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    "The researchers claim they decided which is the real genome of SARS-CoV-2 by “consensus,” sort of like a vote. Again, different computer programs will come up with different versions of the imaginary “unicorn,” so they come together as a group and decide which is the real imaginary unicorn."
    ― Dr. Tom Cowan

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: 5 Million flee 14,628 Cases Confirmed; 305 Deaths 100,000 Infected Expected In A Week New Study Finds

For major developments check this page. Latest update: June 7 2021

Study Estimates Actual Coronavirus Case Count in Wuhan May Be Near 76,000 from the University of Hong Kong

by Justin Case

FRIDAY, Jan. 31, 2020  Coronavirus Geometric Progression suggest 80,000+ infections by next Monday and 138 million by February 20.

This is a guest post courtesy of Bianco Research


The growth in coronavirus infections has continued along a geometric progression for the last 12 days. Should it continue along this path, infection cases could approach 100,000 in a week.


The following charts were constructed from the daily update from the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China.

The blue line in the chart shows the actual number of reported coronavirus cases stands at 4,515 as of January 27.

The orange line is a simple progression that assumes a 53% increase in the cases every day. Or, one person infects 2 to 2.5 people. So it is a simple multiplier, nothing more. This is known as R0 (R-Naught), or the infection rate. Note the chart is a log scale.

The reported number of infections perfectly track this simple multiplier. This is how viral inflections grow, along a geometric path.

The National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China offers another statistic, the number of people in quarantine suspected of having the coronavirus. As of January 27, over 44,000 are quarantined. Many of these people will unfortunately be reported as infected.

Coronavirus Wuhan University of Hong Kong Study 76,000 Infected , 250 Dead , Recap News and HeadLines

This is a must see presentation, no cure in sight so its accelerating . Dana Durnford (TheNuclearProctologist) recaps the week to bring the big picture to life. Coronavirus death toll now 259 in China, 11,791 confirmed cases as of January 31 2020.

Coronavirus Censorship Promoted In Pandemic Exercise Is Now Happening!

In a recent report titled “Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You!” we took a close look at Event 201, which was a pandemic exercise that simulated a coronavirus outbreak that killed 65 million people. The simulation took place shortly before the actual coronavirus outbreak occurred.

In the simulation, the participants of the exercise — which included representatives from the UN, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the media, vaccine manufacturers, major banks and the Chinese and American CDC just to name a few — discussed how it was critically important to control news and information, especially on social media.

Just as the simulation itself seems to eerily predict the coronavirus outbreak, we are beginning to see other scenarios in the simulation come to fruition as well, such as travel bans, a negative impact on the economy as well as censorship. Now we see Facebook, Twitter and Google, which owns YouTube, have all vowed to stop “misinformation.” Watch the video report to find out more, as ZeroHedge was just banned from Twitter.

Death toll in China rises as ability of coronavirus to spread ‘getting stronger’ | ITV News

Jan 26, 2020 – The coronavirus outbreak has accelerated its spread in China with 56 deaths so far – and the country’s health minister says “the ability of the virus to spread is getting stronger” and the illness is infectious for longer than first thought.

Chinese President Xi Jinping called the outbreak a grave situation, and the government stepped up efforts to restrict travel and public gatherings while rushing medical staff and supplies to Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, which remains on lockdown.

Health minister Ma Xiaowei declined to estimate how long it would take to bring the situation under control, but said travel restrictions and other strict measures should bring results “at the lowest cost and fastest speed”.

The Mayor of Wuhan tonight has revealed that 5 million people left before Thursdays lockdown, that’s almost half the cities population and millions of people who have traveled across China.

ITV News

Wuhan | Timelapse footage of Huoshenshan field hospital construction due to open February 3 2020

Huoshenshan Hospital will begin admitting patients on Feb. 3.

WUHAN, Feb. 2, 2020 (Xinhua) — Huoshenshan (Fire God Mountain) Hospital is a SARS treatment-model makeshift hospital in Wuhan, the hardest-hit city by a pneumonia outbreak caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

The Huoshenshan (Fire God Mountain) Hospital covering an area of 34,000 square meters and providing 1,000 beds, will receive patients on Feb. 3 after it is delivered to put into use on the night of Feb. 2.

Along with Huoshenshan, another makeshift hospital — Leishenshan Hospital is also being built with an expected capacity of 1,500 beds to treat pneumonia patients infected with the novel coronavirus. Leishenshan Hospital is expected to be put into use on Feb. 6.

Aerial photo taken on Feb. 1, 2020 shows the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province. (Xinhua/Xiao Yijiu)

Meanwhile a few years back in America….

What do you suppose the military has in mind to do with these?

Many see our country descending into totalitarianism and believe that we are headed into civil war, pandemic or another unforeseen catastrophic event, but still not accept the fact that our government is actually preparing for it.

Below is a database of statistics by country courtesy of Dr. Bill Deagle MD DABFP FCFP CCFP A4M AAEM

Dr. Bill Deagle MD is a Prolife physician. He has been a board certified Family Medicine Specialist, board eligible Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Internal Medicine, Medico-legal, Anti-Aging Medicine, and Environmental Toxicologist. Currently he is a media liason activist and teacher for the American Academy of AntiAging Medicine and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. You can find out more by tuning into his radio show THE NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT on Rebublic Broadcasting 12 Noon to 3 PM CST Monday through Friday.

Military Statistics by Country and Forecast to 2025

Event 201

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.

It’s time for Americans and the world to wake up and take back our countries before it’s too late!

OneCup OneLife – Eradicates Wuhan Coronavirus – YouTube Bans All Versions


Relief and piece of mind knowing what works. Discover Effective Protection to Stay Healthy

Extensive Wuhan Coronavirus Updates News, 1.5 Million Infected? 250 Million Quarantine? February 9 2020

The news and videos that is leaking out of the great firewall of China is grim at best. We constantly see what would normally be described as a disproportionate response world wide to even a single case of the virus.

Every report and every facet of this story all points to the coronavirus being a imminent threat to humans and earth. What is crystal clear is a deliberate cover up and betrayal to keep everyone in the dark until the very last minute by the very people we hired to inform us.

We hire people in out countries to perform certain jobs and labeled them as government employees meaning our employees. We never hired them to lie deceive manipulate and show utter contempt for us and threaten our future.

I know this will come as a shock to our employees aka govt but we are just as smart and just as capable as you the employees we hired. Yet they always insist on being arrogant monsters incapable of even carrying out the basic functions we hired them for immediately after they are hired. Now humanity is being threaten by their incompetents their silence and constant fumbling cover up while becoming as scary as the Virus .

Coronavirus, the Economy and What to Do

Independent media is WEEKS ahead of mainstream media on coronavirus reporting

Rejoinder – Lancet’s Disingenuous Rebuttal Is Itself A COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory

By Yoichi Shimatsu 2/23/2020

Methinks they protest too loudly on behalf of Lancet’s sponsors in a British foreign policy establishment infected with the noxious MI-6 virus. What strikes me about that archaic medical journal’s accusations is a lack of scientific rigor and more grievously pathological abuse of the English language. The science of propaganda deserves better.

Purportedly an expression of support for Chinese medical workers combating the Wuhan-centered contagion, the disingenuous thrust of the signed statement is against “conspiracy theories suggesting COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.”

Then in their haste to suppress online opinion, these same petitioners assign blame for the present contagion on Hong Kong, again as did the WHO in 2002, with this boner, “Scientists from multiple countries have published and analysed genomes of the causative agent, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), and they overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife.” In one breath that once again wrongly implicates the HKSAR as the source of pandemic.

That false claim of evolutionary genesis implicates pangolins and horseshoe bats found in a semitropical habitat of southern China hundreds of kilometers south of Wuhan as being the “natural” host of SARS mutation. The far-fetched theory is unsupported by credible evidence on the menu inside the seafood market in Wuhan, which has a completely different regional cuisine based on a temperate ecosystem. Such erroneous implication could indeed compel farming communities in Guangzhou and Guanxi region to mass slaughter these wild species as happened to 50,000 migrating birds on arrival in Thailand in 2004 due to the ill-informed panic over avian influenza in commercial chicken raising. Instead of raising such false alarms, the signatories should try to prevent their own foot in mouth disease, as in physicians heal yourselves!

Further misdiagnosis comes from these researchers who state “Conspiracy theories do nothing but create fear, rumours, and prejudice that jeopardise our global collaboration in the fight against this virus.” To the contrary, censorship has been the root cause of fear and rumors.

Don’t blame the endangered pangolin or the insect-eating bats, which by no stretch of the imagination could be responsible for splicing HIV proteins into coronavirus as discovered in a molecular analysis done in Delhi. The invention of that chimera-creating technique for the purpose of gain of function (GOF), or more efficient viral replication, was featured in the Journal of Virology issue of September 2011.

As reported in my article series, the COVID-19 chimera was modified with HIV proteins, as discovered by the highly competent team at the University of Delhi and the Indian Institute of Technology. One of the suspect microbiology laboratories in development of biological weapons through synthetic biology has since its inception been related to Porton Down and DSTL, which explains the official pressures on Lancet in their crisis of risk of exposure.

Those noxious same UK authorities are apparently behind a disinformation campaign by unsavory websites that serve as agents provocateurs making erroneous accusations against the Virology Institute in Wuhan to justify the bureaucratic demand in London for sweeping censorship on the British press. Evidence-based rebuttal to false claims, while espousing freedom of expression, is how the totalitarian impulse to contain press freedom should be countered, and certainly not by voicing support for censorship, however in error some voices may be. Freedom of scientific inquiry is protected by a free press, so never forget that Galileo lesson, you ingrates!

I do agree with the petitioners that blame should not be assigned to Chinese researchers and that the local health workers deserve praise for preventing the spread of contagion. The best form of solidarity with these brave souls is to rally worldwide public support against bio-terrorism, including a public effort identify the perpetrators to be followed by stronger international enforcement of the biological weapons treaty at state-run facilities, in the pharmaceutical industry, university research centers and veterinary school laboratories.

Illogical statements and demands for censorship by ill-informed medical researchers in their panic are unhelpful to the cause of public health provided by investigative journalists and the online community at a moment any clues or observation may be useful toward retracing the background of the crime toward apprehending the guilty parties.

Our Chinese colleagues in social media and the press deserve international support for their right to convey public opinion and provide honest coverage of the pandemic, rather than mere acceptance of a monopoly of elitist self-interest that dominates the official narrative, which has already been revised due to statistical errors and public pressures, after many unfortunate cases harmful to medical staffers and the public interest. The UK has its own issues with a supposedly nonexistent Official Secrets Act now impeding the inquiry into how British citizens contracted COVID-19 or how researchers in Commonwealth institutions may have contributed to the GOF of COVID-19.

However erroneous or prejudiced some claims may prove to be, an uncensored social media, a free press and public discussion are necessary in times of crisis like these. The call for censorship, in contrast, is societal suicide.

Politicized Coronavirus On Every Continent

Normalizing Genocide For A Inevitable Omnicide

Bioweapons Whistleblower Blacklisted For Exposing Death Science Programs

Coronavirus Patients in China to be Treated with High-Dose Vitamin C in New Clinical Trial

Connecting the dots…

EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Shows Director General of World Health Organization Severely Overstated the Fatality Rate of the Coronavirus Leading to the Greatest Global Panic in History

by Joe Hoft March 17, 2020

The controversial Ethiopian politician and Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, claimed in a press conference in early March that the fatality rate for the coronavirus was many multiples that of the fatality rate of the common flu.

 This egregiously false premise has led to the greatest panic in world history.

The Director General of the WHO spoke on March 3, 2020 and shared this related to the coronavirus:

While many people globally have built up immunity to seasonal flu strains, COVID-19 is a new virus to which no one has immunity. That means more people are susceptible to infection, and some will suffer severe disease.

Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died. By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected.

This statement led to the greatest panic in world history as the media all over the world shared and repeated that the coronavirus was many, many times more deadly than the common flu.

The problem is his statement is false.  It was not accurate! 

The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday, that the coronavirus fatality rate reported by the media was completely inaccurate and the actual rate is less than the current seasonal flu – the media was lying again. The false reporting of the coronavirus fatality rate of 3.4% in the media started with the statements made by the WHO in early March.

Here’s a summary of the analysis from yesterday proving the Director General’s statement was very misleading and materially false:

N/A – not available

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

1. The fatality rate of the coronavirus was based on current data available of known positive cases and known deaths.

Oftentimes estimates have to be made because data is just not yet available. The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, used the fatality rate of coronavirus with known numbers and used this as his prediction of eventual mortality rate.  This was a faulty assumption.  Estimates usually involve obtaining information that is available and making estimates on what is not. We cannot tell the future but we can make educated guesses based on information available. This is what has been done with the coronavirus because this type of virus has apparently never been seen before.

2. Sometimes estimates are reasonable and sometimes they are wrong, and even way off.

The point is that whenever estimates are made of large unknown values they are always wrong because no one can tell the future. Sometimes estimates end up close and sometimes they are not and sometimes they are way off.

3. The current “estimate” for the coronavirus fatality rate according to the WHO is about 3.4%.

The estimate used most often is from the WHO based on the Director General’s comments.  The WHO estimates the mortality rate of the coronavirus to be around 3.4%:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated the mortality rate from Covid-19 is about 3.4%. That is higher than seasonal flu and is cause for concern – but even if it is correct, more than 96% of people who become infected with the coronavirus will recover.

4. The same rate for this year’s seasonal flu is 10% if you use known cases and known deaths (but the media tells you it’s .1%).

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, according to CDC numbers, in the US in the 2019-2020 flu season, there were 222,552 confirmed cases of the flu from testing and an estimated 36 million flu cases in the United States. There were 22,000 estimated deaths from the flu (via the CDC).

Note that the number of deaths and confirmed cases (through testing) of the flu in the US are based on actual data. The number of individuals who contracted the flu is an estimate. There is no way to know who had the flu in the US because many cases are not severe and people do not have a test done to confirm they had the flu. They believe their symptoms are minor and go on with their normal lives thinking they had a cold or something similar. Because of this, the CDC estimates and they estimated 36 million people had the flu in this past flu season.

The rate of the number of individuals who died from the flu to the number of individuals who were estimated to have had the flu is .1% (22,552 / 36 million). This is an estimate and the amount used above by the Director General of the WHO.

However, the rate of individuals who died from the flu to the number of individuals who were confirmed to have had the flu is around 10% (22,000/ 222,552). This is based on actual data similar to the rate for the coronavirus above.

5. Actual results for the coronavirus are lower than the flu.

Based on the above numbers, the actual fatality rate for those who were confirmed to have had the coronavirus is 3.4%.
The actual mortality rates for those who were confirmed to have had the flu are around 10%.

The actual data shows that the mortality rate for those who had the flu (10%) is almost twice as high than for those with the coronavirus (3.8%).

6. Current estimates between the flu and the coronavirus are not comparing ‘apples to apples’.

The fatality rate that is commonly referred to in the media for the coronavirus is 3.4% from the WHO. This number is based on confirmed cases of people with the coronavirus.

The flu fatality rate provided by the CDC of .1% includes an estimate of individuals who had the flu (36,000,000).  This rate includes an estimate of all people with the flu, most who were not tested for the flu.

The fatality rate for the coronavirus does not include those who had the coronavirus but were not confirmed. This is why the flu fatality rate is .1% and the coronavirus fatality rate is 3.4%!

The two rates are like comparing apples to oranges. By doing so the coronavirus fatality rate is way overstated when compared to the flu and the WHO and the media has created a worldwide crisis and panic by reporting these rates simultaneously!

The coronavirus is not more fatal than the flu based on current data available. It is much less fatal than the flu based on current data.

7. Those most at risk from the coronavirus are the elderly and sick (similar to the flu).

Similar to the flu, those most at risk of dying from the coronavirus are the elderly and the sick. The average age for those who died from the coronavirus in Italy is 81 years old. This is consistent around the world. There have been no known fatalities for any children 10 and under.

The sick are also at a higher risk similar to the flu. Current data shows that if you have no pre-existing conditions, your fatality rate if you contract the coronavirus is .9% (and what proportion of these cases are the elderly).

In summary, President Trump was right when he said the WHO’s coronavirus fatality rate was much too high.

Evidence proves the coronavirus is not as deadly as what was reported by the WHO and is continually repeated in the media.

In fact, current data shows it is not as deadly as the flu. The elderly and the sick should be concerned and  protected. Everyone else has little to worry about.

Again, don’t believe what the media is telling you. They are lying again.

Jon Rappoport: The Bloodless Coup, The Fake Pandemic



Medical Martial Law 2020


What in the world is actually going on? 2010 Document reveals plans, step by step

To Serve Man – The Lie Of Philanthropy

Seconds After W.H.O., GATES Foundation Hack, Lefty Media SCRAMBLES To Blame One Group – It’s the Neo-Nazis!

Here’s why Bill Gates wants indemnity… Are you willing to take the risk?

Why are the world’s top vaccine promoters, like Paul Offit and Peter Hotez, frantically warning us about the unique and frightening dangers inherent in developing a coronavirus vaccine?

Scientists first attempted to develop coronavirus vaccines after China’s 2002 SARS-CoV outbreak. Teams of US & foreign scientists vaccinated animals with the four most promising vaccines. At first, the experiment seemed successful as all the animals developed a robust antibody response to coronavirus. However, when the scientists exposed the vaccinated animals to the wild virus, the results were horrifying. Vaccinated animals suffered hyper-immune responses including inflammation throughout their bodies, especially in their lungs. Researchers had seen this same “enhanced immune response” during human testing of the failed RSV vaccine tests in the 1960s. Two children died.




Colorado Attempts Sneaking in a Bill Sunday More Than 3000 Show Up To Stop It.

The above video has been black holed. We know why. The PTSB don’t want the masses to know they have the power.
This is kept for posterity. If you find a copy, drop us a line,

CDC Confirms Extremely Low COVID-19 Death Rate

blankWikimedia Commons, Jim Gathany

The CDC now independently confirms recent research by Stanford University that COVID-19 has an extremely low death rate. This exposes the Technocrat hysteria as being man-made and not based on any real, verified data.

⁃ TN Editor

Most people are more likely to wind up six feet under because of almost anything else under the sun other than COVID-19.

The CDC just came out with a report that should be earth-shattering to the narrative of the political class, yet it will go into the thick pile of vital data and information about the virus that is not getting out to the public. For the first time, the CDC has attempted to offer a real estimate of the overall death rate for COVID-19, and under its most likely scenario, the number is 0.26%. Officials estimate a 0.4% fatality rate among those who are symptomatic and project a 35% rate of asymptomatic cases among those infected, which drops the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) to just 0.26% — almost exactly where Stanford researchers pegged it a month ago.


Creation of a False Epidemic


Catherine Austin Fitts interviews Jon Rappaport in this ongoing 6 part series that looks at the ongoing “experiment” being perpetrated against the public. The original video has already been taken off you-tube. Without alternatives like Bitchute it could not be possible to present this vital information.

“A step‐op is one in which the bad guys keep going, one intrusion after another. It isn’t just West Nile, it’s West Nile, then SARS, then Bird Flu, then Swine Flu. It”s all one package, with the idea, in this case, that they’ll slowly wear down the resistance and people will buy in, will buy the story, the lie. They want people to OBEY. That’s the whole essence of this op. OBEY. It isn’t only about fake epidemics and getting vaccines. It’s about operant training in OBEYING. Get it? In general. Obey us. We command, you go along.”

— Ellis Medavoy in interview with Jon Rappoport, from The Matrix Revealed
  • Part 4 – THE WORM TURNS




States Ordered To Fraudulently Inflate COVID-19 Cases 15 Times Actual Rate

COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless

Though the whole world relies on RT-PCR to “diagnose” Sars-Cov-2 infection, the science is clear: they are not fit for purpose.

Lockdowns and hygienic measures around the world are based on numbers of cases and mortality rates created by the so-called SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR tests used to identify “positive” patients, whereby “positive” is usually equated with “infected.”

But looking closely at the facts, the conclusion is that these PCR tests are meaningless as a diagnostic tool to determine an alleged infection by a supposedly new virus called SARS-CoV-2.


Fake Deaths

To sum it up: deaths labeled “COVID” have nothing to do with the purported virus.

The purported virus has never been discovered. A claim of discovery was made, but proper scientific procedures were never carried out.

Which leaves the question: why are all these people dying?

Are the deaths all stemming from the same cause? No. They aren’t.

Overview: A huge percentage of people dying have traditional diseases: flu-like illness, pneumonia, other lung infections. Many of these deaths have been re-labeled as COVID deaths.

For example, about 300,000 people a year in China die from pneumonia. It’s quite easy to call some of these deaths “COVID.”

A large number of people in Italy die every year from flu-like illness. The same re-labeling occurs there.

In Chinese cities, in the north of Italy, in Spain, there is very heavy air pollution. This pollution causes severe lung conditions and exacerbates already-existing lung problems. Some of the consequent deaths are called “COVID.”

As I’ve stated in previous articles, COVID is old people. In New York, for example, those 65 and older account for 73.6 percent of all so-called COVID deaths in the city.

These people are actually dying, prematurely, of previous serious health conditions, plus long-term treatment with toxic drugs, plus the terror of a COVID diagnosis, plus isolation from family and friends. Many of these people are dying in nursing homes.

No new virus required.

Take that picture and it will generally describe what is happening all over the world. COVID is old people. In Canada, for example, 81 percent of all so-called COVID deaths occur in nursing homes.

One other factor in New York. The current hospital treatment—breathing ventilators and sedation—kills 97.2 percent of those patients over the age of 66 who are subjected to it.

What about this re-labeling I mentioned? How is it done? Several ways. In hospitals, doctors simply write “COVID-19” on patient files. After patients die, their charts can be tagged “COVID.”

In general, there are three types of diagnosis. No test at all—just the observation of general flu-like symptoms. Or a PCR test, or an antibody test.

Both tests spit out “COVID” results in a significant percentage of cases. The result has nothing to do with the detection of a unique “COVID virus.” The result is a function of the tests.

What about new conditions? Are any people dying as a result of non-traditional factors? In any so-called pandemic, this is possible.

In the north of Italy, there were several vaccination campaigns, just prior to the announcement of “COVID.”

In New York, as I pointed out, the ventilator treatment is killing patients. Then there is the whole issue of 5G technology rollouts.

To delve into that subject, I suggest exploring the work of Arthur Firstenberg, author of The Invisible Rainbow.

Do not assume that ONE CAUSE is the explanation for all so-called COVID deaths. This is a common deep error.

“Well, if it isn’t the virus, then what is it?” There is no “it.”

There is only a psychological disposition to search for an “it.” Look for MULTIPLE CAUSES.

There are always outlier cases. Unexplained deaths. Some people are quick to jump on these cases and claim they prove the virus is real and is a killer on the loose. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Young and healthy, suddenly dropped dead. See, it must be the virus.”

No, it doesn’t have to be the virus. Unexplained cases — especially when a viral cause is arbitrarily brought on board—need to be examined very closely. They rarely are.

When I was writing my first book, AIDS INC., in 1988, I looked into a very early set of AIDS cases in Los Angeles.

They were all described as young, “previously healthy,” and then “suddenly struck down by a new virus.”

The CDC published parts of their medical records. From the records, it was clear “previously healthy” was a gross lie. These young men had prior medical conditions, for which they were undoubtedly treated with toxic medicines.

There was an indication of toxic street drug use. After an hour of reading their partial records, the diagnosis of “suddenly struck down by a new virus” was quickly dissolving.

I’ve been investigating so-called epidemics for 30 years. I’ve developed the strategy of looking for multiple causes of death that have nothing to do with the announced virus of the moment. I’ve always found those causes.

“The virus” is one of the greatest frauds in modern history.

— Jon Rappaport



Exposed: There’s a new federal court to handle all the expected COVID vaccine-injury claims

by Jon Rappaport

September 21, 2020

The simple truth is: the US government is anticipating many people will be filing claims for compensation, when their family members are harmed or killed by a new COVID vaccine.

Of course, the government isn’t coming right out and admitting that.

The press will tout the usual excuses for injury and death. “He died from COVID, not the vaccine.” “Well, there was just one bad batch of vaccines.” “Because COVID is such a dire situation, and we’re rushing to save lives, a few mistakes are inevitable.”


This new federal vaccine court for COVID will operate exactly like the present system for paying out claims for vaccine injury to children. Citizens have to jump through many absurd hoops and navigate all sorts of red tape, to try to squeeze money out of the federal government. The system is set up that way. It’s your basic bureaucratic nightmare.

The language that establishes the new COVID vaccine court is found in the Federal Register, 3/17/20, buried in section 14 of a document titled: “Declaration Under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act for Medical Countermeasures Against COVID-19.”

Here is the relevant passage in that document:

“Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program…Section 319F-4 of the PHS Act, 42 U.S.C. 247d-6e, authorizes the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) to provide benefits to eligible individuals who sustain a serious physical injury or die as a direct result of the administration or use of a Covered [COVID] Countermeasure [e.g., a vaccine]. Compensation under the CICP for an injury directly caused by a Covered Countermeasure is based on the requirements set forth in this Declaration, the administrative rules for the Program, and the statute. To show direct causation between a Covered Countermeasure and a serious physical injury, the statute requires ‘compelling, reliable, valid, medical and scientific evidence.’ The administrative rules for the Program further explain the necessary requirements for eligibility under the CICP…”

(The US military’s webpage that explains the CICP to US soldiers is here.)

A quick piece of important history. In the mid-1980s, vaccine manufacturers were facing a blizzard of law suits from parents of vaccine-injured children. The very nervous manufacturers told the government they were going to get out of the vaccine business. The financial hit was going to be too deep.

The government said WAIT. Meetings were held. A plan was devised. A law was passed exempting the manufacturers from financial liability.

Instead, for any of the recommended childhood vaccines, parents had to go to a government court to file a claim for compensation, after their children had been injured or killed by a vaccine.

And the government made this court a VERY tough place to win compensation.

That’s the precise model for this new COVID vaccine court. And it’s based on the same unstated confession that existed in the 1980s: there are MANY vaccine injuries.

Bottom line: the government expects many COVID vaccine injuries.

That’s what they aren’t saying. They’re just preparing. With a new vaccine court. To handle injury and death of children and adults.

That should not give you a warm secure feeling.

Quite the opposite.

“We know—and don’t ask us how—that millions of you are going to get headaches. To prevent that, we’re going to hit all of you on the head with a very heavy sledgehammer. If, ahem, a few of you happen to sustain an injury or die, we have a court where your relatives can try to get money out of us. By the way, in this court, we’ll do everything we can to deny you money. Good luck.”

Yes, the government knows exactly what’s coming when they approve a COVID vaccine. And now, so do you.



Honest Experts Are Trying to Warn You!

Quote from a pharmacist:

“There’s something very strange going on with this Covid thing. I’ve been a Pharmacist for 43 years, 30 years as an owner. It’s December 12, 2020, well into the “flu season”. I have not dispensed any Tamiflu this season whatsoever. Tamiflu generic is the most prescribed medication for the flu, once you’re diagnosed having the flu. Extremely effective. I asked my friend Mike, who works as a salesman for a major national wholesaler, how much tamiflu and generic has he sold to Pharmacies this season. He hasn’t sold any. He has 75 accounts of independent pharmacies across the United States.[09:31]Conclusion: By now, it’s well known that Covid tests give false positives. How many of these false positives are actually “the flu”? How many are just “the common cold”? Why does the CDC report daily case numbers & deaths for Covid and not for the flu? CDC says Covid is more deadly than the flu. Well, if you’re potentially taking a large number of flu cases and bundling them into the Covid numbers, then yes, the perception is that it’s more deadly. I believe we’re being played. Yes, Covid is real, it can be deadly. We now have drug regimens to treat Covid effectively, one being Dr. Zev Zelenko’s @zev_dr regimen, among others. I believe the Covid numbers are being skewed upward, on purpose to continue instilling fear and panic into people, for governments to continue with lockdowns, for more small businesses to be put out, for more people to kill themselves, or others; for more & more social upheaval. Why? Total population control through fear. If we are so obedient to wear masks, obedient to stand here, don’t stand there, obedient to get the Covid vaccine, obedient to carry proof you’ve gotten the vaccine; otherwise, you won’t be able to fly; then it will be buses, trains, taxis, Uber’s,Target,Walmart, grocery stores, everything. Just like that. You’re giving up your freedoms to a virus that has a 99.4 % survival rate, according to the CDC. And the vaccine? Like I’ve told my customers all these years; don’t be the first on your block to try anything new. They really don’t know what they’ll find out in 6 months, a year, 5 years & longer, that can be attributed to the vaccine. It’s way past time for people to take their heads out of their a** & start thinking for themselves.”

—Harvey Staub



Historic Portuguese Appeals Court ruling on PCR test

February 24, 2021

by Jon Rappoport

On November 11, 2020—and ignored completely by major media in the US and other countries—the Lisbon, Portugal, Court of Appeal ruled against lockdowns, because they were based on unreliable PCR tests. [2]

The ruling was historic.

The off-guardian covered the story [2]: “Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests ‘Unreliable’ & Quarantines ‘Unlawful’; Important legal decision faces total media blackout in Western world”

“Most importantly, the judges ruled that a single positive PCR test cannot be used as an effective diagnosis of infection.”

“In their ruling, judges Margarida Ramos de Almeida and Ana Paramés referred to several scientific studies. Most notably [a study by Jaafar et al], which found that – when running PCR tests with 35 cycles or more – the accuracy dropped to 3%, meaning up to 97% of positive results could be false positives.”

“The ruling goes on to conclude that, based on the science they read, any PCR test using over 25 cycles is totally unreliable. Governments and private labs have been very tight-lipped about the exact number of cycles they run when PCR testing, but it is known to sometimes be as high as 45. Even fearmonger-in-chief Anthony Fauci has publicly stated anything over 35 is totally unusable.”

The Court was declaring the PCR test alone could not be sufficient for a diagnosis of disease, and it was outrageous to believe it could.

A “case of COVID disease” without a medical assessment of clinical symptoms in the patient is no case at all. It is a misnomer, and, the Court stated, represents a serious breach of the law.

I have explained the issue of “cycles” before. Each cycle is a quantum leap in magnification of the test sample swabbed from the patient. When 35 or more cycles are deployed (some reports say 25), the result of the test is meaningless.

However, many, many labs use 40 or even 45 cycles.

At more than 35 cycles, the test yields an overwhelming percentage of false-positives.

This Portuguese Court of Appeal is surely the best “COVID-educated” judicial body in the world.

In prior articles on the PCR, I’ve exposed a triangle of factors that surrounds COVID testing in the US.

One: Anthony Fauci readily asserts that running the test at 35 cycles or higher yields useless and meaningless results. [3]

Two: However, the FDA and the CDC recommend performing the test at up to 40 cycles. Therefore, US labs will comply—turning out millions of tests that are useless, BUT WHICH FALSELY STATE THE PATIENT IS INFECTED. [4] [4a] [4b]

Three: And the NY Times reports that labs in the US never reveal, to doctor or patient, how many cycles they are deploying. [5]

That’s a recipe for cooking up a false pandemic.









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