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    "The researchers claim they decided which is the real genome of SARS-CoV-2 by “consensus,” sort of like a vote. Again, different computer programs will come up with different versions of the imaginary “unicorn,” so they come together as a group and decide which is the real imaginary unicorn."
    ― Dr. Tom Cowan

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The ‘System’

The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy, and when you’re inside, and look around, what do you see? Businessmen, Teachers, Lawyers, Carpenters, the very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy.

You have to understand: most of these people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

– Morpheus -The Matrix

Most people in the world are wholly dependent upon ‘The System’ and cannot function without it.

This system forces them to live in a debt cycle which never ends. The system perpetrates an addiction to materialism for the purpose of producing interest which is created from debt. Since debt does not really exist, then neither does interest. Hence, the national debt is a hoax perpetrated by the PTB. The biggest con game the world has ever known was perpetrated by those who control education, law, media, churches, banks, medicine. They played upon our innate belief that we must earn our right to life, that we are unworthy, not to trust our intuition, that we must depend upon the authorities, that any punishment we sustain is justified and deserved, that we have no self-generated power, that what is outside our minds is real. They have confiscated our health, wealth, love, and peace of mind under this ruse. This scam is known as The Matrix.

How did we ever get conned into believing that we are required to ‘earn’ our living? The perpetuation of this myth is destroying our true spiritual nature. If my Creator and I co-created my physical existence, then this makes me sovereign, right? Why would I do anything other than just be free to live, to experience? Someone thinks we must pay for the privilege … who? How did this ever come about? How could we ever have fallen for this nonsense? Someone on this planet had the most brilliant, scathing idea in the history of mankind – to appeal to our egotistical belief that we are all guilty and deserve punishment, that we are something other than who we truly are … and capitalized upon it. When I began to study law, with the intent of understanding why the world is as stupid as it is, I got only further entrenched. The expanding gap between my demand for peace of mind and that for resisting authority made me crazier than I already was. I knew that what I resist persists and yet I kept trying to make work, something that was designed not to work – the entire corporation/ banking system aka “the military- industrial-congressional complex”, after Eisenhower’s suggestion. I was trying to make sense of something completely nonsensical.

However, it does make sense when one realizes that the system under which we function was designed by the ego mind. Our spirit mind is continuously intending to show us that getting upset by trying to change something that isn’t real is the epitome of ‘effort in futility’. It took me years to stop trying to change what isn’t and focus on changing the perceiver – me. The world was the way it was only because I said so. Finally, I opted to learn how to make the system – the one ‘designed not to work’ – work for me. Most of the so-called ‘Patriots’ I knew were busy studying laws, the Internal Revenue Code, statutes, Code of Federal Regulations, US Code sections, US Supreme Court cases and decisions, judges’ rulings, etc. For some reason I just wasn’t interested. They could quote all this stuff yet, intuitively, I felt … so what? The only one which I found to be significant and worth remembering was Miranda vs. Arizona, wherein we are told, “… Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” (read EVERY thing you say WILL be used AGAINST you.) No ‘maybe’ here. This particular supreme court ruling stuck with me as being one of the most important things I could ever learn, and … I was accurate. This is the entire purpose of learning to say nothing – learning NOT to contract unwittingly.

A Course In Miracles

After thirty-three years of knowing something was seriously wrong, yet not knowing how things could possibly be the way they seem to be, my demand for peace of mind led me to a set of three texts called, A Course In Miracles.

The Course teaches that all which we experience is only a projection of our minds based upon our belief in our guilt due to our belief that we separated from God, which of course is impossible. So …. none of this is happening except in our minds. Every event is just another opportunity to forgive ourselves for thinking that we abandoned God, which is a laughable concept.

I think that everything about ACIM requires faith only until the evidence becomes obvious through experience. The Course incorporates both the Big Bang and God’s ‘creation’ of the universe. Actually, what ACIM says is that we (all one of us), as an extension of God, and hence God, thought of everything in an instant. This amount of focused energy must have seemed like a ‘big bang’.

All of what seems to exist

-all time, all dimensions, etc. were ‘created’ as a hologram in an instant, yet it was not a true creation because all of this exists only in our minds – as a thought. The Course tells us that ‘thoughts leave not their source’, hence, what we call ‘creation’ is in fact a ‘miscreation’. That which evidences that it does not extend outside our minds, i.e.: that our Creator is not directly involved, is the duality of everything in our known universe – up down, light dark, male female, bad good, etc. If love is all there is – God being only alight/love energy (and not an entity with human characteristics which the ego mind continues to threaten) – then what is all-encompassing can have no opposite. Whatever we perceive which is not love (and let’s face it, this is most of what we perceive, thanks to the ego), then it can’t possibly exist except in our minds. We made up the entire thing as a dream and our Creator is just waiting for us to wake up and ‘return home’ even though we never left, except in our thoughts, for how could we leave something that is omnipresent?

Our only sin is that we believe we separated from God, when, how could we? Think of our Creator/God as a loving parent watching her child experience a bad dream (life as we know it is often referred to as a ‘nightmare’). The parent has no idea what her child is dreaming; she knows only that it is terribly upsetting to the child. The parent can’t intervene into the dream and change it to be more pleasant because the dream exists only in the child’s mind. There is nothing to be done other than to get the child to awaken and realize that he made up the entire dream. Only when the child awakens, will he see how he caused himself such unnecessary grief. But while he is in the dream it seemed completely real. The following night, does the child go back into the dream with the intent to change the previous night’s bad dream, or does he just move on with the next night’s dream’s adventures? The intent of the child is not only to move on but also to experience his dreams as pleasant. Wouldn’t it be particularly convenient if he remained conscious within the dream so that if a bad dream showed up, he could know that none of it was real – that it was just a dream from which he would awaken and have no fear?

Thomas Szasz, in his book Myth of Mental Illness, acknowledges the dualities of life and those things which we believe to be scourges of society are really just creations in order for us to be able to see ourselves as opposites, e.g.: to assuage guilt, attorneys need criminals; to feel healthy, medics need sick patients; to feel erudite, professors need students; to feel righteous, church-goers need sinners; to feel privileged, the rich need the poor; to feel generous, philanthropists need welfare recipients, to feel powerful, the ‘authorities’ need the obedient, etc. We each created the opposite of ‘who we think we are’ in order to believe in our own existence. We’re all just continuously attempting to define and defend our existence.

The reverse is also true in that our spirit selves – who we really are – do not require the projection of the opposite of us because there is no duality in reality. We actually do exist apart from our belief about who we think we are. Our ‘fear of death’ is not of death per se but of ceasing to exist as who we think we are.

  • Those in Medicine don’t know ‘health’
  • Those in Schooling don’t know ‘education’
  • Those in Media don’t know the ‘news’ (what’s really going on in the world)
  • Those in Religion don’t know ‘spirituality’
  • Those in Finance don’t know ‘commerce’
  • Those in Legal don’t know ‘law’

Those of us outside these disciplines tend to be aware of the mind-manipulation within them. Those within these disciplines cannot escape due to fear for their identity – who they ‘think’ they are. If they ever woke up, who might they BE? Hence, we often reveal what we most loathe about ourselves via our jobs. They represent how we want others to perceive us. I ask every nurse, “Why did you become a nurse?” “I wanted to help people.”

Anyone who has ever done any inner work knows that we can’t ‘help’ anyone. We can only assist others in their healing. We all must do our own work. Nurses tend to believe that taking care of others is more honourable than taking care of themselves and their self-loathing is revealed by their rampant addiction to

substance as well as behaviour. Most nurses are one of or any combination of: overweight, smokers, drinkers, or druggies. Those who aren’t don’t claim to identify themselves as BEing a nurse. They are likely to know, “I am not my job.” Those who try to hide-out with their professions are doing themselvesa disservice, not to mention those with whom they come into contact. Cops, collection agents, and all others who intend to intimidate people want the world to perceive them as ‘powerful’ – but only because they believe they are not. Since at some visceral level we all know this, the cop becomes the bully because their jobs fail to assuage them of their belief in their powerlessness. The status of one’s job might seem powerful yet those behind the titles are powerless, by their own estimation, or they wouldn’t have chosen that particular vocation. As Ram Dass said, “Cops are just God in drag.”

Lose the Fear, Mare

Because we attract only people, places, and things which vibrate at the same level at which we vibrate, it is easy to discover at what level we are vibrating by taking a look at what we have attracted. I never had a clue how frightened of life I was until I outgrew it enough to see the level of fear in my boys’ father. I must have been that frightened and obviously operated at that low level in order to have attracted him to me. At the time I couldn’t see how frightened he was of ‘authority’ because I was seeing him from my perspective which was equally frightened – no contrast. I can now see that my entire quest in life was to outgrow this fear and the route I chose was to test my knowledge about who I truly am – my real, sovereign, powerful, spiritual self – against the alleged ‘authorities’ of this world. Like an ex-smoker’s loathing of the presence of a cigarette smoker, it is difficult for me to be around frightened people – those who still do as they are told by the ‘authorities’ in their lives – the doctors, attorneys, teachers, bureaucrats, ministers, police, etc.


Based upon the belief that we separated from our Creator – the one entity which loves us beyond what we can comprehend – as long as we have an ego mind – we feel somewhat stupid about having left such a loving energy. Who would do that? So, not only do we feel guilt over being stupid but also our ego has convinced us that we have our Creator’s punishment to fear if and when we finally do get back ‘home’.

Our spirit mind does its level best to persuade us that this Creator is loving and isn’t even capable of blame and punishment, but our ego mind tells us we are bad and deserve punishment and upon our death, we will ‘meet our maker’, we will be judged, and there will be Hell to pay.

This is just more of the same bad dream. We have projected our ego thinking onto an entity which has no ego. This is simply a love energy, the highest ever to exist, and our petty little minds think that It cares about punishing us? For what? Making up nonsense in a bad dream? Does our parent punish us upon our awakening from a bad dream? No, mum is overjoyed that our peace of mind has been restored and we are no longer suffering. Does she have us tell her all about our bad dream and what horrible role we played in the dream, thereby prolonging the agony? No; if she’s smart she will tell us that its all over and nothing to worry about – it was “just a bad dream”.

But, in this life on this planet – which we made up – we feel as if what we are dreaming – that we separated from God – is an attack against God who will most certainly seek revenge when He gets His mitts on us. Why do most of us fear death? Because we fear the punishment that God is going to bestow upon us as soon as He judges how bad we were. Did mum punish us even when we told of the horrible things we did in our bad dream or did she just hug us and say how glad she is that we are out of our nightmare?

We cannot usurp the power of an all-powerful entity, a ubiquitous loving light. What kind of arrogance has this ego which thinks it can remove itself from something which is everywhere always? Nevertheless, we are stuck with this absurd guilt from which we run our entire lives. What our egos tell us though is, that what works better is to inflict this guilt onto someone else so that we don’t look so guilty in the eyes of God, so that, upon our arrival ‘home’, our fellows will catch more Hell than we will. Well, the glitch to this is that if it is all my bad dream, there is only one of me and so inflicting guilt onto someone whom my ego tells me is not I, is just making my own circumstances worse. There is no one out there to accept my guilt and the only thing I have accomplished is to go further unconscious. Now I am in a situation which will ultimately cause me more grief because I feel more guilt for having attacked another aspect of myself.

There is no one out there. It is ALL my bad dream.


Life is quite interesting in parts but no substitute for the real thing.

– Douglas Adams


A Course In Miracles

No meaning that comes from outside ourselves is real. Nothing real can be threatened; nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. The crux of the Course is the relinquishment of fear and the acceptance of love. As this process of mental realignment works within the individual, it spreads through him to revitalize the lives of those around him. The means of this transformation is the practice of forgiveness. The goal of the Course is the attainment of inner peace.

We were given the Course for several reasons which include:

1) the necessity of healing the mind of its belief in ‘attack is salvation’; this is accomplished throughforgiveness and the undoing of our belief in the reality of separation and guilt.

2) correcting the errors of Christianity, particularly where it has emphasized suffering, sacrifice, separation, and sacrament as inherent to God’s plan of salvation.

3) emphasizing the importance of Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit as our loving and gentle Teacher, and developing a personal relationship with this Teacher.

Whatever I think is going on in the world is going on only in my mind. Many other aspects of myself, those of me of different colour, race, economic status, location, creed, sex, build, etc. seem to agree with me -well, its my dream, right? I can have it any way I choose, unless of course I am so unconscious that I am not in control of my dreams. I notice, just for the sake of drama, my dream includes those who appear to disagree with me. I call them Banksters. No good dream is without the ‘bad guys’, eh? Take a look at what is going on in my dream:

  • 95% of the wealth is held by 5% of the people, so at age 65:
  • 1% are wealthy
  • 4% can retire
  • 29% are dead
  • 63% are on SSA/ CP or charity

You can see where this makes my ego want to blame the PTB for making miserable, most of the other aspects of myself in this world. The problem with blame is that I make it real. If I think someone is trying to hurt me, this is indicative of my belief that I deserve punishment. Since I now fully understand that I do not and I do energy work daily to release our ancient belief in guilt, I notice that where my now much- more-peaceful mind takes me is into actions which benefit all of us – even the black hearts. They also will ultimately be better off when the rest of us wake up. I intend not to fight them or even to make them particularly miserable; my intention is to do what works for me and any other aspect of myself who happens to know that resistance only causes the persistence of a situation. It gives it energy. I use my energy to get what I want, not to stop anyone else from having what my ego doesn’t want them to have.

As with everything else, our chances of becoming wealthy are always 50/50 – either we will or we won’t, however, the odds of the gov’t confiscating it increase daily. So, among the solutions to this are:

1. give up
2. work ‘harder’
3. find a better way, i.e.: change my mind about the whole thing.

Only the last one affords us any freedom. Digging in the same hole will only get us in deeper. We must make a lateral move and look somewhere other than what the PTB tell us to do which is to ‘work’ longer / harder, invest astutely, and take a chance on the lottery. Each of these alleged solutions only keeps us chasing after ‘nothing’. It will not get us what we want. People are desperate to ‘make money’. What does this tell you? The FEAR surrounding $$$ is the best indication that we are barking up the wrong tree.


All I ask is a chance to prove that money won’t make me happy.

-Ashleigh Brilliant

If women truly want to work, and I’ve met four who do, then this becomes a case of their doing what they want to do. If they don’t want to work and are doing so solely for the $$$, they need to understandthat this is an effort in futility. They will have much of it confiscated in one form or another; they will be denying themselves time to do what they want to do; they will become a number on the federal books; and most important, they are believing that the solution to the problem of ‘not enough money’ is to get more money.

It is not. The solution to the problem of ‘not enough money’ is to learn that there is no money and going after something which not only doesn’t exist but also is digging them into an even greater hole, is at best, bandaid solution and at worst, literally ignoring the cause.

Remembering that cause and effect are always reversed from what our egos believe, the idea is to get rid of our alleged money. I know this sounds anathema to most people but if $$$ represents debt, why would we want it? Anything we think we are ‘buying’ with it doesn’t belong to us because how can we own anything for which we did not give value. Those of you who are proud of yourselves that you have worked hard all your lives and can now admit to living in a house that is ‘paid off’ and driving a car which is ‘paid for’, and have enough $$$ for retirement due to wise investing, are in for a big surprise. All you have done during those years of labour and slick investing is moved from steerage up to first class on the Titanic. The system is about to collapse. Having more of ‘nothing’ than everyone else still leaves you with … nothing. Have you ever been playing a game of Monopoly®™ and part way through the game you realize that there is no way you can win: your opponent owns most of the good properties, you own most of the cheap properties and there are no properties, utilities, or railroads left to buy. Racing your car across the yellow/red and green/blue sides of the board is like going through a mine field. You know you’ll never make it without landing on something with a hotel and 3 houses. You look at your available cash, the chances of getting to ‘GO’ for a measly $200, and yet another trip around the board, the odds of your opponent landing on your hardly built-up properties, and decide to throw in the towel. Is this just being a sore loser? -a quitter? Or is this wisdom? Why not concede? Why suffer any further indignities? What is the gain in playing until completely bankrupt? Why waste any more time? Why not play … something else?

The IBs’ Commerce Game is a game only they can win. The Banksters can not lose; they have forced everyone to play and they have forced everyone into a debt from which we cannot escape. US/CA, as a bankrupt corporation, is owned completely by its creditors – the Bankers. They own all levels of the media, government, education, religion, everything; if you have a birth certificate, they own you too. They control every transaction; they control what is going on in the world; they even control the puppet whom the world blames for the terror and threat of war – GW. Do you like the results of this control? Are you enjoying the game? The only way to win the Commerce Game is not to play. Isn’t there a game we’d rather play?

What do banks do with this credit which we created with our signing of promises to pay? They lend it.

Banks are not permitted to lend their money or their assets; they are allowed to lend only credit; credit which WE created. There is only liability which is being spread around with the added liability of interest attached to it each time it is used to ‘pay’ someone. The value of the note is thus diminished each time.

Hence, we have inflation. When I ostensibly ‘pay’ you $50 for a service you provided me, since I am paying you with notes which were borrowed into existence, and now have interest attached to it, how can it ever get paid? From whence comes the interest to pay when the interest has yet to be borrowed into existence. If I borrow your car, how can I bring back more of your car than I borrowed? It doesn’t exist.

Every transaction gets us further into a debt which does NOT exist, except in the minds of the Banksters.

The only way for us to win is not to play. Earning and/or using the bankster’s notes is tantamount to the alcoholic’s drinking to obliterate his stark realization of his horrible circumstances created by his drinking. Talk about a downward spiral! There is no recovery unless one simply stops drinking, i.e.: gets OUT of the Commerce Game. We can NOT win by accumulating more of what is impoverishing us. But how can one opt out?

What is vastly more important than this alleged debt from which we can never escape, are the emotional and spiritual repercussions of the circumstances created by this vicious cycle, which are intentional, by the way. What better way to control people than to impoverish them? Only one way – keep them in FEAR over poverty.

Herein lies a seeming dilemma. How can we exempt ourselves from a game which everyone is playing? To think that we will be farther ahead “if we just had more money” is pure folly. Many take on second and third jobs in order to ‘make more money’. They are just taking another drink. They are snow ploughing the problem which removes them only farther from recovery. We might have to bear the pain of withdrawal, but think of the freedom if we can survive it! We might have to apply the 12-step program and simply have faith that the energy of our Creator will direct us if we will only remove our souls from the addiction which is causing our sense of powerlessness. We must intend for our freedom from our attachment to the belief that ‘money’ will keep us safe. It will not. It is keeping us dependent and, like alcohol to the addict, making our situation worse as each day passes. We might have to quit our jobs in order to remove ourselves from confiscatory taxation, from the belief that there will be a pension when we retire, from the hope that if we get sick our ‘health benefits package’ or the ‘National Health will kick in.

How might we feel if we became totally dependent upon ourselves, each other, and our Creator which has revealed in no uncertain terms that we will not perish if we apply the energy of faith into the concept of ‘our needs will be met’. We must develop the faith of our Creator; not faith in our Creator, but the faith of our Creator.

What if God intended to do something and then wondered whether it would work or not?

– Dennis Krum.

We can not find safety and security in something that does not exist. There is no money.

Many ‘New Age’ people talk about there being “enough money for everyone’. I want to tell them: Of what you think as ‘money’ there is only $263 billion US in circulation. Considering Bill Gates alone is worth $46 billion (or so), much of it is off-shore, much of it is unaccountable because of its entanglement with the drug trade, and still millions are out there under mattresses, etc. leaves only a maximum of about $700 per living soul, $1,400 if you want to count only adults. So, there is NOT enough ‘money’ for everyone. What there is, is credit and that amount is unlimited.

One woman lamented that she and her husband had been $30,000 in debt. She quickly qualified that as “not cash that we handed over; it was credit card debt”. This alleged ‘credit card debt’ does not exist. It is‘credit’, not debt’; the secret of this is revealed in its name – ‘credit card’ as opposed to ‘debt card’. She is under the misconception that she ‘borrowed’ credit when in fact she created it and the bank extended to her only a fraction of that which she created with her own signature. She does not ‘owe’ credit card debt; there is nothing to re-pay. It is all EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). The bank never gave her anything.

Who among us will step out of the belief, “the more money I have, the safer I will be? Who will quit the corporate career which keeps the average man enslaved for a lifetime of labour for barely enough to get by. There is no power in continuing this. Upon our death beds, will we wonder why we kept doing what we did? I imagine meeting my Creator and being asked, “So why didn’t you do what you wanted to do?”

There is no acceptable response to this. What, … “fear”? My Creator laughs and asks, “Didn’t you believe me when I told you that I would provide for you … that you had nothing to fear … that you are an extension of me and so you have access to my power? What could possibly have frightened you?” “I was told I had to work for a living; I had to justify my existence; I had to do something useful; I had to prove my worth, the Protestant Work Ethic …” – blah, blah, blah. The Creator just laughs, “Why would you listen to the propaganda of those who would take your power from you, who would frighten you, who would enslave you, when you could have chosen to recall what I promised you, which would have granted you peace?” What’s to say?

So, we must begin to work for each other. I must do for you what I know best to do – my talent bestowed upon me by my Creator – what I love to do. Isn’t this what I ought to be doing? Will you do for another what you love to do? Will this feel like ‘work’? No. Will your friend do for me what I want done and yet am not particularly good at doing? Will he be happy to do this for me? You bet. Are we not our happiest when we serve ourselves through serving others? If indeed ‘we are all one’, won’t I see that doing for another living soul is the same as serving me? Whom are we charging and how much and for what? Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

Will I, somewhere along my path of doing what I want to do, just happen to notice that I am no longer serving a major corporation, but rather my fellow living souls? Corporations, by definition, do not exist. They are legal fictions. The purpose for their alleged existence is for their limited liability and that of the living souls who operate them. The ‘law’ does not go after an entity who ‘owns’ nothing. Corporations have nothing to give. You can’t get blood from a stone. Now you see why the wealthiest in the world ‘own nothing yet control everything’. We ought to take a lesson. We ought to stop wanting to own things, since we can’t anyway because we do not have legal title to the things we think we own; we have only equitable title. We are allowed to ‘use’ that which the state allows us to use. This includes our bodies. We can not ‘own’ anything for which we haven’t ‘paid’ or for which we have relinquished title, e.g.: our bodies via the birth registration. Since we have nothing with which to pay, we ‘own’ nothing – unless – we use asset funds to ‘pay’ for legal title. Unfortunately, unless we have handled our commercial affairs properly, we also cannot ‘control’ anything.

We must take back our lives and do what we want to do before we will be forced to do what corporate entities want us to do and for less than we’re getting now. We must put our commercial affairs in order.

We must get OUT of the Commerce Game and get used to the idea of ‘service’. As an interim part of getting there, for those of us who can’t make the leap, we can and are doing ‘exchanges’. We can exchange’ time, our talent, our labour, or some other commodity upon which we agree. This is commonly known as ‘barter’ and yet, it still involves accounting of which we will ultimately have to let go – rather like going from alcohol to candy – eventually, we have to clear the anxiety which is behind the addiction since it is ‘fear’ which keeps us chasing $$$. We will have arrived when we can admit ‘I do for you what I do and you do for me what you do. That’s it – just the joy of doing what we know we were meant to do. Since I have been doing what I want to do I have never been happier and I have received more, in ways I could never have anticipated, than I ever have. Even this book is free for the asking.

My analogy is that the Commerce Game is tantamount to the Nightmare; not so ruthless is Barter/Exchange; this will transform the nightmare into a pleasant dream. Yet, pleasant or not, a dream means we are still asleep. So barter/exchange/pleasant dream still means we haven’t made the quantum leap to service and doing what we love to do which is tantamount to Waking UP! I wonder if we can skip the interim step.

Maybe, as Ian Lungold (mayanmajix.com) suggests, we are being watched by others from an alternate dimension (time or space) in the same manner as one might watch a sporting event -empathizing with those who err and cheering on the winners, all the while knowing that none of it matters because its only a game. The day I read his article it just so happened was the same day I received, via registered post, a threatening letter from the Alberta Association of Registered Nurses which listed all the terrible things which would happen to me if I didn’t submit to their RICO (extortion and racketeering) licensure. One is they will no longer permit me to slave labour for that fictional, corrupt, extortive, corporate entity referred to, euphemistically, as ‘Alberta Health and Wellness’ without paying them to let me. I am no longer permitted to poison people for them, nor to support my family, which is now illegal if I don’t pay them off.

Of course my ego taunted me with not being able to ‘earn a living’, the repercussions of which might have caused me to vacillate. “Burn no bridges”, it told me. Essentially, I would no longer be permitted to work (taking care of old people in the nursing home is illegal unless one has paid the PTB for a permit rendering it legal) as of the end of 2002. I intend to do what I want to do. I can’t help thinking maintaining my RN licence was in fact part of what was keeping me from breaking free because it represents fear as opposed to faith in my right and ability to do that which I feel certain is my purpose in this lifetime.

Lungold suggests that when we take a stand and do what we know to be ethical, energy from the collective unconscious (those cheering us on) allows us to succeed. Our ethical choices begin an upward spiral for getting the results which our true selves intend for us. It is the shift from fear which creates the vacuum for these results to show up – creating the space to have it be the way we want it. Wouldn’t you just hate to find yourself in the ‘after death dimension’ and have your Creator ask, “Why did you do what you knew was unethical? Why did you breach your integrity?” Eeeeewwww.

“Getting Ahead” aka “Divide and Conquer”

The belief that we need money in order to pay debts gets really shabby when we realize that we are operating from fear. Haven’t we been promised that we will be ‘provided for? Yet we operate our entire lives from competing with one another. Does this suit the banksters, or what? If they can keep us in aposition of either envying or holding in disdain, another whose financial circumstances differ from our own, they have succeeded in upholding our belief that we are separate from one another. Divide and conquer. As long as we believe we are separate, we will continue to compete, and we will remain alone against those who wish to enslave us. It is happening.

For commerce to work there must be a debtor and a creditor. An account is created to keep track of the debts and credits. In commerce, the only way one can win is to have more debtors than creditors.

This is done by starting a business. We then sell to others, our time and talent. The more people you find with needs the more debtors you have. The problem with this system is that we are forced to be in competition with others who are offering the same time and talent. In order for one to win, the other must lose. The more people I put out of business the better I can support my family. We make our brother a debtor to us by working for the ‘love of money’ instead of the ‘love of service’ and giving our time and talent in love.

When we keep accounts – who owes whom – we keep a record of wrongs. Also, to win in commerce we must destroy the competition. Nothing personal, it’s just business.

– Nicholas Grachanin


It is lose/lose because it is based upon the concept of separation. The Commerce Game is the epitome of the manifestation of our egoistic belief that we are separate from one another.

Not only are we entertaining the elite, but also they live off our energy which is translated into the tax we pay for our licences which allow us to work – a vicious cycle which is a lose/lose for us, as our time, talent, energy, and spirituality is wasted and misdirected. Much better to receive everything you need by exchange and then give, whatever it is you do, from love.


Each progressive spirit is opposed by a thousand mediocre minds appointed to guard the past

– Maurice Maeterlinck


It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.

– Samuel Adams


There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root. – H.D. Thoreau

Commerce has to do with the buying and selling of goods having ‘profit as the chief aim’ which means‘gain’. ‘Gain/profit’ is not a matter of mere exchange but includes the idea of increase, usually at someone else’s expense. There is no ‘getting ahead’ – getting ahead of what or of whom? Your present status? The other fellow?

The only way to get ahead of someone else is first to regard him as someone other than yourself. Those who get ahead by moving up in the world are not getting anything but ‘more world’. ‘Getting ahead’ usually means getting better than ‘breaking even’, i.e.: living paycheque to paycheque, but there’s nothing wrong with that because clearly our needs are being met and we’re breaking even – jumbo limbo. What ‘breaking even’ does is simply instill us with fear … ‘what if?’ We all want a cushion. Those who believe they need cushions, generally create a need for a cushion – like those who spend a fortune on every type of insurance – medical, car, professional, etc. -at those prices I sure hope they get to use it. I spent my life trying to get ahead and realized I wouldn’t do much else because my ego held no defining line on this.

What is enough? As long as it keeps us wanting more, we’ll never be at peace. To the question, “How much is enough?”, Rockefeller responded, “Just a little more than I have.”

A friend is concerned that her taxes are going to fund this and that with which she doesn’t agree.

Taxes don’t go anywhere -except to the IMF – to fund anything -except Communism. Communism got a bad rap in the 50s when McCarthy went bonkers over the House Committee for un- American Activities, but let’s face it, what is Communism but state-owned/ controlled everything. The state now owns the securities on your body, your house, your automobile, your marriage, your children, your property, so don’t pretend we don’t live under Communism – we do; we’ve just been tricked into thinking otherwise because it has been disguised precisely the way Kruschev declared – “We’ll get you without bombs, in a way you’ll never realize.” They will destroy us from the inside – not a shot will be fired.

Why do you think they came up with the ‘Hate Crime Bill”? To remind us to hate.

Just like the feds’ War On Everything – it reminds us where to put our energy and our attention. On what we put our attention increases. Energy flows where attention goes. These people aren’t stupid; they are diabolical. How do you keep your children from doing something which doesn’t work for them? Keep telling them not to do it? No, all that does is remind them to do it. (Don’t think of a pink elephant) This is Psych 101. Doesn’t anyone remember? If the feds can get you to hate another – done best by reminding you not to – then forcing you to hand over your $$$ to fund the needs of the ‘other’, then they win. People aren’t seeing the whole picture because they are seeing it from inside the frame. Our five-sense reality is unreliable. The feds keep our egos in survival mode and convince us that what is not true is true. Let me repeat that the ego’s qualifications as a guide are singularly unfortunate. – ACIM

Remember an old Twilight Zone episode where a bunch of small town folks all gathered in the street in the middle of the night because something strange had happened and they were attempting to get to the bottom of it. I don’t recall if it were a flying saucer or a loud noise or strange lights but they were frightened as they began to guess what happened. Because of their fear they began to accuse one another of previous suspicious behaviour and therefore their possible connection with this. As each man or woman felt attacked, s/he became defensive and attacked someone else. This escalated into nonsense and then into viciousness. The camera panned farther and farther back until we saw two men in some sort of strange environment (like a spaceship) who have been watching all this. One said to the other, “See? We don’t have to do anything – they’ll destroy themselves.” Rod Serling was ahead of his time.

Although I knew for years that I had attached my own value to that of my economic assets, the penny dropped only recently, thereby allowing me to see all the times I had equated my value, as an extension of my Creator, with something which didn’t even exist except in the ‘minds of men’. It was a rude awakening and very freeing. It allowed me to see others in the same light. I promptly forgave us all for not having ‘made it in the world’; I even forgave those who had, since, after all, we’re all just doing the best we can. We’ve heard all our lives that we ought not to take life so seriously, that we must stop and smell the roses, that we need time for relaxation, that “upon our death beds we will not be wishing we’d spent more time at the office”, etc. This is a classic example of something we know in our hearts is true and yet behave completely contrariwise. This is what causes our distress, commonly heard as “I’m under a lot of stress.”

If what we were doing – working too hard for too many hours a day away from our loved ones – were in keeping with our true natures we would not be feeling distress. It is the conflict which causes our angst.

We have innate knowledge that our Creator did not intend for us to be anything but joyous or doing anything which does not bring us joy. I have a continual vision of my Creator slapping its forehead (if indeed Creators even have foreheads) wondering why we insist upon torturing ourselves.


How is it that both the ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys’ think that God is on their side? The Course teaches that God has nothing to do with any of this, that we made up the entire nightmare and that God (love/light energy) is simply waiting for us to wake up and remember that we never left except in our insane thought system. We are extensions of our Creator, not separate from it, as most religions teach. Religions teach that God created the beauty of the world and yet not the starving children of the world. How can any mind reconcile this contradiction? God had nothing to do with this world and the evidence of this is the duality of the world. The concept of God is that it just is – there is no other side of it. What is all encompassing can have no opposite. God can not impact events which are occurring only within our minds.

Since a creator can not create anything which is not of itself, how could God create something which is not God-like? We are all a shattered pane of glass – each shard, seemingly separate from the other is all from the same pane; why bother thinking of it as anything but a part of us. So, God couldn’t possibly have any idea what we’re up to. It knows only love and light. As convincing as our nightmare is while we are in it still does not make it true. All we have to do is WAKE UP.


What am I doing at a level of consciousness where this seems real?

– W. Erhard

This is where we are headed with this process. EVERYTHING we have been taught as true is NOT.

We must start over. The biggest culprit is the Education system. John Taylor Gatto got out of teaching because “I refuse to harm another child”. Read his latest, The Underground History of American Education. Its the same story as the banksters. Our entire world/universe is a hologram which is solely a projection of our FEAR. Makes you wonder what we’re doing here, doesn’t it? We’re all involved in the biggest con game ever. Can we wake up in time and get out of it? If so, how?

Most solutions of the world are bandaid solutions – fixing the effect – the signs and symptoms. A better way to change the effect is to heal the cause, however this still keeps us stuck in believing there is a problem. Treating either ‘cause’ or ‘effect’ focuses on the problem. The only solution is to create a third option which has nothing to do with either ‘cause’ or ‘effect’. It has to do with the creation of what works.

Focus on what we want. Focus on something which ‘appears’ not to be in existence right now. Just create its appearance because its always been there – just like everything else within the hologram.


Affirmations will get you what you think you want, but that won’t bring you peace.
– Ken Wapnick

I always knew affirmations didn’t work because every time I said any, all I could think was, “Who am I trying to convince?” I realized that if something were true, I wouldn’t need to affirm it. It would just be.

If something is the truth you don’t have to believe it.
– Werner Erhard

So, putting notes on my bathroom mirror didn’t remind me of anything other than the fact that I didn’t yet have what I claimed I wanted. In Rapid Eye Technology we learned to do Energy Circles. We put all our “I AMs” into the circle, then added a bunch of energy, and became part of that energy. So, thinking I had a better idea, I continued to affirm, but instead of using an energy circle, I tapped on energy spots (meridians) on my body: I AM safe, I AM prosperous, etc. – still didn’t work.

One morning I suddenly knew that the glitch in all this is that what I am affirming is already true; the problem was that I didn’t feel it. Whether something is true or not became irrelevant; what mattered is how I was feeling. I was reminded of Paul McCartney who claimed that with all his millions he still feared the day when he might be destitute. The ultimate matter is always peace of mind. Clearly his $$$ had not (at that point in his life) brought him peace. Yes, I hear you saying, “Well, it would me.” It would not, so nevermind. What we want is to feel prosperous and safe, since all that matters anyway is what is going on in our minds. Whether the evidence bears out is immaterial and irrelevant. We want to feel. Since everything we experience is interpretation, who cares what seems to be the material? If its all a dream, do you want a happy dream or a scary dream?

So, in changing my affirmations to “I feel safe, I feel prosperous, etc. everything began to change.

Since my state of mind – my attitude – is everything – and it is my thoughts which have the power to create, I now had the means to create everything I need and everything I consciously desire. Thoughts originating from the high vibratory state of love/joy emotions will naturally and quickly attract like. The trick is to monitor one’s thoughts and state of mind. We must remain vigilant. The purpose of life is ‘Mind Management’. We must change our minds about what we think about the world.

Seek not to change the world; seek rather to change your mind about the world

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends upon the unreasonable man. Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
– G. Bernard Shaw

Imagine how we would feel if we knew we were just dreaming everything, that we were making up all of it, that none of it mattered, and we could feel any way about it that we chose to feel, and that the feeling itself would create the next part of the dream. Remember those who turn around to see the monster chasing them. What if we laughed?

Norman Livergood talks about Von Senden’s book; “… persons who have gained their sight through surgery show a remarkable unwillingness to ‘see’. For most of us, it would seem that one who was given one’s sight would be immediately eager to learn how to use this new capability. But the old habits of blindness are powerful influences.

“In the same way, ordinary sighted people who are given the opportunity to ‘see’ the world often refuse to look at what is really happening. They prefer their ‘blindness’: being told what to think and do by others. It does no good to show these people what the truth is; they simply do not want to see it. The old habits of prejudice and subjection to ‘authority figures’ is much too comfortable.

“It is ignorance that causes us to identify ourselves with the body, the ego, the senses, or anything that is not the Higher Consciousness. He is a wise man who overcomes this ignorance by devotion to the Higher Consciousness.
– Shankara, The Crest Jewel of Wisdom”

During the 70s and 80s the human potential movement seminars categorically stated that one must have not only goals but also the means written in triplicate in order to execute said personal or professional goals. They had us writing affirmations up the yin yang in the hope that somehow our subconscious mind would implement what our conscious mind seemed incapable of doing. Our lists were endless. In 1989 I went to a spiritual retreat at the Foundation for A Course In Miracles during which Kenneth Wapnick said, “Affirmations work. They will bring you what you think you want. Yet getting what we think we want will not grant us peace. We have no idea what we truly want.”

The only way to master the physical plane is by avoiding goal-oriented actions.
– Barbara Miller

A ‘want’ comes from the ego mind which is based upon fear – “seek but do not find”. My friend corroborates this by telling me that a woman could write her list of all the qualities she wants in a man and when she finally gets the man, she thinks, “YIKES ! Did I forget to write ‘non-homicidal maniac’?”

I have a tape wherein Marianne Williamson is coaching a fellow who had been writing affirmations about getting a bit part on Hill Street Blues (it’s an old tape) and he asked if she were saying it’s wrong for him to do this. She told him, “No, you will probably manage to land a bit part on Hill Street Blues if you continue to write affirmations. The problem lies in the possibilities which you are excluding. When God/the Universe/Life/Your Higher Self/ creates a role for you in a major movie, you will be unavailable because you’ll be under contract with Hill Street Blues.” In other words our ego minds are not playing full on. We are playing small because we are operating from fear created by a belief that we don’t deserve to have what we want. The PTB hope we will continue to believe this and thwart any attempts to gain consciousness – keep us watching TV where they can control what we think. What might be in store for us is much bigger than we could ever imagine. Our egos limit us. Our spirits free us.

The PTB keep us in anger and fear – this is how they survive – on our low vibratory energy. They need us for everything; they need our psychological low negative energy and they need our commercial energy.

If we just agree not to play, they can’t survive. They are the projected ego mind. When we don’t tolerate our ego’s negative chatter, it goes away. We need to stop giving these thugs our energy because they love it. We need to ‘Focus Higher’. We must keep our psychic energy high. We must be ‘light’ workers. Negative circumstances will fail to survive when we refuse to sustain them with emotional energy.

Today, the stranglehold of the controlling negative forces upon Earth is extremely advanced and is choking the very life from our planet. The effects of this are evident everywhere in the form of fear, separation, war, disease and multifarious kinds of disharmony on all levels.
– David Icke,

The Veil of Tears

Further to illustrate that there is nothing outside the mind, not even what our five senses tell us, David Icke tells the story of a man being hypnotized to believe his daughter is not in the room and although she is standing directly in front of him, facing him, he cannot see her. He can, however, see the inscription on the watch held, by the hypnotist, to the small of her back. His mind was most certainly reading from outside his physical vision.

We think we know what we want and swear that we are not happy because we don’t have what we want and that we won’t be happy until we have what we want. In a Twilight Zone episode a man wanted only to read. Everything else in his life was a distraction which kept him from his books. His wife, his son, his work, everything was a problem for him because he just wanted to be left alone. One day he awoke and everything in life was the same except there were no people in his world to keep him from reading. His wife and son were not at breakfast so he could read the newspaper in peace; and when he arrived at work all was in order but there were no colleagues demanding his time so he got to spend the day reading. He was finally happy. He arrived home, his supper was on the table but no wife to keep him from his book. Life was finally perfect. Everything seemed to be the way he had always wanted it and not one living soul to keep him from his passion – reading.

One evening he went down to the basement for something. Upon his climbing the stairs, for some reason he bent over and his glasses fell out of his pocket and smashed on the cement floor. His stark realization that there was no optician to replace his glasses put such fear into me (not to mention him) that from then on I questioned everything I ever again thought I wanted.

We have all heard, “you can’t change anyone but yourself.” Trying to change those who govern us is a waste of time and energy. The gov’t doesn’t exist; it is a fictitious entity, so the only entities attempting to govern us are simply living souls/ private entities just as we are. They are not the gov’t (as in, “I’m from the gov’t and I’m here to help you.”) If they personally have no claim against us, they have no clout. They must have a claim in order to exact performance from us. We can change either our minds about how we interpret what they’re doing and not doing, or we can change our status – ideally both, so we are no longer at the effect of those in the business of confiscating our funds. Fortunately, there are ways to do this.

Root of All Evil ?

Many ‘New Age’ therapists, practitioners, make a huge deal of the terms, ‘prosperity, abundance, manifesting money, deserving wealth’, etc. Needless to say, this point is being made due to our innate belief we don’t have it, don’t deserve it, or that we are in some way resisting it. Many books have been written about the fact that there is nothing wrong with ‘money’ and that we need to get over our psychological trauma, whether from childhood or jusRoot of All Evil ?t our present belief in ‘poverty consciousness’ in order to thrive in our world. Even the Bible is used to clarify that the quotation, “for the love of money is the root of all evil” is not “Money is the root of all evil”. Inevitably someone will mention Jesus in the temple throwing over the tables of the tax collectors. Why did he do this? Its one of the few references in the Bible where Jesus allegedly loses his temper. Was it the tax collectors he so loathed or was it that commerce was being carried out in his temple? Who knows? I have had a love/hate relationship with money my entire life and I’m certain I’m not alone in this. It took me years to reconcile; I realized that ‘money’ is indeed the problem – rather, represents the problem. I became ripping tired of hearing, “money is just an exchange of energy”, “its only bad if you say its bad”, “there is nothing inherently wrong with money – its how its used that matters”, “money, as with everything else in the world, is only how we think of it”, “there is enough money for everyone”, etc. All this is rubbish for the sole purpose of justifying and assuaging our fear as in our hearts we know there is something inherently wrong with the concept of ‘money’. All the ‘wrong’ on this planet is due to someone’s belief that ‘money’ will improve their circumstances.

In her book, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand says, “The lovers of money are willing to work for it. They know they are able to deserve it.” As much as I love Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism – an ethic of rational self-interest, she is approaching it from a belief that ‘money’ exists since her books were all written prior to the revelation that “there is no money”. It was virtually unknown until somewhat recently even though the bankruptcy is 70 years old (in the US, older in Canada since Canada was never solvent). This, and all philosophies about money include that we are meant to work for it. I have no fear of work but not for something of no substance and not for something which is keeping me enslaved. I notice that it is the pittance which keeps people stuck in jobs they hate. If there were no ‘pay’ would you continue to do what you are doing?

Money is the most tangible evidence in our entire existence of our belief in our separation from one another. This, and only this, is why it is the root of all evil. It is the biggest, most common demonstration of our belief that we are not ‘all one’. We use money every day, albeit often interpreted as an exchange, yet by far more often it is clearly regarded as a ‘payment for’ …. not much.

One of my favourite stories to demonstrate this is Ram Dass’ making an album years ago. His father asked him what he intended to charge for it. “About $6 – just my costs.” His father (an attorney – need I say more?) was stunned. “You can get way more for it than that.” Ram Dass responded, “Remember last summer Uncle Harry came to you for legal advice? What did you charge him?” “Nothing, Uncle Harry is family.” Ram Dass replied, “Anyone who buys my album is family.” We have all experienced the feelings of importance, gratitude, love, and also relief when someone gives us a break on cost. Is it possible for us to expand our circle of friends and family to “Any friend of yours is a friend of mine”? It is said that we are only 6 people away from anyone on the planet. I think that we are all so connected at a particular level of consciousness that somehow we all realize that anyone, even from a completely different culture, religion, country, race, IS “my self”.

If we were all family, we would feel no compunction about doing what we do and charging nothing.

Well, we are all family – why are we charging for what we do? Is it because too many of us are doing what we don’t want to do and so we are subconsciously demanding compensation for our suffering? Whose fault is it that we are doing something that doesn’t grant us joy? Why not stop doing what we don’t enjoy doing? What if we were all doing what we love to do? Would we feel as if we needed to be compensated?

Why? I have heard several Rapid Eye Technicians, including me, claim, “I love doing Rapid Eye so much, if I didn’t need to pay the rent, I’d do it for free.”

Along the way we’ve also conjured up this absurd idea that if we don’t pay for something we don’t appreciate it. Says who? Some of my dearest possessions I have received at no cost. Think of an item you bought ‘on sale’ – don’t you actually feel better about the object for having gotten a bargain? I agree that the ego believes it doesn’t deserve ‘something for nothing’, however, this is a problem with an egotistical belief system which requires release and healing; it is never the circumstances which require healing – there is nothing outside the mind. So paying for something in order to ‘appreciate’ it is just another con game of the ego mind and anyone who repeats it is again falling for the belief that we are separate from one another.

My mother said of my father, “He knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” I have learned that:

1. the higher the cost of something the less value it ends up having;

2. if someone is charging me an extortive amount for something then he doesn’t really want me to have it. If he doesn’t want me to have it why might I want it?

3. since I began doing what I want to do I have received by far more than I would have received had I charged someone for … my doing what I want to do or doing what I don’t want to do. The big win is that I have more people in my life. Since it is people who can get me what I want and need, this is by far better than having cash to hand over to the corporations for something they have caused me to believe I want – and don’t truly want.

So, what about ‘paying the rent’? My guess is the answer to this lies in trust and faith. If we are indeed doing what we love to do we find ourselves vibrating at a very high level at which we manage to attract not only what we require but also what we desire. Many books, e.g.: Lynn Gladhorn’s “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting”, reference this and so I shan’t elucidate. One who so appreciates what we do might want to show his appreciation and ask how he can do this. A good response might be, “Well … the rent is due…” I figure for all those who are still believing that they lose when someone else wins, doing what we love to do will set us at such a high vibrational level that we will automatically attract those who have nothing better to do than to hand over to you that which you need since contractually it would seem to them that you have already done the same. After years of having understood intellectually, I finally ‘got it’: if I go into anything with a sense of what I might lose, whether $$$, time, compensation, or energy, I am not doing what I love to do and hence, it simply won’t work for me. When we do precisely what we want to do, for the sole purpose of pleasing ourselves, it is a win/win for all involved -objectivism vs. collectivism.

We have been so deceived by everyone in every place we have ever frequented – school, church, family – that selfishness won’t work and charitability does work … for whom? All that has occurred is that those with the vested interests have essentially emotionally blackmailed us into doing for them and not for us. This can be interpreted as ‘slavery’. The guilt attached to it serves not us but those who suggest we work for them.

The Protestant Work Ethic was made up by slave-owners, not slaves. “Don’t quit your day job” is a perfect example of emotional blackmail. My son is a musician; my job is to encourage him and not say, “But how are you going to support yourself?” A definition of ‘evil’ is: selling or trading our aliveness for survival. Deepak Chopra told his children: “You are meant to do whatever allows you happiness. I will always make sure you are fed and housed. Your job is to reflect the power and love and joy of your Creator by doing what you’ve been created to do.”

Now, let’s attach these ideas. When we ‘work’ for anyone, including “I work for myself” , or howabout, ‘self-employed’? (aren’t these great clichés to manipulate us into working but making it sound as if we are the beneficiaries?) When we ‘work’, by definition, financial compensation is the result. But what exactly is the financial compensation? NOTHING. $$$ is a very poor show of appreciation for what we do out of love, never mind for what we are not wanting to do

I know you think you receive something for your hours of labour. You do not. You receive a piece of paper with numbers on it, the date, a ‘dollar’ figure, and a signature. So far, you have received nothing of value for your labour. Now, take it over to the bank and sign your name on the back, commonly called endorsement, and lo and behold, you receive ‘money’. Nice try. There is no money. What you received are other pieces of paper with more numbers on them. Can you use them? Sort of. If you are smart, you’ll get rid of them as fast as possible, for several reasons:

1. They have no intrinsic value; notes cost pennies to make, no matter what their denomination. It costs the Feds as little to print a $500 note as a $5 note, so your dollar is barely worth the paper its printed on.

2. You are holding debt notes; debt notes carry liability in the form of interest. You will get stuck with the interest on this debt if you don’t trade them for something of value – asap;

3. As long as they are in your possession you have yet to be compensated for your labour. Since they will do you no good until you trade them, hanging onto them will not serve you. I am reminded of a Native poem: Only after the last tree has been cut down Only after the last river has been poisoned Only after the last fish has been caught Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

Attachment to anything outside ourselves depletes our peace of mind. Can we ever detach from $$$ ?

Since $$$ and its use represent the belief that we are separate and in competition with each other, if we were to change our minds about this, then $$$ would cease to exist. We simply wouldn’t need it.

When we clear our personal stuff, we can go cosmic.
– Barbara Marciniak

Property Taxes

I don’t think we have a lot of time. We must discharge the bankster’s debts for them or they will become more and more desperate. “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” If the debt that the banksters created, using as collateral the properties we are presently using and which we believe belong to us – houses, autos, our bodies, etc. -is not discharged, and only we have the lawful right, means, and energy to do this, we will find ourselves without the use of said property because we have neglected to claim it as such. Property taxes along with all other taxes will increase to the point where we can no longer afford to hang onto the property. (I recall Dr. Zhivago, upon his arrival home, discovers many families living in his house.) Never mind the mortgage, the interest, or the market; the banks/feds will raise property taxes past the point where we can afford them and they will simply foreclose.

The name of their game is to confiscate as much of our property as possible. The feds become more frantic as each day passes as the IMF tightens the screws on them. The fact that interest rates are at an all time low ought to give one pause. Think about it: low interest rates are prompting us to buy property.

When we are all ‘indebted’ they will hike property taxes and get all ‘their’ property back – unless we know how to stop paying property tax, which is simply a case of declining to do so. Get onto it. I have written my Premier, the Finance Minister, the provincial tax advisor and none has been able to provide me with any law requiring me to pay property taxes. After asking a woman at the Province of Alberta for an example of a ‘provincial tax’ as opposed to a ‘federal tax’, she said, “Oh, ma’am, there are hundreds of provincial taxes!”. Did this make my day, or what?

…. I was seized and put into jail because, as I have else where related, I did not pay a tax to, or recognize the authority of, the ‘state’ which buys and sells men, women, and children like cattle at the door of its senate house. I had gone down to the woods for other purposes but wherever a man goes men will pursue and paw him with their dirty institutions and if they can, constrain him to belong to their desperate odd-fellow society. It is true I might have resisted forcibly with more or less effect, might have run amok against society, but I preferred that society should run amok against me, it being the desperate party. -Henry David Thoreau 1854

There will always be men who will try to talk us out of our freedom. -Rice McLeod

Think of the game of musical chairs. There simply are not enough chairs ($$$ to pay interest) to go around. Those who are forced to leave the game, as there is not enough money in the economy to pay backall the debt the banks have created by their expansion of credit, and profited from creating it, will lose all they have worked to accrue. It is the banks which will receive the hard asset, representing the fruits of your labour, and you have to start all over, with nothing. Who sets the interest rates in this country? The interest rate, e.g.: 6% is always commensurate with the percentage of those who will go bankrupt.

The bankster’s crime of premeditated expansion of the debt beyond the amount of money in circulation will create a predetermined number of innocent victims, commensurate to the percentage of interest that the banks charge each year. Yet, banks cannot commit this crime without our giving them our signed promissory note so we can hypothecate a certain number of years of our future labour in order to use the bank’s equivalent of money, right now, in the present. Until the interest, which is being applied to the credit extended by banks, is eliminated the people will remain slaves to the ‘credit system’ which is the banking and monetary system of the world.

The property will be lost – all because we have been deliberately misled into believing that it was ours and we failed to take the necessary steps to protect it, namely being sure property is in our true lawful names, and discharging the alleged debt which they have made up as a means to confiscate it. The entire process is their means to take what we think is ours for their ultimate purpose of control. This does not need to happen. It will be via our neglect. All they want is to have their debts discharged. Only we can do this for them. As long as we ‘pay for’ what we believe to be our debts with debt instruments, their debt becomes only more massive. Already they are saying it is impossible to ‘pay back’; well, of course it is impossible to ‘pay’ because there is nothing with which to pay. It is, however, so simple to discharge; it can be done in an instant.

You might well ask, “Well, if they want us to discharge their debt for them, why don’t they just say so and we’ll be only too happy to comply; then we’d all be happy. Why the subterfuge?” You forget that they want the debt for the sole purpose of confiscating our property for their ultimate control. The fact that we think we laboured for it is more of the same propaganda. All property will revert back to a belligerent foreign corporation, the IMF, and where will we be after we all lose our houses and cars? Dare I say detention camps? Where else will we have to go? Properties are being foreclosed by the thousands everyday. Do you still believe it is because we “lived beyond our means”? We never had to pay for any of those things we believed we ‘bought’ anyway; they were already ours. Many of us are filing the correct papers to ensure that what we believe we ‘paid for’ does indeed remain ours. This must be done. If you have not actively recorded your property (including your children and grandchildren) in your true title/name, you will lose your property (and your descendants) ; it is just a question of time. None of this has to occur. We have two ways out and I suggest you begin now to implement them.

The first is to establish your property as your own and the second which is vastly more important is to practise remembering that none of this matters. What does matter is our peace of mind. We must do that which will grant us the greatest peace and the greatest joy. We must forgive those for what we think they did to us, including the International Banksters (this is blatantly the one I’m working on). We must grant our souls some freedom by knowing that house or no house, we can live in joy. Most of the people on the planet live without the houses like what we have; I’m not saying they live in joy, yet I contend they might be able to live in joy if they weren’t incessantly reminded of how we live. They actually think we are happier than they because of the things we think we own. All minds think alike. This is classic egoistic belief in punishment. They, like the rest of us, believe they are not ‘good enough’; it only manifests in a different manner based upon their individual experiences.

Remember the Grinch who stole Christmas. He was forced to realize that the people in Whoville could remain happy even after he had taken from them what he believed they required to make them happy. The joke was on him. I ask that you keep this in mind when you are forced to give up your alleged assets, which are really your liabilities as long as you let your possessions possess you, whether it be your $$$, yourhouse, or even ….. your body. Erhart said, “The only thing I don’t have is the direct experience that there isnothing I need and nothing I don’t have.” We are already complete and whole and we don’t require thealmighty $$$ for our survival and if what we are doing for ‘survival’ is what we don’t want to be doing, then we ought to recall that, from a spiritual perspective, trading our aliveness for $$$ is ‘evil’.

The Holographic Mind

All the energy that ever was, is, or can be, is already here. Energy is all there is. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. Our thoughts are energy; nothing else is energy since everything occurs in our minds. So, the Big Bang was the manifestation of our thought – just one thought which occurred in an instant and with that thought, we created/miscreated the entire known universe – all at once, the entire hologram – everything. Our consciousness can go anywhere it wants and focus on anything, any time, anyspace, any entity that it wants. Within a hologram there is no time and no space. Herein lies our consciousness. What we continue to do is just run around in this hologram just like a kid at the midway – trying different perspectives, lives, times, places, people, etc. Great fun! What an experiment!

Understanding the way the mind works is exigent. What happens is that we have a thought, rather, ‘thoughts have us’. 85% of them are negative because they arise from the ego mind which lives in fear.

This is why what we experience in life seems to be somewhat negative. Thoughts are the energy which creates … everything. Because we have senses we sense that things are not as we would like them and we strive to change the circumstances rather than change our thoughts. As Marianne Williamson said, “Changing our circumstances is like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.” What sometimes happens is that through increased information, unbeknownst to our conscious mind, we do change our thoughts, which fleetingly affords us to change our circumstances, which then change our perceptions, which then change our beliefs, which then begin to create more workable thoughts which create circumstances more to our liking. What works best is if we can release the old programming because then we are clear to create what we want. We need to stop the fear-based thinking which is so ingrained in us that we consider it natural. It is not.

Collectively we have ‘created’ our world. Truth is, if we want to know what is going on in our minds, we need only observe our circumstances. If we are happy with our circumstances, we can conclude that our minds are somewhat happy and vice versa. Our circumstances follow our thoughts. Nothing is created without thought, thought is the only source of energy, energy is what it takes to create, and energy is all there is. We have ‘cause and effect’ reversed. Our belief in time and space is what keeps us from knowing real cause and effect. Our circumstances are the result of our thinking, so our judging any situation is based upon our belief that circumstances came first and our response is the result.

You don’t get to vote on the way it is; you already did.
-W. Erhard.

Since thoughts are creative energy, we must be vigilant about how we spend our energy. Praying for things that don’t exist, i.e.: things of this world, will gets us nothing. So we pray to change our perceptions or we pray in gratitude: “it is done” (wasa). Prayers are then ‘answered’ – and so it is (espavo).

I prayed for a bicycle until I realized God doesn’t work that way. So, I stole a bicycle and then prayed for forgiveness.
– Emo Philips

The powers that be don’t want us, whom they consider the ‘enemy’, to know their secrets. They promote each of us as the other’s competition, when in fact our opposition is way closer to home – our very own ego mind. If we continue to believe that ‘what is going on in the world’ is real and creates fear for us, we must consider that we are continuing to create it. If we want to change the world, which exists only in our own minds, we must first change our minds about the world. When we fear, we serve only the darken tities which David Icke claims thrive on our fear. When we rise above fear, they cease to exist, at least in our minds…. and seeing as everything exists only in our minds… they will cease to exist – except for those who choose to keep them alive by paying their attention to them. We will win. We are watching a horror movie which ends well. Keep up your spirits in anticipation for the famous final scene.

When we are told something over and over, as in programming and mind-manipulation, the public foolsystem, media, gov’t propaganda, TV advertising, TV news, satanic ritualistic cult abuse, billboards, sexual abuse, etc., with any emotion surrounding it (e.g.: the official story on the WTC demolitions) … then the subconscious mind/ego accepts it as true and incorporates it into its belief system. When the truth confronts us it is automatically rejected; it simply doesn’t fit into the belief system. It’s like trying to file into your documents folder, two separate articles with the same title; the computer rejects the second one, even though the second file has the more accurate information (or you wouldn’t be bothering to file it).

The computer is at least smart enough to request you either change the name of the second file or dump the original, which is what most people do, since the original is no longer true. But the ego mind is more tenacious than a computer because there is emotional identity behind it. Hence, we find closed-minded people who actually think they know what’s going on in the world, when in fact, it’s all just propaganda.

Based upon this premise I offer a solution to what appears to be the sole problem of the world with the intention that once we have information about what seems to be yet isn’t, we can change our minds about it, which will empower us to change our beliefs about who we are, which will allow us to change the world, which, by the way, doesn’t exist except as a projection of our minds. Thoughts never leave their source – they boomerang.

Problem – Reaction – Solution

The ego mind tells us that it will solve all our problems for us. What it doesn’t tell us is that it is the cause of all our problems. Does this sound like something we’ve heard from some other entity? “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” The ego/gov’t has a plan:

1. Create a problem;
2. Wait until their is outcry and demand to solve said problem,
3. Reluctantly agree to find a solution for said problem, the cost of which is, in some form, further erosion of our rights and/or integrity, not to mention, already in the works because this was the plan of the ego/ problem-creators in the first place.

There are no problems apart from the mind
– Krishnamurti

Gary Renard wrote a book, based upon ACIM, which is entitled, The Disappearance of the Universe. Intuitively, I sense that those of us who are taking action based upon our knowledge of who we are, are in fact in the process of ‘disappearing’ the universe. We are stopping our projection of the ego mind and hence its manifestation of fear. Since the gov’t is only a projection of the ego mind and we are choosing to rise above it and function from a perspective of knowing who we are and treating the feds et al accordingly, we will soon cause their demise – they will cease to exist.

Renard makes it very clear that as soon as we stop paying attention to low energy level mirages, they simply disappear because the only thing which allows them to exist in the first place is our attention, our energy. When we choose no longer to focus on what the PTB want us to focus, and begin to look elsewhere – towards our fellows, they will simply cease to exist.

When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change.
– Dr. Wayne Dyer

Those who are worried about a ‘cashless society’, for example, are only keeping alive the terrifying plan of the ego’s solution for salvation. I think that it is we who will create the ‘cashless society’, which will appear scary at first, but it will come as a result of our removing ourselves from the Commerce Game. It will cease to matter to those of us who no longer choose to play the game. Mind and time are inseparable – if we’re experiencing time we are in our minds and if we areexperiencing our minds we are in time. Aging is the passage of time and those who seem not to age are those who spend less time in their heads. Nothing happens without energy. The only source of energy is thought. If one feels the emotion of joy, the vibration in the body is increased and extends out and attracts similar. Thoughts are low energy, hence the vibration in the body is diminished and can alter cellular structure. It extends out and attracts similar.


All emotion comes from a thought which comes from an interpretation which comes from a perception of an event which comes from a projection of the mind. If we don’t see this and the emotion is negative and fails to get released, it WILL get stashed into the body part which we associate with the alleged event. Psychotherapists make ‘real’ a traumatic incident by lecturing a client on how to ‘cope’, rather than acknowledging the client’s anxiety and allowing for its release. Their purpose is to make up plans to handle various situations so the client gets stuck with ‘solutions to problems’ as opposed to being ‘empowered tocreate’ a perception whereby everyone wins. Too much time and talk and hence, cost is wasted by thelearning of this worthless information when all that’s necessary is to be vigilant, see any and all ostensiblynegative situations as the same – the opportunity to heal – and heal them in the NOW – because there is no time. Rather than many strategies which only reinforce the belief that what is happening is real, there is only one creative answer: acknowledge it, release it and forgive it. Simple, but not easy.

With children, and adolescents in particular, not only will they not hear but also there exists no lecture on ‘what to do about a problem’ because there is no problem. We who employ energy psychology see clients as whole and perfect; their only need is to release the blocks to their realization of this.

The ego gets a bunch of mileage/ kilometrage out of ‘psychotherapy’. Sadly, most therapies reinforce a problem by making it real and then pretend to solve a problem which never really existed except in the mind and their attempt usually involves solving it outside the mind. They encourage ‘talk therapy’ and teach coping mechanisms, further making the alleged problem real, come from a presumption that it has a past along with a cause that can be changed, and in the end there is erosion of our personal rights, when all that is required is to get the problem released. The more we put our egos onto the job, the more real it seems and the less chance there is to rid the alleged problem.

Our behaviour is always the result of our emotions, which is why we do such strange things … most of the time. We are reacting from old emotional trauma which has imprinted not only the event but also the reaction. We just keep returning to what was once upon a time a great solution to a traumatic event, however, as adults, it no longer works. This is part of the reason I do energy work – to release trauma and ego programming from childhood. It is very difficult for us to behave as adults when our responses to upsets were formed when we are very young. Since there is no ‘new’ upset, except maybe ‘war’, yet keep in mind we have probably all had access to that experience within the hologram, – everything is just a reminder of an older similar upset, our responses are never inventive; they are the old tapes playing over and over again. Remember Ram Dass’ book called, “Be Here Now”. He wasn’t kidding. None of us is really here now – usually. Episodically, we might be here, yet if we are, it isn’t now, and if we are in the ‘now’, we’re probably not ‘here’. Based upon Krishnamurti’s “There are no problems apart from the mind”, all problems can be healed only within the mind, yet since our ego mind thinks that it is our only mind, it tells us that it has the answer. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

In Rapid Eye Technology talking is kept to a minimum. Blinking and breathing is the way to release trauma. Imagine the hours wasted and dollars spent in therapies where the very cause of the problem is placated, pampered, and allowed to exacerbate by a therapist who has been hired to rid the problem. Since release of something that doesn’t really exist, except in the mind, is instantaneous, any more than a few hours of ‘therapy’ is redundant. People are getting fleeced into believing that their problems will take time and money to solve when in fact they are unsolvable; all that needs to occur is that they get released. This is a very brief process. But since the ego is already in charge, and we know this because of the effect it has had on us, all we are doing in consulting a psychotherapist is going along with an insane notion set forth by the ego, which is getting agreement to the idea that we have a problem. The therapist in fact does more harm than good by supporting the ego’s belief that a problem exists.

Most of our problems in life clear up simply by the process of living life itself. -Werner Erhard

‘Statistics’ show that 66% of clients are cured with psychotherapy; what statistics don’t show is that 72% are cured without it.
– Thomas Szasz, The Myth of Mental Illness

Women handle their problems by complaining and having their friends listen with compassion. That is usually all that is required. Psychotherapists are just expensive friends. Women vent, they feel listened to, (they do not solicit advice, which men are wont to give and hence, why any woman with a brain does not tell a man her problems), they feel loved which is all any ego wants anyway, and they go home feeling much better. Those who detect that it is not so much a present day problem that is holding them up but rather something in their programming which must be dragged to the trash and a new program reinstalled, must seek assistance with the release of the program. Energy therapies can do this.

I am reminded of the joke, ‘how many psychotherapists does it take to change a light bulb? Only one but the light bulb really has to want to change.’ This honestly is true. People can not and will not become who they want to become unless there is a desire to change their minds. I’ve noticed that most suggestions to people go unheard because they don’t really want to change. “If I change, who will I be?” Most people identify with their problems. They believe that this is who they are. The ego believes itself to BE that who it thinks it is and that entity is defined by the ‘problems’ it creates.

After a break-up with a man, when I was 33, my friend asked me to picture my life at age 45. She described it as perfect – career, friends, love, $$$, everything. I began to cry. She explained my tears thus: my ego dictated that in order for me to become who I wanted to be the woman I believed I was right then would have to die. My ego was actually experiencing grief over its own death. This is how I learned that I am not who my ego thinks I am. I am not my experiences, I am not my body, I am not anything. I AM. Since the part of our entire existence, of which we are conscious, is a dream, if something goes wrong, as it often does in our dreams, do we go back into our dream the following night to fix what went wrong?

No, we carry on. Trying to correct something that never happened is a waste of our energy, not to mention our time, which we never had in the first place.

* If you have a constant need to help other people, notice how you must keep them helpless.
* Hope is what keeps all suffering in place.
* Feelings of inferiority and superiority are the same. They both come from fear.

Guilt/ Blame/ Punishment

The object of your blame is always less of an obstacle than your decision to blame.
– D. Patrick Miller

There is only one disease – guilt – and it is curable.
– Kenneth Wapnick

The Energy Psychologist facilitates the release of guilt because all negative emotions stem from guilt.

Anger, for example, is never justified. It is solely a projection of our lack of self-forgiveness. Guilt makes the world go ‘round. As soon as we all stop feeling guilt, we will stop projecting it onto others and making them pay for what we think we did. We did nothing but ‘think’. The only way to release the guilt is to forgive ourselves.

Never forget that to forgive yourself is to release trapped energy that could be doing good work in theworld. Self-prosecution is never noble; it does no one a service.
– D. Patrick Miller

I incorporate ACIM into Energy Psychology by getting to the client’s emotion allowing her to be ‘right’ about her feelings. In other words, I allow her to blame whom she thinks wronged her when really what is happening is her ego is simply projecting onto another its belief in its own guilt. Since everyone ‘out there’ is only a reflexion of oneself, I gently allow her to see that what she is really doing is blaming herself (for putting herself into that situation), then release the guilt for which she is punishing herself, then forgiving herself. Sometimes it is easier to forgive the one whom we believe has wronged us than it is to forgive ourselves, yet since everyone else is our self – we are all one – then it really doesn’t matter. Without fail though, I have seen that guilt/blame/punishment is always the issue in the final analysis, so I always treat the guilt, even when anger seems to be the cause. Once we see how our ego minds have twisted it, we can begin to forgive. “Whenever two or more of you are gathered” means that all we have to do is ‘join’ with another, ideally the one with whom we have the grievance. Forgiveness is the means to peace.

I don’t attempt to undo a lifetime of ‘catholic guilt training’ in my sessions, yet I tell my clients this: Of all the patients whom I’ve ever watched as they were dying, it was the Catholics who lingered and suffered. I finally realized that although they tell a good story about their faith in God, in their hearts they are filled with a fear of God’s punishing them for the guilt that has been thrown at them their entire lives from the church. RCs are the most guilt-ridden people I’ve ever known and their manner of dying proves this. I’m sorry for those who have been terrorized by the church and I hope that they can begin to undo the damage so that they don’t have to suffer needlessly.

Our belief in someone’s malady only strengthens their fear, thereby corroborating their belief that they need ‘help’. As long as we ‘fight cancer’, we strengthen it by making it real. In fact, doing anything about anything, even if it seems positive, only strengthens our belief that something is wrong. I’m not talking about doing what comes next in life. Something occurs and we do what it takes to make it the way we want it. I’m talking about the judgement that something is ‘wrong’. We make things real by acknowledgingthem. We bring into existence, and/or keep in existence that which we resist simply by directing our attention to it and trying to correct it. What we resist persists. Energy flows where attention goes.

I no longer complain that cancer patients won’t work with me to release the anger, grief, and guilt over their trauma. I now complain that they are not only deceiving themselves and their loved ones but also paying the genocidal pharmaceutical industry and the medical mafia to cause them great physical suffering, not to mention financial hardship in some cases. It seems as if they believe they deserve this treatment based upon their belief in their guilt over the circumstances they created – and yet care not to mention – due to its already debilitating effect upon them. I don’t mind their subconscious declaration, “I’d rather die than face this”. There is nothing wrong with wanting to die any more than there is something wrong with wanting anything our ego minds want; it is the lack of awareness which is unhealthy. I only wish I could get my mitts on them before they go through this pretense of wanting to live. I might be able to point out to them that there is a much easier, faster, more agreeable way of dealing with their trauma than dying. There exist many energy therapies which will assist them in releasing their emotional trauma surrounding an event which they can not face. Energy work is safe, quick, and does not require the patient to re-live the trauma.

Trauma just energetically disappears. Cancer is no more a ‘terminal disease’ than is the common cold. It is only that most of society has been manipulated to believe it is, along with most other things concerning finances, education, religion, relationships, etc. I want people to stop believing nonsense, take charge of their circumstances and resultant state of health by realizing that they, and only they, were powerful enough to have created the circumstances and so they are powerful enough to create something else.

My best example of Drs. Simonton’s theory was a patient I had with cancer of the larynx. What does this tell you? He believes he either said something he wished he hadn’t or didn’t say something he wished he had. So, after rapid calculation of trauma to diagnosis, I asked his wife what occurred about two years ago. “We got married.” Yikes! What’s to say to that? Then I realized that saying, “I do” is too easy to undo and so not something over which to develop cancer. So I asked, “Anything else? “Well, the minute we got married his daughter quit speaking to him”…. and he had quit speaking to her. I rest my case.

For years I told people, “Curing cancer is as simple as releasing the emotional trauma which caused it” and for years no one seemed interested in my assistance. I remained flabbergasted until I realized that one of the aspects of the ‘cancer personality’ is that at an unconscious level, cancer patients want to die, or they wouldn’t have developed cancer. It is their belief, through Medical Mafia programming, which causes them to think that cancer means they will no longer have to face the trauma or, most important, their interpretation of the trauma which is diminishing their basic life force. Cancer is just socially acceptable suicide.

Cancer cells can not live in high cellular vibration or in oxygen so the patient tends to reduce, almost intuitively, his level of exercise. Since statistics prove that medical intervention will NOT cure cancer and in fact, no one I’ve ever known has ever died of cancer, he has died from the medical treatment of cancer, subconsciously, again, they submit to the medic’s recommendations because in them, they have an ally in not taking responsibility. They know they can stop dealing with their trauma sooner by acquiescing to the medics/ego’s plan for salvation and dying sooner. Since loved ones are generally horrified by the fact that the patient is dying, as they have been equally conned, they express sadness, etc. and the patient pretends, for their sakes, to want to get healthy again. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If they truly wanted to get better, they would reveal the cause of their illness, the emotional trauma which is literally destroying them – yet they rarely do. Those who do, recover. Most take their trauma to their graves because, although initially they feel anger towards another one involved in the event, they inevitably blame themselves, feel horrendous guilt over it, and wouldn’t dare tell anyone of their part in it, even when the telling would be the first step in saving their lives. I know of many people who have cured their cancer via forgiveness.

The body doesn’t heal because the body isn’t sick; only the mind can heal because only the mind is sick. The body doesn’t suffer; the body doesn’t DO anything. It only does what the mind tells it to do. – Kenneth Wapnick.

So, I suggest to my clients to begin, for their own sakes, the process of forgiving whomever it is they believe has caused their distress, remembering that it was only their interpretation of the situation which caused their pain, not the incident itself. Remember Krishnamurti said, “there are no problems apart fromthe mind.” As I say, if it is easier to forgive oneself – same sameness, because anger at another is only the ego’s attempt to hide from our conscious mind the guilt we feel and the punishment we believe we deserve.

Foisting our guilt onto another might afford our egos some vindication, however, we create a downward spiral of anger/attack/guilt/blame/punishment/anger … ad infinitum. Anger Management classes suggest that we ought to hang onto our anger and manage it when if fact we ought to release it. Then we would nolonger have it to manage. This behaviour demonstrates that we believe either

1) causing someone else suffering will ease our own or,
2) we all deserve only suffering.

The only way to end it is to forgive, absolve the guilt, and stop an otherwise endless cycle of what doesn’t work for anyone. Ultimately, we all will be required to do this. In the introduction to A Course In Miracles, it reads, “This is a required course; only the time you take is optional.” So, we can do it now or we can do it later.

People still haven’t truly integrated the concept that all disease is caused by a slowing of the vibration of every cell in the body and in particular the cells which the patient subconsciously relates to the emotional trauma which caused the mind to slow the vibration, via depression and anxiety, and thereby restrict oxygen to the very cells which most need it. They still think that fixing the body is all that is necessary when in fact it is the mind which must be healed because it is the mind which caused the problem in the first place by its very interpretation of the emotional trauma. However, since many people still insist upon healing the body first, I hereby suggest the best way to do that.

We all know that toxins are ubiquitous in our present environment – food, air, water, clothing. So, clean that up to the extent of your ability. The one which I consider the scourge, because most are unaware of its effects, is fragranced fabric softeners. No one can heal in a toxic environment and those who are subjected to that poison are energetically out of alignment 24/7 as it is in bedding as well. I used to tell parents who asked me to work with their “ADD/ADHD” children that if they wash everything, with which the child is in contact, in a natural detergent about 9 times – this tells you how toxic this stuff is – and they don’t see dramatic improvement in the child, I will treat the child for free. They always reported an improvement.

Science has discovered that our bodies require essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, and now essential long-chain monosaccharides. These 8 sugars are making the most significant and dramatic difference in increasing and prolonging one’s health. The latest and greatest of the food supplements – nutriceuticals – is “glyconutrients”. No matter what your health problem, feeding your body what it requires will allow your body to heal itself. This treatment is not disease-specific, as all pharmaceuticals are, so you can take this product “for whatever ails you”. Bodies of cancer patients who are taking glyconutrients are healing cancer in two to four months. It is one of the easiest diseases to heal as usually only one system is involved – the immune system – and once it is up and running it can handle cancer very quickly and efficiently. The body can heal most diseases, depending upon the number of systems involved -endocrine, neural, etc. on Glyconutrients. If you want some, email me. Maybe when your body feels better you can handle facing the emotional trauma which caused the disease in the first place.

Separation / Forgiveness

Our interpretation of every event in our lives is based upon our previous experiences. We bring our past experiences to every perception. This is why “we are never upset for the reason we think.” We are rarely in the present. We base our every experience upon past events since this is where we go in the file(brain computer) in order to determine how to respond. So nothing is new. Ram Dass wrote in his book, Be Here Now, that if we could stay in the present, which our ego minds so loathe, we could not possibly have any upset. Our upsets are always only a reminder of something which exists only in our recollectionof our pasts. Next time you are upset, ask yourself of what this situation reminds you. Now bring it forward and see how you are simply re-watching a bad movie and responding the same way. Turn off the bad movie and see it as neutral; not good, just neutral.

The circumstances we create in life are solely for the opportunity for us to forgive ourselves for having ‘judged’ (generally as ‘bad’ and hence holding ourselves as the guilty party) previous similar circumstances. This is why what we deem as, ‘the same damn thing over and over’ does indeed continue to show up in our lives. The upset itself is the opportunity to take responsibility, release the emotion, and forgive the judgement. Every day I release any energy I might have on “regret of the past, fear of the future, fear-based emotions, and anything unlike love.”

We all have a commitment to looking good because we think it has something to do with our lovableness; – it hasn’t.

Our perception of circumstances can cause us to override the purpose of relationship, thereby causing their demise. This is tragic demonstration that we believe there is something more valuable to us than the knowing that the living soul before us is our own self and whose sole purpose is to remind us that we can overcome any suffering we experience by joining with him/her and remembering to forget the seemingly important incident. Burt Hotchkiss, in his book, Your Owner’s Manual, describes a car collision where ‘the other guy’ was clearly at fault, very apologetic, and got his insurance company onto it immediately.

For years Burt had suffered with back pain and now, this incident inflamed his back. A woman from the insurance company came to his house and asked Burt how much money it would take to “make him whole”. Burt had to remember that he was already “whole”, and what an interesting way of relating the concept of compensation. The amount of ‘money’ he could recover from this ‘accident’ was substantial; all he had to do was complete the claim form and mail it in. He spent days pouring over this form, never feeling quite right about it, however, finally did finish it up and headed for the post. He drove around the block several times considering the fact that this claim form was evidence that the other driver was separatefrom him. Finally, he did NOT post the form; he tore it up, and put the entire incident behind him. Heawoke the next day, completely free of back pain, and never ever again experienced any of the pain whichhe had suffered for years prior to this ‘accident’.

What an opportunity this auto accident was! How many of us can see that this sort of ostensible problem in our lives is the proverbial ‘blessing in disguise’. Its ALL up to us and our perception of it.

I healed my arthritic thumb via the same process. For about 5 months I noticed that I could not lift a 1 lb. jar with my right hand without having to use my left to support it. Since I was only 45 at the time the anticipation of this being the beginning of arthritis in my hands was so frightening that I tried not to think about it and hence, didn’t do anything about it. One evening I’d had enough, I was feeling quite powerful, and so I asked myself about what I was being so ‘inflexible’, of which I had in fact been accused by a certain family member. I got my answer and after a promise to myself that I would no longer take so seriously the stand I had been taking, I forgave myself for my ‘rigidity’. From that instant on, I have had no pain or lack of strength in that thumb.

Burt’s story about our all being one is obvious as it involved $$$, the grandest measure of our separateness. It separates the ‘haves’ from the ‘have nots’, the CEOs from the blue collars (and you know it has nothing to do with brains), the jet-setters from the couch potatoes, the mansions from the shanties, the Riviera from the campground, the lender from the borrower…… the creditor from the debtor. Yet, not so obvious are the every day situations in which we choose to make someone our debtor, whether it was someone’s not doing his job and thereby forcing us to do it, or someone taking advantage of us, stealing our time, effort, talent, love, – whatever, we translate it into their ‘owing’ us. Except in the case of wrongful death, we seem capable of allowing money to compensate us for whatever we feel we are ‘owed’ by the one who has grieved us. This is why there is inordinate litigation – we believe in compensation, we believe $$$ will make us whole again, restore us to who we think we are. But we cannot feel as if someone owes us without simultaneously feeling he is separate from us. Our belief that someone owes us keeps us believingin something which is untrue.


I think we feel shame over the entire concept of $$$ solely because we know at some level it is what keeps us from completely joining with another. A prenuptial agreement is a great example. ‘What’s mine is mine; what’s yours is yours’. What better way to begin a relationship, which by definition means a degree of ‘oneness’, than by declaring up front what is separate. I laugh at myself when I think that there was a time when I probably could have gone into such a contract with a straight face.

I used to think that volunteering for anything was stupid. The more often I behave as if no one is separate from me, the more evidence I will gather that this is true since the results of my offering will prove it. It is spooky thought, taking every opportunity to assist others when my life matters most. But I’d always take care of myself first, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be capable of assisting another. So I must consider first my own well-being. Remember the oxygen masks in airplanes – put yours on before assisting another. My resultant sanity, strength, intuition, and courage will allow me more ability to be present for others.

My friend, the crazy doctor, told Medicare she will no longer require their services, meaning she will treat patients who can not ‘pay’ her and she will not be submitting bills to Medicare for reimbursement . If patients choose to compensate her in some fashion, which might mean vegetables from their gardens, or not at all, she could not care less. True, she did have other private paying patients yet she realized supporting Medicare was, in a circuitous manner, supporting gov’t benefits – which makes slaves of us all. Her ensuing peace of mind was by far greater than any funds she might receive from the feds. Declaring we will no longer charge for our services is scary, but it is something we must do if we intend to become our true selves. As long as we stay in the smallness of the Commerce Game due to fear of the repercussions of getting out of it, we will never rise above it to become the powerful living souls we are meant to become.

The day dawned when to remain enclosed in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

I know that what I intend to implement will catch on, if only because people’s lives will work better.

David Hawkins, in his book, Power vs. Force outlines precisely what level of consciousness, measured in energy, is required to counterbalance the lower levels of consciousness.

When enough of us become enlightened (allegedly calculated to the square root of 1% of the world’s population which is just over 8,000 people), the level of consciousness of the entire universe will shift. Hawkins even states the numbers and claims that we have, in fact, already reached ‘critical mass’. ACIM states that when this level of consciousness reaches this point the manifestation of our thought energy will be the disappearance of the entire universe since as it stands now is also a manifestation of our energy. When we wake up and know that none of this is real, it is only the Matrix, it will cease to exist. Upon our awakening from the dream we will be back home in the Infinite Energy with our Creator. As yet, the only reason we have yet to experience this is because of the slow vibration of the dense physicality in which we live. It has occurred already at the spiritual level. As David Icke says, those who want to keep us entrapped in the density of the never ending matrix, what the Hindus call the never-ending cycle of death and re-birth will simply fail, which is why they are flailing in their desperation to keep us from becoming enlightened. Yet it is already done. This is a very exciting time. Very soon we will experience it.

The End of the World As We Know It

Why is this such a threat? I think life on this planet ‘as we know it’ is unacceptable to about 95% of the world’s population. I look forward to ‘the end of the world as we know it’. Not only does my intuition tell me that it is about to change drastically but also many other sources suggest the same thing. I used to think that the Mayan Calendar was akin to the Gregorian Calendar in that it measures the passage of time. It does not; it measures the Levels of Creation. mayanmajix.com has a bunch of info to help us understand where we’re headed and even more important, that this can be only good, better, and best news. Here’s just a brief outline of the past and next few years. Dates are approximate.

1999 – seeds of consciousness are planted
2000 – consciousness is activated
2001 – polarity is displayed
2002 – old and new consciousness collide
2003 – Truth rolls out whether we like it or not
2004 – adjustments to Truth (don’t hang on – go with the flow)
2005 – new foundations of human relations
2006 – ethical procedures are implemented
2007 – we meet our Galactic neighbours
2008 – end of manufactured lack – !!!
2009 – consciousness surpasses technology
2010 – bliss – we need to practise
2011 – we evolve to conscious Co-Creation of existence and experience …….
……. the End of the World As We Know It.

Exciting, eh?

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities disguised as impossible situations.

I want freedom and imperturbability more than control, security, and approval. If you think something outside of yourself is the cause of your problem, you will look outside of yourself for the answer.

Do you feel fear when I say there will be an economic collapse, one of the results of which will be no SS/CP when it is our time to collect? Be certain to recognize that your fear is not about your future; it is about your belief in your powerlessness. Why would you think that there being no government-issued financial security in your future has anything to do with who you are and what you can do? If you want to come from a powerful position, if you want others to think of you as powerful, then come from love.

People perceive love as all-powerful ….. because it is. Remember who you are. You are not what you think you are; What you think – you are.
– Red Pritchard

Inevitably I am asked, “You think you can change the world?” Well, yes and no. Yes, because the world is only a huge manifestation of my consciousness so I can change it anytime I choose. And no, because there is no world to change; it is all just a manifestation of what is going on in my collective mind.

Once I change my mind and raise my level of consciousness, which Ram Dass says, “equals energy, love, light, awareness, wisdom, beauty, truth, purity” I can change what appears to be out there in the ‘world’.

The Mayans state this will occur in less than eight (8) years. There are innumerable sources of this information; do not take only my word for this. I continue to discover it in every imaginable manner; I am stunned by how ‘known’ this really is. Do not expect to see this on the 11 o’clock news. This concept is anathema to the PTB and the agenda of the NWO. It serves them not; their design to keep us in fear will ultimately fail; we will prevail as long as we keep in mind that they also are a projection of our fears.

When we clean up our thinking they also will cease to exist. They are only part of the nightmare which we have dreamt due to our belief in guilt. Those in our dream, the International Banksters, are simply the boogiemen whom we have created to punish us for our belief in our guilt. They continue to keep us thinking we are guilty – of one thing or another – in order for them to control us. But it is we who must simply say, “NO!” It is simply a case of turning around in our dream in which we are being chased by the monster and facing it and realizing it is something we made up to scare us for the purpose of furthering our fears thereby creating a vicious cycle. If we stop feeling fear, the bad guys simply dematerialize because it is our fear which feeds them. They are only a manifestation of our fear. If we raise our level of consciousness we can no longer manifest this type of horror. They require our fear in order to exist. We release our fear and they cease to exist. We are simply watching the ugly parts of the horror movie because we know the ending is happy. It is just a question of ‘time’ – which also exists only in our minds.

But we must become conscious enough to recognize this. Many are putting this entire ‘end of theworld as we know it’ on the back burner – pretending it isn’t happening. This is tantamount to ‘ignore it and it’ll go away’. We must acknowledge that we are the creators of all this nonsense and just as we were powerful enough to create it we are powerful enough to create something better. Remember who you are.

How do we raise our level of consciousness? By remembering the Golden Rule. Whenever I feel anger towards someone – usually a family member – as it is the purpose of everyone in my life to get me to face myself, I immediately notice that this is a result of my belief that he is separate from me and that my response to his behaviour is only the opportunity for me to forgive this belief. As quickly as possible I remember that what my ego is presently telling me is that he is separate from me and deserves punishment for his behaviour. What is true is that he is another manifestation of my consciousness and that I (the real me – the extension of my Creator, the God in me, my Spirit self) created that instant solely for the purpose of reminding me of the truth. I created it all – since it is my dream – I created people and circumstances only for my ultimate benefit. The opportunity is for me to stop my ego from telling me that the way I can save my soul is to project my guilt onto another. But:

1. there is no guilt, only my belief in my guilt;

2. there is no ‘other’, only my belief that this manifestation of my energy/ consciousness is notconnected to me in any way;

3. projecting my guilt onto another – getting angry – only reinforces my belief in my guilt, thereby reducing, not increasing, my level of energy and consciousness. I am convinced that this is the biggest cause of exhaustion – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The solution is to remember that I created the entire scene for the salvation of my soul and do I want to take this opportunity right now, since ‘now’ is all there is, or do I want to waste more eons of ‘time’ and energy? (There is no ‘time’, however, we do experience it in that we want to spend it in joy and not in pain.) I quickly recall that the only reason this entire circumstance exists is for me to forgive my belief in my guilt. I can take the opportunity or leave it. I grab it and remember that this ‘other entity’ is myself and how do I want to be treated? I want to be treated with love. This is the only acceptable answer. I want to feel love. How can I do this for myself ? As soon as I choose to do this, my belief in my guilt disappears. I am happier, more joyful, and I have raised my level of consciousness enough to counterbalance a bit more of the negative energy of the universe, which I have created in many other aspects (times and places) of the hologram which I created in an instant. I am now capable of seeing every single second of my day as this opportunity – this is all there is. I nolonger really have a life with a past and a future and this is the way I want it. I just continue to create opportunities for me to forgive my belief in my guilt. I have no goal other than this. I do intend certain circumstances in which to allow these opportunities to occur, e.g.: to find a friend who has this identical intention. This becomes easier for me to attract because with each forgiveness opportunity my consciousness level increases and I am likely to attract whatever my consciousness deems significant.

When our level of energy (vibration) is slow, we attract things and entities which resonate at that level. We can actually remain at a low level of energy for long periods of time which cause us to believe that the world is not good. This in turn causes us to feel despondent, which lowers our energy and consciousness even more and we continue to create low energy circumstances.

This is how we got to this slow, dense, thick, heavy level of the Matrix in the first place. It continues to get thicker and the evidence is that which is going on in the world. Yet energy must remain balanced which means that the worse it all seems to get, the better it is getting at the same time. When we raise our consciousness we change the world – except that there is no world, except in our minds. Keeping in mind that this level of consciousness is what works for those who are running the world, doesn’t it behoove us to raise our consciousness in order to shift it? We must remain vigilant, yet not react to them, and most certainly not fear them.

I recall hearing Ken Wapnick years ago saying, “If you really want to change something in the world, whether it is child abuse, war, environment pollution, do your work at home – forgive your parents, your children, your spouse…” I thought he was out of his mind. I now know he is completely accurate. There is child abuse, war, pollution, etc. only because I think that the people in my life are separate from me. It is as simple as that. Apply the Golden Rule, yet know what it means; don’t accept it as religious dogma; realize it is our ticket out of this mess. We can only become wealthy by eliminating $$$ from our lives. The means to do this is to remember to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

The bulk of our behaviour is motivated by fear which is due to the programming of our subconscious mind. Unless we actively take conscious action to behave from love, we are automatically behaving due to our having been hypnotized to believe in fear. This is no co-incidence. All our programming, school, TV, print, audio, visual, news, everything is for the purpose of programming us to fear and hence to behave from fear as opposed to from love. When we feel fear we can be controlled and manipulated. Knowing this, we can subsequently know that every circumstance which our programmed subconscious mind creates is for the purpose of choosing whether to believe it as it appears or to see it as the opportunity to forgive ourselves for creating something fearful.

When I forgive my father for loving me only when I work and earn $$$, the following shifts occur:

1. I realize he and his behaviour exist only in my mind for the sole purpose of forgiveness;

2. I realize that it was I who was loving me only upon the condition that I work and earn a lot of $$$;

3. My energy and consciousness both increase;

4. I remember that the whole thing is my creation for the purpose of remembering that Infinite Love is all there is; everything else is illusion. There is a story of a monk who moved into a new town and when a young girl became pregnant the people wanted to know who was responsible. She answered, “the Buddhist monk”. The people stormed his house and demanded that he financially support the child, to which he agreed. Years later the girl confessed that the monk was not responsible and so the people of the town asked him why he agreed to pay. He responded, “You requested I do this and so I did. It was just the next thing in my life which showed up for me to do; it was what was needed and wanted.” He didn’t get caught up in the meaning of it all and most certainly did not defend himself. In my defencelessness my safety lies – ACIM

Thoughts left unattended are about 85% negative. If we are vigilant we can choose to think something else when we detect them. If our choice is kindness, we just saved us all much time and energy. Love is exponentially more powerful than fear.

USE those close to you for this purpose – this is their sole function in your life. This is why you created them – to serve you. But they are to serve you in only one way because this is the only way any of us can function. Life is only ‘love’ or ‘not love’; there is no other option. Choose what works. I know it can be difficult to wrap one’s mind around this, however, I suggest that if you are diligent and do it as an experiment, the results will convince you. We must do this every instant – sorry, but this is the only way it will work. Take heart as, so we must breathe almost every instant also, so just incorporate ‘forgiveness’ into your perception as your means to your survival. Stay conscious.


Although I feel certain that we will ‘arrive’, I think barter will be the interim step. There is nothing wrong with this. The locals of Ithaca, NY use Ithaca Hours, notes which are worth ‘hours’, not $$$. The dentist’s hour is no more valuable than the chambermaid’s hour. Apparently, Cambridge Ontario is using its own currency called Community Dollars. The people of Argentina learned the hard way. The IMF stole all their property, their production, their labour, and their lives because they could no longer pay the arbitrarily increasing rate of interest on the fictitious loan. As one woman put it, after the banks collapsed, and the people returned to bartering their labour and productivity among themselves, “We just figured, if they won’t give us their money, fine – we’ll make our own.” And they did. They are now thriving on their own interest-free currency. No more poverty. They no longer have to produce three times their needs and sell two thirds of it to pay artificial interest payments to banks! They will not accept cash of any kind or even the fictitious value of gold. Barter, whether we use our own self-created currency or whether we use electronic trade credits from barter exchanges and networks is a perfect next step in our realization that we are all one because it will move us away from the FRN/BCN which are literally stealing our health, wealth, love, peace of mind, labour, production, talent, spirit … our lives.

Barter is a fabulous way to get out from under the International Banksters; the government itself uses barter and 68% of all Fortune 500 corporations are involved in barter. You think they don’t know it works? Since banking is fraud, then any other ‘alternative banking system’, e.g.: the gold standard, is still fraud. Unless, as Tim Madden says, someone out there has a quadrillion dollars to bail out the banks, we are headed for a financial collapse. If we do not have barter in place, there will be suffering. ‘Money’ is purely and simply an illusion used by the banks to steal the efforts of your production and to enslave us all.

It would behoove us all to get out of the fraudulent banking system sooner than later.

Barter however, still suggests a debtor/creditor relationship. We are at our happiest when we are being who we really are, whether this is lending our energy, exuding our talents, giving our time. I contend that women will be the first to get moving on this because, while men continue to compete, our nature is to be co-operative. We women can and will make the quantum leap from Nightmare to Awake ….. $$$ to Love.


Time is actually speeding up (or collapsing). For thousands of years the Schumann Resonance or pulse (heartbeat) of Earth has been 7.83 cycles per second. The military has used this as a very reliable reference. However, since 1980 this resonance has been slowly rising. It is now over 12 cycles per second! This means there is the equivalent of less than 16 hours per day instead of the old 24 hours.

The message is to follow our hearts, our gut feelings and intuition, not our intellect. We must be discerning with the feelings and information we process. Does it resonate with us? Work towards healing the planet and self and say ‘no’ to those who wish to control us. The Mayan calendar can help free us from the time/$$$ circle, liberate the mind, and open the way to the new age beyond time and $$$.

Erhard said, “When I’m enlightened, everything trains me”. I had no idea what he was talking about.

We are to seize every opportunity to forgive and remember that what seems to be adverse is only to remind us of this, thereby making it easier and less time-consuming. This is what ‘relationship’ is all about and in particular with those to whom we are closest … those who make us crazy … those with whom we live.

Tara Singh explained that prior to a chosen lifetime we know the purpose of life is to forgive and we promise that if we are given the chance to live another life we will only love and forgive. Alas, when we arrive we tend to forget our vow and live life in a manner which doesn’t work – from fear. Only forgiveness allows us truly to live.

Every illusional circumstance which our programmed, subconscious mind creates is an opportunity consciously to forgive our belief in our guilt via forgiving others who are ostensibly involved. I want freedom and imperturbability more than control, security, and approval. We never do anything wrong ….. or right for that matter; we simply make choices which must be made in order to stay in the game. Our interpretation of them dictates our state of mind. The events are immaterial and irrelevant – the facts are on the moon; where we go with our choices is all that matters.

Commerce itself is only a manifestation of what is going on in our minds. Everything is only a manifestation of the energy from our thoughts. We believe we are separate from each other and we believe we are separate from our Creator. The PTB are only reflecting back our beliefs. They are literally ‘laughing all the way to the bank’. Yet they are our saviours because they are teaching us, albeit brutally, in my opinion, that we are to honour our contracts, our word is our bond, and not to make promises we can’t keep. If there is the slightest doubt in our minds about what we are entering into, we have the authority to reject any offer of contract. This applies to every area of our lives – commonly called, Learning to Say No.

If we dishonour ourselves by contracting when we really don’t want to, there are serious consequences – the main one being our integrity and ethics are compromised. Since this is paramount in our spiritual growth, I say the feds are just reminding us, however harsh this generally is. If we can regard them in this manner, we can use them to improve our lives by setting our intentions higher. Again, we must listen to our intuition and not let anyone seemingly outside ourselves have any authority over us. We are not to let fear run us. No answer which comes from outside of us can have any value to us. If you Meet the Buddah on the Road Kill Him means, have no gurus – you are all knowing. Do not take counsel from your fears.

The Commerce Game is a direct result of our own projected thoughts -that we are separate from each other, from our Creator, that we are competing not only with each other but also vying for the love and acceptance of our Creator – all based upon our belief that we will be punished for … our having separated from It. How can we separate from something that is omnipresent? One of the most glaring manifestations of this fear is that we believe there is an ‘authority’ outside our self. Our true authority is our own self, which is the extension of our Creator. There is NO authority outside ourselves.

We can’t even say that God is our authority because God is not separate from us although our egos most certainly want us to think it is, solely for the purpose of perpetrating the fraud that we are alone, unsafe, unconnected. We can choose at any instant to change our minds.

“Earning Our Living”

How did we come to be coerced to believe that we are required to ‘earn our keep’? The movie, The Matrix states we are just batteries – the energy to fuel the pleasure of the PTB, those who never did, never will, never even thought to work a day in their lives. When one is born into slavery, one tends not to question it. Unfortunately, the Protestant Work Ethic is still alive and well, shaming us into ‘earning a living’. Many of us have had jobs/ careers which we loved, but rarely do I find anyone who is doing what he truly wants to do. The term, ‘working for someone else’ is vastly misunderstood. Everyone complains about it; few understand its gravity. Usually it is said within the context of “you’ll never get rich working for someone else”, yet it far more serious. Why would anyone do anything for someone else when it doesn’t serve oneself first? This is not about serving or not serving; this is about not fulfilling our God-given right, not to mention our God-given order to ‘BE joyful’.

As extensions of our Creator, we are co-creators. Everything we experience, we create. We create withour signatures the funds we use to obtain what we think we want, but this has little to do with money; it has to do with our ability, desire, right, and expectation to create. Why are we made to feel as if we have to payfor this…. or anything?

I always wondered about the 144,000 mentioned in Revelations. Surely there are more than this number on the planet who consider themselves worthy of the alleged Rapture, so who are they really? It might be the number of us who at the precise moment at which it matters, will no longer be operating in commerce. We who have put our faith in our spiritual survival will simply be able to leave our bodies when it gets too gruesome. We will already have ended our concern over our physical survival – the reason for commerce in the first place. It was the government’s sole weapon of FEAR which is what kept us playing this insidious game – chasing the almighty buck, believing it would save us. We will have removed ourselves from that which kept us bound by the rules of the Elite – those who intend to enslave us – physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. The only way to win is not to play.


I asked myself, “What would the success of my book look like?” ‘Fame or fortune’ became my options. I realized that acknowledgement in the form of commercial success would be anathema to my peace of mind. The alternative was ‘fame’. Acknowledgements such as, “I read your book – you’re weird” would be preferable. My intention is to hear remarks such as, “I’ve rung up my credit cards – what’s the latest?”, “Your book empowered me to tell the IRS to sign their ‘offer’ under penalty of perjury.”, “I no longer charge for my art – I just love painting.”, “After I read your book, I quit my job – spooky, yet …. I’m now in control”; “I read your book – what are you living on?”, “I got a traffic citation; I know I’m not required to pay it, so tell me how”, “I know I’m not required to pay property tax….”, “I received an offer of contract from CRA; I just told them I don’t want to contract with them ….”.

Question Authority

We all knew the alleged authorities had no right to tell us what to do and yet no one bothered to ask the right questions which evidenced the fact, ‘the only authority in my life is I.’ So, I ask that you question everything – in particular every time you find yourself handing over your cash for no apparent reason. Ask to see the law that requires you to do so, even more important the enforcement clause – the part about ‘what will happen if I don’t?’, and most important, the proof that the ‘law’ applies to you. Remember it only applies to the entity whose name resembles your name, which is a gov’t-created fiction designed to get you to pay what the feds ought to be paying you. Use your intuition; do not use any books, e.g.: the Bible, people, agencies, associations, etc. as your ‘authority’. None of them is real. Only your knowing is reliable.

Spiritual Economics

The most difficult thing we will ever have to do in life is change our minds about what we believe to be ‘truth’. For our entire lives we have been programmed, coerced, propagandized, tricked, manipulated, lied to, deceived – almost out of living life itself. We’ve all heard the many clichés, aphorisms, and quotations which suggest that we must evolve and learn. The lesson is: We are the source of all we experience. If wewant to change what we think we are experiencing, we must change our minds about our perceptions.

The greatest discovery of any generation is that a living soul can alter his life by altering his attitude.
– William James

The only thing that keeps me sane is recalling that since I made it all up, as I make up any and all of my dreams, I can change my mind about any part of it at any time. By remembering that none of this is real and none of this is really happening, except in my mind, I know that all I have to do is forgive myself for judging my circumstances, since, why judge something that isn’t really happening? Why go back into a dream the next night to fix the ‘bad parts’? The bad dream never happened except in my mind. I feel great compunction in permitting previous principle to prevent present progress – I’m willing to change my mind.

How are we going to remove ourselves from a system designed not to work if we continue to do what they want us to do – slave-labour for them as they control us with their worthless pieces of paper?

What will it take before we say, “Not only ‘NO’, but ‘HELL, NO!’” I think it will require great numbers of us only because we will have to change the actual medium of exchange. We must stop using Monopoly money. Most of the people I know are complaining about ‘not having enough money’. Rather than busy ourselves with second and third jobs, which is precisely what the feds want us to do because it will generate more taxes from those who don’t know that they are not required to hand it over, we must spend some time and effort on removing ourselves from such a self-defeating system. We are in a downward spiral and working more is only digging us deeper. We must begin to ‘work smarter’.

This is not about attack, since attack only breeds more guilt which creates anger which perpetuates further attack. This is not about vengeance – getting them for all the distress they have caused us; this is about simply choosing no longer to play the game. When enough of us want out of a game which we cannot possibly win, the game will meet its demise, along with those who are depending upon us to continue their charade. We will be free.

I understand that a very poignant question might be, “Why do we believe that our true freedom is so dependent upon money?” This is a very difficult belief to bust up, as the entire world functions, rather does NOT function, on this belief. We can only further convince ourselves that it is real by continuing to play and hence be at the effect of this. When we change our minds about the ostensible power of those who intend to destroy us and realize that we are our own power and authority we will change our circumstances.

Freedom from financial tyranny and oppression will cause us to believe that we are not financially oppressed which will change our minds about our financial freedom. Finally we will see that our freedom is not dictated by the state of our finances.

What is so mind boggling is that all of this is being financed by the American people themselves through their own taxes. In other words, the American people are underwriting the destruction of their own freedom and way of life by lavishly financing through federal and state grants the very social scientists who are undermining our national sovereignty and preparing our children to become the dumbed-down vassals of the new world order.
– Samuel L. Blumenfeld

Those whom we believe to be thugs are really just very frightened because they know the IMF can call in the loan at any time and they are frantically trying to confiscate as much cash as possible to give them.

The longer they can do this, the longer they can stave off the crash, but if we don’t pay them as much as we can, the system will collapse like a house of cards. Be willing to put their minds at rest – sign over as much of your exemption as they ask. Remember, their intent is not to hurt you as much as it is to save their own skins. Have some compassion; remember – its only business. Let’s be kind to the servants and give them whatever they require – particularly when we have billions – my personal exemption is worth over 15 billion dollars. It doesn’t hurt me in the slightest to sign over $14,000 to MBNA. It is a drop in the bucket.

Remember they are the frightened servants in the basement conspiring to steal the cash of the master of the house, who has so much he doesn’t know what to do with it. What we the masters/ sovereigns don’t want is their stealing our productivity, labour, and property. If all they need is $$$, then we can surely let them have that in the form of our exemption via a transfer instrument drawn on our unlimited credit. But if we let them intimidate and scare us into giving them our houses, shame on us for falling for their fear tactics.

Lawfully Avoiding the Draft

With all the angst over the allegedly imminent ‘mandatory draft’ which will soon include Canadians I feel compelled to add this for all the young men and women who are waking up to the horrors of this war. The Draft Notice, as with everything else the Feds present us, is only an offer to contract. We are free to accept it or reject it. The Feds present the rather compelling case that one is legally obliged to complete the questionnaire and sign it, but … who said so? If we know who we are we don’t have to do anything we don’t want to do. They are pulling every trick in the book to get us to sign our lives away – literally. Once our signature is on that contract, we have only three (3) days to rescind it. Never sign any contract unless you agree completely with the terms and conditions therein – and preferably only contracts which you yourself have drawn up.

One question on this contract one signs when he registers for the draft is: “Are you a US Citizen?”

What this question really means is: “Are you a 14th Amendment Citizen? – in which case you are a government-created, fictional, corporate entity and hence will do as we say” -as opposed to: “Are you an American National /American Sovereign? – in which case all your rights are reserved not only in common law but also in commerce”. War IS Commerce. If you were to answer “No” to that question, you would not be drafted. You, as sovereign, are always free to volunteer, but only 14th Amendment Citizens can be drafted. They are required to do what they are told to do. Why do you think the US wants the illegal aliens, or anyone for that matter, to get a driver’s licence and/or register to vote? As soon as they do, they have contracted to be US Citizens and they immediately lose any freedoms and rights they might otherwise have had as sovereign Americans.

If you don’t want to go to war – and who would, knowing what that private, belligerent, foreign corporation, known as the USG, has in store for anyone who signs up? – then don’t sign the contract, the terms of which are not to your liking. Under Article 1 §10 of the Constitution, you have the right to contract and the right NOT to contract. The entire matter becomes very simple when you remember who you are.

Those who go to war are each insured for 10 million dollars. The beneficiary is the USA. Family members get $600,000. The more soldiers who die, the richer become the Feds.

If the draft becomes ‘mandatory’ it will be very important that you remember that you are the master of the house and the Feds are only the frightened servants in the basement conspiring to steal the property and/or the life of the master of the house. If you let them scare you into giving up your life, then shame on you for accepting that fear.

As with any offer of contract do not go to the basement (read: ‘court’) and contract with them; do not argue with them; do not study their laws to find a loophole which allows you out of their schemes; do not mention the Constitution/Charter of Rights and Freedoms – they can’t hear it; do not give them anything other than your firm word that you decline to contract with those who do not have your best interests at heart. Remember they are desperate; we are to be only kind to them, not to give up our lives to them.

This rejection of offer to contract works with any invitation you receive – whether it is an invitation to war or an invitation to court; its all the same. They are trying to get you to contract and you want to remain free. If you remain vigilant, you can spot them coming a mile away, along with their surreptitious tactics.

For those of you who might have read this from the perspective of your public capacity and believe I am “giving financial/legal advice” or “practising law without a licence”, no doubt you have realized by now that I am practising only common sense and suggesting a better way to play the Commerce Game and better yet, no longer to play at all.

For the rest of you: Remember Who You Are.


Two days before I left for Peru, my boys’ father received a statement from CRA – Rev Can. This was due to my having applied for Child Tax Benefits and CRA wanted a tax return from ‘spouse’ so I sent one, autographed By: Me, not signed by him. I wrote on the T1 form, “This is not to be construed as “filing a tax return, only for you to calculate how much you owe me.” The statement read that he ‘owed’ $2,490.

Fortunately, I already had a binding contract with CRA Commissioner and confirmation of his tacit agreement that no one is required to pay income tax (or any other tax, for that matter) so I just returned the ‘statement’, “acceptance denied for cause without dishonour to you or recourse to me for failure on your part to state a claim upon which relief can be granted”, along with the copy of our contract and copied the Winnipeg office which had sent the computer statement. Had I missed their offer to contract, after 3 days all offers are presumed accepted; after 7 days I would have been in default, and after 10 days they could geta summary judgement against me/him. My timing couldn’t have been better. I was in Peru 18 days; this would have been difficult to undo had I not responded when I did. If I, and/or my ‘spouse’, actually owed CRA, they would have circuitously confiscated it from me, namely via the CTB and GST refund – i.e.: the $1,200 I discovered deposited, by CRA, into my bank account upon my return from Peru.

The following day, the actual day I left town, I received a letter from a ‘barrister/solicitor’ representing RBC (Royal Bank) saying, “Please pay up” and that my previous letter, in which I had requested an invoice evidencing their consideration in order to pay off the entire account, was “without legal effect”. I told him that his time to provide me with a substantiated claim had expired and that I was not a corporation.

Again, just in the nick of time. I have received nothing from RBC. The barrister and I have established that he has no claim, so there is nowhere he can go with it. He knows that it would be a complete waste of his time and $$$ to file suit. I can NOT be sued.

Update: Obviously the barrister reported back to RBC that he couldn’t file suit and RBC got their knickers in a knot, resorted to petty larceny, and stole from my account $775.00. So, I stole it back – plus $300 for my time and trouble. I deposited MBNA Canada Bank and AMEX credit card cheques and withdrew the cash. So, now we are square. I sent the CEO a True Bill for the 2 hours I spent in the bank manager’s office coaching him on the banking system. I noticed that my account was about $1,100 in overdraft. The MBNA cheque was returned to me stamped ‘Account Closed’ which is not true. I settled and closed the ‘accounting’, not the account. I’m waiting for RBC to tell me that I wrote a cheque on a ‘closed account’ – so? So, what? I created the funds by signing it; what’s the problem? A Promissory Note is a Promissory Note is a Promissory Note. Why do they insist upon our using IMF notes when my note is, according to their own Bills of Exchange and Bank of Canada Acts, equally good. If they refuse my tender offer then the debt is discharged. I’m sure they’ll tell me that they didn’t get ‘paid’ and this is why my account was debited. Who ever gets ‘paid’? No one can get paid until they supply us with something with which to ‘pay’ unless we use our exemption which, being an asset, not only ‘pays’ them but also exempts them from paying tax on liability funds. Meanwhile, although the MBNA cheque was returned tome, the AmEx was not which means they are using my exemption to enrich themselves at my expense.

Mysteriously my account was balanced to zero which means they did an EFT of $1,100 credit – evidence that they do this electronically on a whim. Then they closed my account. What are these guys smoking? This is the most fun I have ever had. Every day I do precisely what I want to do which I wouldn’t be able to do if I were ‘gainfully employed’ and if I did not know that all banking is fraud.


1. The name on any ‘charging instrument’, e.g.: traffic tickets, tax bills, statements, loans, lawsuits, debts, etc. is not your name. It is the name of a government-created corporation, cleverly disguised, in upper case letters, by the bureaucrats, to resemble your name. Do not blow off this fact. It is to deceive you into believing you are liable for its debts. You are not. Check the name on any government-issued ID you have. Your name is not on it. By the way, this applies also in reverse: what you think you ‘own’, e.g.: your house, because you think it is in your name, is not in your name, ergo, you do not own it. The Commerce Game was set up by the Global Elite/World Bank to confiscate your funds and property in order to make economic slaves of the entire population of a New World Order under their complete control.

2. The only law in existence today is Contract Law. What you think of as ‘laws’ are only statutes and do not apply to you; they apply only to corporations. If you have no contract with the entity from which you receive a charging instrument, you are not financially liable … and … you couldn’t possibly have a contract because corporations cannot lawfully contract. What you signed was a unilateral, and hence, unenforceable contract. All Law is Commerce; All Commerce is Contract; No Contract – No Case. There is not one government agency, department, or ministry in the world that can prove that you must pay what we have all been indoctrinated to believe we are ‘bound by law’ to pay. Do not fall for this incredible deception any longer. Your ticket to financial freedom is to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE .

3. The only way out of this mess is to remove ourselves from the Commerce Game – completely – so that we are no longer dependent upon entities whose sole agenda is to control and destroy us. The only way to win is not to play. Cash is low-level win; we can create for ourselves all that is way bigger and better – love and light, peace and joy, compassion and forgiveness – that which we were meant to be, do, and have. By remembering who we are we will learn to do what we love to do and serve ourselves by serving others, thereby leaving the banksters completely out of our new way of life. It is happening.

Be the change you want to see
– Mahatma Gandhi Namaste

I honour the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honour the place in you
which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace.
When you are in that place in you
and I am in that place in me
~ we are one.

My book is free for the asking. If you want your friends to read it just email me: what_mework@yahoo.ca and I’ll forward my latest edition to them. Since we have yet to manifest a world without commerce, I still gratefully accept and appreciate contributions/donations. Please contact me: what_mework@yahoo.ca for instructions on how to do this. Know that I love you; stay as free as you can.

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