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    ― Dr. Tom Cowan

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CERN Suffers MASSIVE Explosion

Last Tuesday, an experiment gone awry killed three scientists and caused catastrophic damage to the planet’s largest super-collider, known as project CERN, a nefarious coalition of politically controlled scientists eager to subvert scientific achievements in the name of furthering ominous ventures that threaten humanity.

Dr. Ravi Mutnaj, a New Delhi based physicist formerly attached to CERN, said the incident occurred when scientists tried to enhance the collider’s magnetic coils by adding an additional eighteen hundred super magnets to the existing ninety-six hundred. The combined pull of the magnets, in conjunction with nine thousand filaments of magnetized cable, generate a force over 100,000 times more powerful than the gravitational pull of Earth. Dr. Mutnaj said the accident occurred as the scientists attempted to create an interdiminsial gateway—or portal—to a parallel universe.  As protons fired across a seventeen-mile circular track six hundred feet beneath the ground, he said, temperatures rose to unprecedented levels, which caused a cascading system failure and a detonation that instantly obliterated a five mile stretch of the track and incinerated the trio of scientists working on the project.

“There was massive damage to the hadron collider,” Dr. Mutnaj said. “For now, CERN is effectively shut down. From what I hear, it will take at least seven months to repair the damaged section. These people are devious and despite the loss of life, humanity is better off with CERN offline. To create their portal, they wanted to accelerate and collide three beams of ions.”

The portal, he added, opened shortly before temperatures approaching 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit vaporized the scientists and part of the facility. The masterminds behind CERN believe portals are necessary in case Earth becomes uninhabitable; the gateways would provide a means of egress—and escape route—to a parallel world free of disease, famine, and suffering. But previous attempts to open portals, Dr. Mutnaj said, had the opposite effect—manifesting entry points to worlds filled with nightmash creatures or producing artificial singularities that could potentially annihilate life on Earth.

“It’s all about power. They felt by increasing the collider’s power they’d have a better chance of attenuating the opening to a desirable location. It backfired. They claim they’re doing this to save humanity but they are interested only in saving themselves and the elite. Even if they achieved their goal, average everyday people would not be welcome in whatever inhabitable world they discover. This setback gives us more time to find a way to counter their devious plans. I’m happy the explosion happened.”

Asked why the mammoth explosion did not generate an earthquake detectable on the Richter scale, Dr. Mutnaj said collider is encased in an underground bunker with fifteen-foot thick concrete walls on all sides. This safety measure ensures radiation remains contained in the enclosure and that mishaps cannot be detected by the outside world.

In closing, Dr. Mutnaj encourages citizens to petition French and Swiss governments to terminate the European Organization for Nuclear Research’s lease. Besides creating Portals, CERN has also engaged in other fiendish programs, such as tapping into dark matter and creating the God particle, any one of which could snuff out life in the blink of an eye.




source:  SomeonesBones.com

What is CERN really doing?

Controversy surrounding the details & veracity of the article is in question. So far there seems to be just one source & one source to counter the claim any explosion took place by asserting the absence of information is proof of a hoax.  All other sources are mirrored form the original. The absence of information proves nothing. Furthermore, when statements are taken out of context & inferred to be further “proof” that  becomes suspect in and of itself.  As it is stated below:

The website SomeonesBones comes with a cleverly worded about page that tells you exactly what their goal is:

Thank you for your interest in someonesbones.com, a website primarily dedicated to exploring the Nibiru realities and exposing scientific and govermental corruption. We understand these are controversial subjects often deem “conspiracy theories” by mainstream media.. However, we also believe the government and the mainstream media lie about pretty much everything, and are solely interested in confusing the population.

So don’t fall for this hoax!

Look who’s talking… Clearly this is cherry picking  to take a statement out of context & anyone with elementary reading comprehension can see what’s going on here.  It’s deceptive & disingenuous at best. That is NOT how to debunk something.

We will be watching this closely for any correlating news & update as necessary one way or the other. In either case, the truth will out.  CERN is sovereign territory with their own rules. Much like Vatican City or London City, or The District of Columbia. 3 of the worlds super states. CERN has strict secrecy laws imposed. After all, this is also a big part of the nuke industry & we know they lie & hide things all the time – so who’s to say this isn’t another situation like this? CERN is shrouded in secrecy & ritual. We know there is counter intelligence at work with fake sites. This may be one & so can the one debunking the story to control both sides of the narrative. We know they do this.

There seems to be a lack of info finding anything independent aside from the two articles & mirrors to them. That’s suspect in and of itself. What is being hidden? The name Mutnaj appears nowhere but is a play on words in Hindi related to Shiva. symbolic of the “life force” and a statue at CERN given by India in 2004.  An interesting connection. Searching “Dr. Mutnaj CERN” returns some bizarre results  as well & it should be noted that during the coarse of investigating, this post was pulled to include the other side of the story & have been experiencing what could only be described as an attack.  With service interruptions, deleting of content & other well known techniques targeted individuals know well. 

Let’s look beyond the surface & reserve judgment one way or the other on this one especially on something where the absence of evidence is offered as “proof” when in fact it’s not proof of anything. That is what is objectively interesting about this story & why we should be paying attention.


CERN Meltronx LHC Panel: http://meltronx.com/

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