at that time, I have not been sick, not even a cold, and I don’t feel one day older.

 I truly believe that the added oxygen in my blood, from APeX, has been health-promoting, and anti-aging to some degree. I have seen many true miracles over the years while providing APeX to people with health challenges, and then witnessing their health successes.

I am often surprised about the ability of APeX, and the new ways people use it.  APeX is a very unique, one of a kind product that rarely disappoints.

APeX Water’s Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol was originally formulated in the 1950s, and was perfected to its current formulation in 2000.  The nano-sized particles of silver, wrapped completely in oxygen molecules, with its negative charge, continues to be held completely in suspension, with a shelf life of 19 years and counting. 

The basis of this amazing breakthrough is the valid hypothesis that the lack of oxygen, or hypoxia, is the key driver in the start and spread of many health issues, including cancer. 

Essentially, the formulation consists of encapsulating a nano-sized silver nucleus, within a cluster of oxygen molecules. APeX Water is made by attaching large numbers of oxygen molecules (clusters), to each silver particle, forming what might be best referred to as a Silver-Oxygen Nano-Cluster.

The inevitable attraction, like north and south poles of a magnet, between the negatively charged APeX nano-clusters, and the positively charged pathogens, allows the nano-clusters to enter into the larger molecular structure of the pathogens.  Pathogenic cells become oxidized and cease to be viable. 

They disintegrate instantly when they come in to contact with APeX Water. When this happens, the architecture of the pathogen collapses. It is as if a bomb has gone off inside the cell.  Destruction of hypoxic pathogens is precise, inexorable, and unavoidable.

Oxygen therapy is not new to traditional therapies, however, what is different about APeX Water is that it delivers oxygen directly into the cell, to reverse hypoxia, and this is not easily done.

German pharmaceutical giant, Merck, announced to the world that they would introduce an anti-hypoxia drug.

Below is Merck’s website announcement.


However, after ten years, and $100 million dollars, Merck was forced to admit defeat, and abandoned their efforts after their drug failed Phase 3 Clinical Trials.

“While we believe there is overwhelming data to support the role of oxygen in effective and safe cancer treatment, we have been deeply frustrated in our inability to reduce hypoxia at the cellular level in a meaningful way.”

Most Oxygen “THERAPIES” Promote Cancer Growth!

​”The original notion that Oxygen might selectively destroy cancer cells goes back to the 1930s when Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg, M.D., discovered that, since cancer cells are adapted to survive and grow in low-Oxygen (Hypoxic) environments, they would die off if exposed to higher levels of Oxygen.

While that may sound plausible, we now know that Dr. Warburg was not entirely correct. Free Oxygen in the blood doesn’t slow cancer growth. In fact, tumors often grow more rapidly in tissues well supplied with oxygenated blood.

Despite these facts, you can readily find false claims online and elsewhere that Oxygen “therapy” using ozone, hydrogen peroxide, or pressure chambers can effectively treat cancer (as well as AIDS, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease). According to the American Cancer Society, there is no credible evidence supporting any of these claims. 

Nevertheless, these unproven therapies are in use at clinics in Mexico, across America, and in Europe. Hydrogen peroxide treatment involves diluting this substance and administering it orally, rectally, vaginally, or intravenously. This is particularly dangerous since large amounts can cause an arterial gas embolism, a condition that can lead to permanent lung damage and, sometimes, death.

APeX Focused Oxygen Infusion Paradox

Based on early investigation of the demonstrated increase of anti-pathogenic activity of APeX Focused Oxygen Infusion Nano-Cluster, the slight negative charge at the APeX Oxygen Nano-Cluster molecular boundary, which is comprised of active Oxygen molecules, allows these Oxygen Nano-Clusters to be potentiated by and then drawn directly into pathogens and/or pathogen-infected cells.

This occurs because the bonding electrons of the active Oxygen atoms are more attracted to the pathogenic molecular electronic imbalance than they are to the positive atomic nucleus they surround, which acts as their dolly. Instantly the Oxygen phobic, the pathogenic cell becomes super oxidized, causing that architecture to instantly collapse – as if a bomb has gone off.

Live Blood Cells Before & After Using APeX Water

NOTE: This video is captured in extreme slow motion because the destruction of the pathogenic cell happens so quickly, it is impossible to capture at normal video speed.

At the 30-second mark, you can see where we set the microscope to start viewing. You can see that the live blood cells are looking sluggish and stuck together, also known as Reuleaux.

At the 45 second mark, we added the one drop of APeX Water. You can see that some cells are so unhealthy that they are sticking as the APeX Water is added, but at the 1:17 mark, you will see that the APeX Water has caused the unhealthy cells to cease to be viable.

At the 2:54 mark, you can see that the white blood cells are also disintegrating from whatever pathogens they were carrying inside. We continued to move the slide to see what APeX Water had done for the blood, and at the 5:32 mark, you can see that the blood is still moving freely.

APeX Oxygen Delivery System Features & Benefits

  1. Superior to other silver products, due to its unique oxygen-carrying capabilities
  2. Seeks out and destroys pathogenic cells
  3. Reverses hypoxia (Lack of oxygen at the cellular level)
  4. Helps to build bigger, healthier blood cells
  5. Doesn’t harm gut bacteria (Negatively charged)
  6. Will not cause Argyria, unlike colloidal silver
  7. Odorless, tasteless and non-toxic
  8. May assist in lowering cholesterol

APeX Oxygen Delivery System Summary

Oxygen deficiency has been identified as a key driver in the start and spread of disease. APeX Water’s nano-sized particles, bonded with oxygen molecule clusters, are delivered directly to pathogenic cells through their negative charge.

APeX Water’s nano-technology is unrivaled in its therapeutic power as an anti-pathogen, anti-bacterial and anti-viral healthy alternative.

50-page Report on APeX Water by Dr. Jane Goldberg

Click Here for Full Report

Frequently Asked Questions

How much APeX Water should I drink daily?

Answer:The recommendation is 2 ounces per day. In the morning drink 1/2 oz. (1TBSP) APeX concentrate, hold in the mouth as long as you can; the longer the better, and then swallow. Repeat this 30 minutes after your last meal of the day. In addition, in the Daytime, put 1 oz. (2 TBSP) in 20 oz. to 1 liter of clean, filtered water or spring water (non-distilled). Drink this throughout the day, in addition to your normal water intake. The room temperature is fine. Repeat daily. Note: 1 TBSP equals 1/2 oz.

Can I use APeX Water directly on my skin?

Answer: Yes. APeX Water concentrate (non-diluted) can help with burns, cuts, scrapes, rashes, and wound recovery.  Simply spray the APeX Water concentrate directly on affected, allowing it to dry naturally.  Do this a minimum of 3x per day.

What are some other uses of APeX Water?

Answer:  APeX Water can be used with a nebulizer, for direct delivery into the lungs. Spraying in the nose and eyes can be helpful; as can dropping in the ear canal. APeX Water may also be used with an enema bag. Direct contact of the concentrated APeX Water to the affected area is highly recommended.

Can I drink APeX Water with food?

Answer: We do not recommend drinking APeX Water with food.  If there are any bacteria left on fresh fruits or veggies, the APeX will work on that bacteria before going to the bloodstream.  We recommend drinking APeX Water a minimum of 30 minutes away from food.

How long does it take for APeX Water to begin working?

Answer: Since we are all different, this question can not be answered directly. We have found the key to success with APeX Water is consistency.

Can I give APeX Water to my animal?

Answer:  Absolutely. Animals’ cells need oxygen, too.  We have many clients who have used APeX Water with their domestic animals, as well as equine, both internally and direct on skin lesions.

Is APeX Water the same as Colloidal Silver?

Answer:  No, APeX Water is a nano-sized particle of silver, surrounded by active oxygen molecules.  A Covalent Bond holds active oxygen molecules to the silver nucleus.  Colloidal Silver has zero oxygen value.

How much silver is in APeX Water:

Answer: Less than one part per million.

Does APeX Water cause Argyria?

Answer: No, APeX Water is not colloidal silver, and does not cause Argyria. We purposefully deliver APeX Water in a clear bottle.  Colloidal silver cannot be stored in a clear bottle.

Can you refrigerate APeX Water?

Answer: Yes, however, APeX Water does not need to be refrigerated, but refrigeration will not harm it.  APeX Water should not be frozen, boiled, or mixed with any liquid other than filtered or spring water.  Do not add lemon, sweeter, or any other mixer with APeX Water.

What is the shelf life of APeX Water?

Answer:  19 years and counting.

APeX Water Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol 4 oz. Bottle with Sprayer

If you are interested in trying APeX Water you can get it HERE

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