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    "The researchers claim they decided which is the real genome of SARS-CoV-2 by “consensus,” sort of like a vote. Again, different computer programs will come up with different versions of the imaginary “unicorn,” so they come together as a group and decide which is the real imaginary unicorn."
    ― Dr. Tom Cowan

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In this story, the forces of freedom prevail. Not only are the architects of this crime brought to justice, but the entire infrastructure of surveillance and oppression is definitively dismantled…

October 15th, 2021 was the date chosen to mark the dawn of a new iron curtain. All around the world the political, corporate and religious elites synchronized enforcement of employment mandates and health passport systems under the guise of public health.

It didn’t matter that the official rationale for these measures had been thoroughly debunked. It didn’t matter that the risk benefit calculations for children were nonsensical. It didn’t matter that strikes and protests against the mandates were intensifying, and were already revealing cracks in the system. The elites would push forward because they were committed now, and this will be their undoing.

This date was not chosen at random. The full significance of this symbolic act can only be understood in the context of the ancient Roman tradition of the October horse. We’ll touch upon that later, but let’s be very clear and unequivocal about one thing right up front: those behind this scheme are evil. Most people still haven’t realized just how evil but something is definitely itching in the back of their minds. You knew the politicians were corrupt. You knew the revolving door between corporations and government had eroded the rule of law, but when humanity sees what these clowns try next it’s going to blow their minds.

For some this will spark a spiritual awakening. In times of great suffering, the veil grows thin. For others it will mark the descent into a mass psychosis. In their fear of death they will learn the hard way that some fates are far worse.

We’re going to describe how this ends in brutal terms. We’re not going to pander to the delusional, and we’re not going to sugar coat it for mass consumption. This message isn’t for the compliant; the sheep who line up willingly in the final hour. These are not the ones who will decide the outcome. Their propensity for self delusion seals their fate sooner than they could imagine.

For those with the courage to look this nightmare in the face and fight back against all odds, this will come as a message of hope. The elites have miscalculated. Their timing is off, but more importantly they underestimated the opposition. This will not end well for them at all.

For those on the fence this could be interpreted as a warning. For the complicit it will probably feel like a threat. In truth it is neither. The time for warnings has long since past. The rest of this story will be settled by lions. You know who you are, even if no one around you has a clue.

In this brief era that we refer to as The New Iron Curtain, those who refuse to hand over their bodily autonomy are to be banished from society, fired from their jobs, and barred from travel. It starts with medical apartheid, but it won’t stop there.

Many of the horrors that follow are avoidable but are almost guaranteed to unfold for the simple reason that the average person does not believe that a crime of this magnitude is possible in the modern age. They fail to realize that by accepting incremental violations of the Nuremberg code they are creating the precise conditions that gave rise to that tribunal. And in much the same way, their participation makes them complicit.

So how do we get to a Nuremberg 2.0? How do we get from point A (medical apartheid and coerced experimentation) to point B (justice with teeth)? The short answer is war. The elites have declared it on their own people. They marked it symbolically by choosing October 15th — The Sacrifice of the October horse. In Roman times this was an offering to Mars, the god of war. In this context the translation is simple. They are starting this war on purpose, and they intend to use it to their advantage.

But in their arrogance they have committed many grievous errors. Their invocations are corrupt and profane. They have transgressed Common Law, International Law and Spiritual law. The forces they have awakened cannot be bent to their will. They will reap no benefit by invoking the Red Horse. Nor will the black horse ride down the path they have planned, the scales do not find in their favor. They will get their war — a real war with all of its horrors. They will also get their famine to accompany their plague. They’ll even enjoy a brief moment where it seem as though they’ve won, but they will not like what comes next.

Even as the final cards in their tower were put into place the wind was already beginning to stir. Errors were compounding. The timeline was becoming less and less realistic, and the even the trick up their sleeve would go terribly wrong.

Rather than gain power, they would lose everything. They would run but find no refuge. The tribunals would be decisive, the executions public and brutal. Their names and crimes will live in infamy for generations.

You will hear of civil wars that cross borders in unexpected ways. You hear of monuments and strongholds toppled and burned. Even the evil that hides within the church will be given no quarter. This is how their story ends and a new era begins.

The root of all fear is death. Coming to terms with death is the root of all courage.

The shortages and supply chain collapse that reared their head in 2021 escalate in 2022. This is a logistical certainty. The chain reaction set off by the mandates is just beginning.

The corporate media and the politicians don’t want to talk about the blockades by port workers and truckers or the rebellion brewing among the military and frontline workers. They don’t want you to think about the implications of firing millions of people at the same time. Sending families with children into poverty, while simultaneously withdrawing social safety nets for the non-compliant. Doing so would make it obvious that that the tragedy that about to unfold was neither unforeseen nor accidental.

If the clowns running this circus get their way in your country food rationing, and social benefits will be tied to health passports. Regional and selective lock-downs will put the non-compliant under house arrest. Trouble makers will disappear into quarantine. Contact tracing and forced testing for any illness deemed a risk to public health provides the perfect smoke screen for a crackdown on dissent.

This isn’t just a power grab being attempted here. It has all the hallmarks of something far more ominous. If you want it spelled out, look up the Georgia Guidestones.

This operation has been planned for years. And it is scheduled to continue into the late 2020s. A food crisis and multiple rounds of coercive experimentation will be accompanied by events that shut down critical infrastructure and communications. It’s pretty obvious who will be blamed for these events, and it’s also pretty obvious what comes next.

If all were to go according to plan, by the end of this crisis the political, corporate and religious elites would have ushered in a global dictatorship that endures for generations. Their fourth industrial revolution would be implemented by sleight of hand and brute force. The population, after having been reduced by some 80 or 90 percent, would be totally enslaved through a combination of AI powered social credit systems and central bank digital currencies. Every move will be tracked and traced; dissent punished instantly and with no legal recourse. Even the inner sanctum of the mind would be stripped of privacy.

The good news is that all is not going according to plan, not by a long shot. The wheels were already coming off before the main event even started. But like a band of hapless robbers in the middle of a botched heist the elites are pushing forward even as errors accumulate and compound. They haven’t fully connect the sirens in the distance with their ultimate demise. To say this ends badly for them would be an understatement, but that’s only part of the story (see part 1).

What about those who resist? What happens to those who stand by their convictions against all odds?

We’re going to describe how this pans out in the form of a story. In this story the forces of freedom prevail. Not only are the architects of this crime brought to justice, but the entire infrastructure of surveillance and oppression is definitively dismantled, and the meek inherit the earth.

In the early days of the new iron curtain all of humanity faced an existential choice: would they hand over their bodily autonomy and most basic rights to maintain the comforts of the modern world? Would they become complicit in an atrocity in attempt to save themselves? Or would they follow their hearts and do what is right even at great sacrifice? This was not a decision that would just affect their own lives. It would determine what kind of world they leave behind.

For many — families with children in particular — this dilemma was terrifying. They were looking down the barrel of homelessness, poverty, and expulsion from society. Even leaving the country without a medical procedure was now illegal in many jurisdictions. And it was becoming increasingly clear that forced procedures were never really off the table.

Scary stuff. For some the stress would prove too much. The mental health crisis that had been festering since the pandemic would suddenly go parabolic. This was a wildcard variable that the elite had not properly accounted for.

When faced with losing everything the human psyche can enter an altered state. Medical professionals would typically diagnose this as shock, but from a spiritual perspective our connection to our bodies is shaken. That sense of distance from the physical is literal. The veil between worlds grows thin. Taken to an extreme, humans like many animals, can actually die from a serious fright.

Fear is the first enemy. It shuts down the creative and rational parts of the brain. It prevents one from seeing the solutions right before their eyes.

It was fear that got you into this mess. The cowardice and conformity of a lost generation made it possible. These infantilized adults who hide from all danger; and would do anything and everything to protect the mortal coil do not fair so well in the coming chapters.

“Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which they live is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of a corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one’s self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all.”

— Michael Rivero

The root of all fear is death. Coming to terms with death is the root of all courage.

Calm your mind and you will realize that this situation is not nearly as hopeless as it might seem. The powers that be want you to think that you are alone, but this is a lie. We are legion. As isolated individuals they can make you feel powerless, but together we are a force of nature.

These lily handed elites who’ve never worked an honest day in their lives want to kick millions of intelligent, free thinking professionals out of the workforce? Hmmm… They think we need them so much that we’ll eventually give in? I don’t think so. What if instead of groveling at their feet we withdraw all support? What if the suddenly unemployed built an alternative economy in parallel? What if instead of just complaining, they disobey?

There are so many forms of civil disobedience and noncompliance. So many ways to tear the system apart from within. Imagine what would happen if this idea started spreading among the police military and frontline workers. Imagine if it spread among the truckers and the port workers already digging in. We can win this thing, and we will. This is where it starts.

In this video we’re going to provide specific instructions on how to overthrow governments with little or no bloodshed. These tactics have been employed successfully in Serbia, Egypt, Ukraine and elsewhere. The existence of the Color Revolution approach is well known, but most writings on the subject are highly abstract and obscure the details. The level of civil disobedience that brings down governments is dangerous, and usually illegal. Those who go down this path risk prison time or even death. But when you understand that the alternative is to condemn our children and future generations to an open air prison the moral imperative is clear.

If used properly, and in time, a great deal of suffering could be averted. However in order to understand the urgency, one must account for the unpleasant surprise that those in power have planned.

As the Omicron variant replaced Delta as the new boogie man of choice the mainstream narrative was falling apart in spite of mass censorship. Resistance was mounting all around the world. Legal challenges had hamstrung progress in many jurisdictions. And the tactic of branding any and all opposition to medical apartheid as as “anti-vax” was not playing out as intended.

With the wheels coming off of this clown car at such an early stage it was obvious that the new iron curtain would ultimately fail, however those who believed that it would end quickly, and without sacrifice did not understand the motives of those in power.

The political, corporate, and religious elites would push forward with their plan no matter what. This was a matter of life or death for them. If the control group could not be eliminated quickly enough, their crimes would become increasingly obvious. If they failed to control the narrative, they would lose much more than their seats. This made them dangerous, like cornered animals. It would be mistake to underestimate their resolve.

Protests alone would not stop them, and riots would just play into their hands. It’s important to understand that these policies were intentional provocations. The non-compliant were being impoverished and pushed to the edge. Sooner or later someone would snap, and that’s exactly what they wanted: aimless violence and mayhem: a justification for the military to step in.

And this was only round one of their Great Reset. The elites still had several tricks up their sleeve. An engineered food and energy crisis developing behind the scenes would escalate in waves, punctuated by a sudden event that brings the modern world to a grinding halt. Communications and power grids go down. Chaos ensues.

For those living in major city centers this would mark the beginning of a long grueling nightmare. Without the means to produce their own food they would find themselves at the mercy of their oppressors; the essentials of life weaponized. Their only options would be fight or flee. Those who froze were doomed.

This was the ultimate Hegelian trap (Problem, Reaction, Solution).
Ordo Ab Chao – Order out of Chaos.

Their solution was ready, waiting in the wings: Central Bank Digital Currencies that tracked every transaction and gave governments total control in real time. This combined with health passports and social credit systems were the capstone of their New World Order.

The non-compliant were to be cut off completely, forced into camps and ghettos, or disappeared. Those who conformed would be conditioned like dogs, stripped of all rights and dignity, but even their obedience would not protect them.

There is a way to stop this, but it will require more than protests. The level of civil disobedience that brings down governments is dangerous, and usually illegal. Those who go down this path risk prison time or even death. But when you understand that the alternative is to condemn our children and future generations to an open air prison the moral imperative is clear.

Protests are toothless. They channel discontent into a public display that has little or no impact on the system. Color revolution tactics, on the other hand, have been used by intelligence agencies to topple governments all around the world. Like any weapon, it can be used for evil or a higher cause.

Though often attributed to Gene Sharp, and his book “From Dictatorship to Democracy”, this approach is really just an application of the psychological principles first described by Gustave Le Bon and further developed by Edward Bernays.

Color revolutions are organized in three layers. The first layer is comprised of strategists and coordinators who understand the principles involved and which are responsible for training and equipping individuals who are to represent the public face of the movement. These representatives who comprise the second layer don’t have to be charismatic leaders. Ordinary citizens can fill the role. However in order to be effective they must be both brave and respectable. For example an old woman who is not afraid for herself may be more appropriate than a young man who lacks self control.

The third layer is made up of those who already support the cause but lack the knowledge or experience to plan effective actions on their own. These are the masses that are already protesting in the streets.

The first challenge for the organizers is to define the central message of the movement and distill these ideas down to a small number of memorable slogans that touch upon a moral and emotional core. Crowds are not moved by complex ideological discourse. The rallying cry must be primal and absolute.

The second challenge is to develop visual queues to unify the movement. This might include symbols, flags or even clothing items of a particular color. This is where the term “Color Revolution” originates. This visual identity must be adapted to the history of the region. For example during the French revolution the resistance identified themselves by wearing the Phrygian cap (or bonnet rouge). This red conical hat with the tip pulled forward was a style of hat that was given to slaves in ancient Rome when they earned their freedom, and at one point was used by a populist leader to incite a slave insurrection.

The third challenge is to stage an event that neither the public or media can ignore. This event must be highly disruptive and employ non-violent civil disobedience to provoke the authorities. The explicit goal is to push them to brutality and to capture that brutality on film. This is why the courage is so important. In order to be effective, the front line representatives must be willing to endure violence without returning it. Examples of this principle can be found in the actions staged by Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

Non-retaliation is important for two reasons: one sided brutality evokes outrage among the general public. It destroys the moral authority of those in power, and can be used to shame the enforcers; pressuring them to turn.

This is another reason why a sweet old lady can sometimes be more effective on the front line than an aggressive young man. To strike such a person is social unacceptable. This provides an opportunity to challenge officers up close and personal; condemning their complicity, and demanding that they stand with the people.

There are many kinds of disruptive action that can be taken in such operations, but it is important that the target be chosen carefully with a mind towards who will be most inconvenienced and what message such a disruption would send. For example blocking traffic on a random road may merely frustrate the public without making any relevant point. A better target would be a business or institution which is discriminating based on medical status; a large grocery story or train station for example.

To maximize impact, the operation should be designed to last long enough to cause significant problems. If a building is to be occupied it must be done in such a way that police cannot easily remove protesters. This is often accomplished by chaining doors shut and chaining participants to each other and to the infrastructure.

The initial target should be a low hanging fruit; an operation with a high probability of success. Though the event may force a change in policy, the real objective is to reach the hearts and minds of the public and to encourage insubordination within the police and military. One commander refusing to enforce an order can set off a chain reaction that exposes the impotence of the political class and brings an end to the state.

To many, this course of action would sound extreme. The risk too great. The price too high to pay. Unfortunately the window for non-violent action was closing and the base case scenario was outright war. For those in no position to stand and fight the only sane alternative was to leave.

A new underground railroad was already taking shape: a migration from wealthy totalitarian nations to places where the people were poor but much more free. They would cross borders on foot and sail across seas, but this is a story in and of itself.

There is no easy way out. This is the test of our generation. Neutrality is complicity. Those who cling to life will lose it. So if you’re the praying type pray. And if you’re not you might want to start. The forces of evil are real, but so is the other side, and each and every one of us has to choose.

Source: Storm Clouds Gathering


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