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    "The researchers claim they decided which is the real genome of SARS-CoV-2 by “consensus,” sort of like a vote. Again, different computer programs will come up with different versions of the imaginary “unicorn,” so they come together as a group and decide which is the real imaginary unicorn."
    ― Dr. Tom Cowan

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Hidden Masters of Wisdom

There is a SECRET order that teaches the Sublime Occult Mysteries to GENUINE seekers who sincerely wish to find the TRUE LIGHT. Further information about this SECRET order, how to join, conditions of membership and the subjects taught can be found on our homepage and the other pages of this website.

There is an awful lot of nonsense written nowadays about the “Hidden Masters” who are supposed to “rule our lives” by those who know nothing whatsoever about either ‘Masters’ or occultism. One example of this are websites that claim to represent or be associated with the mysterious ‘Illuminati’. We refer to such websites and imposter’s of Truth on our homepage. Another example are the many books pouring off the presses purporting to reveal the ‘secrets’ of the Illuminati written by conspiracy theorists and fantasist. Some of you who are sincerely seeking REAL Occult Knowledge will be familiar with the saying that: “When the Disciple is ready the Master appears”. But who understands the real meaning of this saying, and how many can be said to be truly ready for the Master?

Those of you who are far advanced upon the Path will have encountered many seekers who prefer to live in a dream within the dream of Illusion. It is also true that most of those who say they want to learn Occult Knowledge prefer to have their own pet theories and fantasies confirmed rather than having the true Laws and principles explained by a real Master—appointed to this task by the Gods themselves. And how difficult it is to find such a Master, and know him!

serpent of wisdom

By Hidden Masters WE mean those who have been found ready in every way to join the work of the great Cosmic Masters who guide the world’s destinies, but who for love of their brothers and sisters still here have volunteered to reincarnate once more in order to reveal the mysteries of the Creator and Creation to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The REAL Hidden Masters go about silently and modestly in the world with love in their hearts for all, drying the tears of the sorrowful, lifting up the downtrodden and oppressed, and giving a message of hope and comfort to all they encounter. This is the only Hidden Master the sincere seeker after Truth longs to find. The so-called ‘Illuminati’ mentioned earlier whom so many mistake for the real teachers and guides of humanity may be ‘masters’ in their own way, but we would not like to say what they are masters of!

Some time ago a gentleman, who is very interested in mysticism and the occult came to us in great agitation wanting to know whether the world was going to end, and what were the occultists going to do about it, and why did the Hidden Masters permit the persecution of the Jews, and what was going to happen in Iraq, and were the Hidden Masters stopping that—and wasn’t the world in a terrible condition, with the Black Forces in full control? Why didn’t the occultists and the mystics do something about it and if they were doing something—what were they doing and what had we to say about it all?

When we all had recovered our breath—and we say all because we were quite breathless ourselves after listening to this avalanche of questions, delivered in a very accusing manner, just as if it were all our fault—we told the gentleman that just so long as he and others were concentrating on all the apparently black conditions that seem to exist everywhere (he had mentioned Syria, Afghanistan and the Ukraine as well), these conditions would persist, and even gather momentum and increase in proportion to the amount of negative thinking expended upon them by him and others of a similar mind.

THINKING people know that this is true. Even modern science has now acknowledged what occult science has long known: negative thinking will bring about negative conditions, just as positive thoughts of good-will bring about happiness and content. This is not an optimistic theory of ours, but a well-established natural LAW which successful men and women have applied throughout history, in most cases unconsciously. But it can and should be applied CONSCIOUSLY to all our thinking and acting. If you have never thought about this before, you may be surprised how quickly you can improve YOUR life and the lives of those around you by training yourself into the persistent and unceasing habit of thinking good and conducive thoughts. If you can do this, the sooner will you bring about conditions of darkness-dispelling light; that great Light which is the goal of all seekers after Occult Truth.

Who are the REAL Hidden Masters?

The eternal questions as to WHAT are the Hidden Masters doing, WHERE are they, WHO are they, have YOU ever met a Hidden Master, shall I ever meet a Hidden Master, are there ANY Hidden Masters at all? can be answered from a deep, sincere, and understanding study of the principles and teachings found in the Ancient Mystery Teachings.

You can find these teachings in any of the five Occult Books we recommend on this website. If you have not read these books, you should do so, for we have made them freely available to all at no cost for just this reason. We also recommend that you study the Bible, the various books of Hermes, the Vedas, and other sacred literature, and meditate and concentrate in the manner shown to us in these and similar teachings. This should lead to an understanding of what, where and who the Hidden Masters are and what their work is. The way to this knowledge lies straight before you and is open to all; but you must find it by YOURSELF. A million books can point out the way to you—but it is only your OWN feet that can carry you forward along the path, and not the feet of others; although others may stretch out to you a guiding hand in brotherly love and sympathetic understanding.

The Hidden Master within your very own self

Some seekers travel all the way to India or the jungles of the Amazon in order to find a true teacher. What a waste of time if they only went there for that reason! You can find a Master—the Master—on any London street, on your own doorstep, in your own inner sanctum, by going WITHIN—and communing with that patient, loving, and often sorrowing Master who dwells within the Temple of your very own self. HE is the Master you must first of all learn to contact with full faith that HE will always hear you, guide you, protect you; if you will only let him. You all have the free will to do so, but you must approach HIM with the confidence of a small child who asks for the aid of loving and trusted parents.

soul of khnemu

Once you have trained yourself to live in such a way that you become worthy of that holy and most intimate contact with the Master within, and once you have learned to listen to his kindly voice, and to act according to the way he guides you so lovingly, you will be found worthy to come into contact with other Masters, and they will show you the way of service to those of your brothers and sisters who have not yet found the path, but will inevitably do so in God’s good time. And then in time YOU will in this way qualify for Mastership yourself and acquire understanding of all that now seems so puzzling to you.

You will know just WHY the Jews are persecuted and WHY there are terrible happenings in many other places of the world. There will be no further need for you to travel to faraway and strange places to contact Hidden Masters. There are just as many Masters in England—and perhaps more—as you will find in India and overrated Tibet. These Masters don’t occupy positions of great worldly power and fame, but work quietly behind the scenes in a HIDDEN manner, often in an apparently lowly role. Remember one of the greatest of all who worked at the carpenter’s bench! The real Master is pure gold, but does not glitter! And all those who give their services in a kindly and loving spirit without thought of reward—but because they MUST—are doing the work of the REAL Hidden Masters.

The occult books we recommend are full to brimming over with principles like the above. Work them out for yourself and in your own way. You have a treasure-trove full of riches in these books. Help yourselves freely and use what you take out of them. Everyone can find hints, aids, teachings, which will just supply his most urgent need. But look for YOURSELF. Don’t ask others to help you if you can avoid it. You will find this treasure hunting a very fascinating pastime, and the work will take on a new meaning for you. DON’T look for fantastic and weird things in these books. Translate all you learn into a means of being of service to your fellow men and women. In that way you will not only give good service but draw it towards yourself and your near and dear ones as well.

The work of the REAL Hidden Masters

Ask that the Masters may send forth their Light and their Truth, as they already have led you and brought you to this website. Wherever you go, be always ready to attend and love, and to be the servant of the Hidden Masters. Thus you will become a light in the darkness and by your ready service you will assist the Masters in their work. And give thanks to the Lord who ever creates, sanctifies, blesses and bestows all good things. And it will spread all over the world, for the power of the Masters is great and endless, but without the help that you can all give, suffering must be prolonged, and the problems which confronted the gentleman we told you about at the beginning of this article, will continue.

salute to the gods

A great work is waiting for us all. It is the work of the true mystic, it is the work of the Great White Brotherhood. It is the work of the Adepts who by means of consistent self-development, have fitted themselves in the ruling of the world. But it is not necessary for us to rule the world from a throne, or by means of a dictatorship. We must rule the world by love and service. THAT is the work of the Secret Order and its members. The Hidden Masters will impart to you wisdom by communion and inspiration; which is otherwise unobtainable. And their protecting hand will be over you and they will cover you with their feathery wings and keep you from all harm. As the Master says: “…and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” If you do all these things there will at times shine forth from you a light that is not of this earth but of the celestial realms where is the House of the Father, the House with many mansions. You yourself will become a Presence and a Light in that Realm.

Source: Hidden Masters of Wisdom

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