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    “Let’s just be clear, this is not a vaccine in response to a virus. This was a virus, or a purported virus, [made] as an excuse to get a universal vaccine into every human on this planet; They’re trying to kill billions of us. This is really at the level of human crisis. I mean, we’re in an extinction-level event. And we can’t let these guys pull it off."
    ― Dr. Lee Merritt

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PROOF: Kids Will Die, Pfizer Knew

Pfizer’s own documents reveal that they know what they are jabbing children with. A bioweapon which will eliminate their immune systems and cause mass deaths. Yet, the left’s death-cult is still intent on sacrificing as many kids as possible. This will not stop until We The People stop it. If you’re sending your kids to school, the Luciferians are taking that as your consent. You know that they are intent on murdering children, but you send your kids to school anyway?

Well, when your child is stuck with the genocide-jab, that is on you. If you think that you need to do this for your kid’s future, you’re not realizing that the world has been broken and the future you think that you are preparing them for NO LONGER EXISTS!

Pfizer and your government know that they are injecting a bioweapon, and they are doing this with the deliberate intention to murder. It’s no longer in question, this is a premeditated GENOCIDE.

We Are At War With Demons

By now you know how it is with our leadership class: They never learn from failure, they only double down. They neutered police in cities like Chicago and Baltimore, and crime exploded, so now they want to abolish police completely and empty prisons. The war in Afghanistan was a 20-year quagmire, so they wanted another twenty years.

They’ve tried to fix social decay by throwing money at it, and the problems only get worse, so what’s another few trillion dollars?Well, now this is all playing out again in health policy. The vaccines haven’t worked the way our leaders told us they would. So they aren’t backing off on vaccines. They’re going further than ever. Now, they need to force them into our children, children who are at no risk from Covid and do pretty much nothing to spread it. But they MUST be jabbed. It’s a religious imperative for the left, in their new coronavirus death cult. And they don’t care how many children it might hurt. Instead, the CEO of Pfizer is going around saying that people who question the official story on the vaccines are “criminals.”

No. The real criminals are the ones imposing this medical dictatorship on us. And the crimes could be worse than that. BioTech analyst Karen Kingston is back with what she says is evidence that Pfizer knew the vaccines would disable and kill children before their latest vaccine trials even started.

Karen Kingston joined the Stew Peters show to discuss what’s unfolding.

Report A COVID-19 Vaccine Injury

The Stew Peters Show on Red Voice Media

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