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5G GATE: A Political and Financial Scandal of Epic Proportion


The following exposé only scratches the surface of what is surely among the greatest governmental-corporate scandals and financial frauds in U.S. history.  The sheer magnitude of financial criminality and political malfeasance of 5Ggate is truly beyond comprehension.  Nothing of this has ever happened before.  The depth and breadth of this immense criminal conspiracy has, in and of itself, guaranteed an effective ongoing cover-up.

This was the only way that the criminal government officials and their corporate co-conspirators could have gotten away with the multi-decade crime spree known as 5Ggate—involve as many players as possible so that everyone is, in some way, guilty.  Because the entire enterprise was unlawfully undertaken to treacherously deceive the American people, virtually every aspect of 5Ggate has been carried out in secret and by stealth.

It is critical for every U.S. citizen to understand that this illicit and highly consequential order by the FCC is wholly unprecedented.

It is also reckless to the extreme. Much more significantly, however, this FCC ruling represents a massive and complex criminal conspiracy that will seriously injure the American people.

That the FCC would blatantly attempt to unlawfully arrogate power unto itself to foist 5G on the entire nation represents the height of federal overreach and governmental hubris.

Such an illegal order is clearly a tyrannical move by the U.S. Federal Government to improperly impose the deployment of 5G on every city and county in the 50 states.

Not only is this usurpation of municipal authority completely unconstitutional, it’s a flagrant violation of various federal laws, state statutes, county codes and city ordinances.

There’s a HUGE back story to how the ongoing 5G roll-out even got started. It concerns the stealthy establishment of what’s known as the Government-Corporate Complex.

The only way that the out-of-control 5G juggernaut can be correctly understood is to become aware of how “The Government-Corporate Complex Took Complete Control Of The USA“.

5G Crisis

It is quite shocking that the American people are now faced with an unparalleled public health disaster because of the patently unlawful deployment of the extremely dangerous Fifth Generation Cellular Network Technology nationwide.

How, pray tell, did this happen?

That’s simple: The IT, WiFi, Smartphone and Telecom Industries essentially took over the Federal Communications Commission, that’s how!

Once this coup was successful, the FCC was used to override and supersede any and every legal impediment that stood in the way of the seamless deployment of 5G across the country.

The completely corrupted FCC was able to do this in spite of the fact that the 5G technology platform was not tested as required by law for the most basic safety concerns and human health risks.

Therefore, it’s indisputable that various federal statutes have been violated, ignored and flouted.

That such a national technology roll-out could even take place without first passing through the many levels of mandatory testing and approval is as inconceivable as it is insane.

Given how pervasive and profound the inevitable health consequences and environmental impacts of 5G truly are, there’s obviously an enormous government-corporate conspiracy at work.

Otherwise, this overwhelming juggernaut could never have made it this far with the 5G roll-out.

5G FOI Request for public liability insurance

The 5G Back Story

What follows are just a few exposés posted by the website which flesh out the skeleton of the complex and convoluted conspiracy intent on doing great harm to the American people.

5G Termination Strategy

SOTN is not just another edgy Alt Media news website. Our team includes multiple strategists who formulate strategies to address real emergencies like 5G. Hence, there are often several agendas hidden in each of our featured posts.

Not only do we have many concerned members from the U.S. Intelligence Community contributing intel on a regular basis, we frequently receive radioactive info/data from government and corporate whistleblowers, deep insiders and well-positioned patriots.

With that said, it is the firm consensus of our network that this vital advocacy to shut down 5G can only be successful by employing the following time-tested strategy.

It’s entirely true that you can’t beat city hall; never could, never will. However, the statehouse can. So can the SCOTUS. And the POTUS.

In fact, the federal government can also make it very difficult for the states, the counties and the cities.

However, that game works both ways; the cities, counties and states can defy and make things very difficult for the Feds. So can the courts, as the country has witnessed activist judges undermining the President at every turn.

This same disruptive dynamic works with regard to the relationship between the U.S. Federal Government and Corporate America.

While it’s clear that Washington can quickly chill a corporate enterprise with a single tariff or criminal prosecution, various corporate sectors can exert extraordinary influence on the government as well.

What’s the crucial point?

As the proverbial “David” in this epic war to prevent a 5G genocide, it’s the job of We the People to pit the various “Goliaths” (e.g. city, county, state, federal and corporate entities) against each other until a satisfactory outcome is achieved for the populace.

Only in this way, after “David” expertly slings his shot at the different “Goliaths” on the battlefield, can We the People be assured that they will be slain where it concerns this perilous 5G roll-out.

In other words, very smart citizens (the “Davids”) can aim their sling shots at each government and/or corporate entity (the “Goliaths”) that are the biggest players and serious stakeholders.

When those “Goliaths” that fall do get back up, they only see other “Goliaths” on the battlefield. In this fashion, we let them take each other down, and then out, as only they can do to each other.

The Class Action

For example, this historic class action lawsuit filed by numerous cities is a perfect illustration of this “David v. Goliath” strategy at work. It’s clearly a war between the cities and the FCC (or federal government).

(Order and declaratory ruling purporting to streamline the deployment of wireless facilities by pre-empting local government authority)

The liberal-leaning cities are deathly afraid of this 5G deployment as the roll-out is hitting the largest metro areas first and fast.

The urban populations are now wise to the fact that 5G is much more dangerous than even the most graphic exposés have revealed such as the following video:

The beauty of this massive class action suit is that the involved cities are spread across the USA and provide legal coverage for much of the country.

Should a successful suit precipitate an injunction, for instance, an immediate “cease and desist” order will be issued to every Telecom corporation participating in this deadly conspiracy nationwide.


The FCC really screwed up with their dictatorial imposition of 5G.

Not only is the US government now vulnerable to countless costly lawsuits, every corporate co-conspirator is liable to immense financial damages.

In point of fact, the legal and monetary exposure associated with this misguided scheme are greater than any other in U.S. history.

When the 5G dominoes begin to fall, there will be so much financial devastation inflicted on the corporate criminals and legal liability assumed by the government corruptocrats that a sea change is inevitable.

That sea change will surely see the power taken from the government and put back into the hands of We the People.



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